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The world's most powerful totalitarian regime in part by creating some of the most beautiful and mysterious artworks of our age works which have touched millions around the worldJust after Man The Arrest PDFEPUB #182 Ai Weiwei's release from illegal detention Barnaby Martin flew to Beijing to interview him about his imprisonment and to learn about what is really going on behind the scenes in the upper echelons of the Chinese Communist Party Based on these interviews a This book was so well written and a couple of times I needed to look up the meaning of a word used It wasn’t in a pretentious way but in a the author loves language and knows how to use it way The main story is about Ai Weiwei and his arrest and release But the most interesting parts were about China and how it’s run I didn’t know much about the government and communist history so it was fascinating There were so many things that surprised me Like the fact that the government limited the words used For example the word for friendship is comrade But that doesn’t come close to describing a friendship in its many nuances The result is a large group of people that don’t know how to express what they are feeling That just sounds painful to me In conclusion this book was insightful and I enjoyed the way the author expressed himself

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Hanging Man The Arrest of Ai WeiweiNd Martin's own intimate connections with China Hanging Man is an exploration Man The Arrest of Ai PDFEPUBof Weiwei's life art and activism and also a meditation on the creative process and on the history of art in modern China It is a rich picture of the man and his milieu of what he is trying to communicate with his art and of the growing campaign for democracy and accountability in China It is a book about courage and hope found in the absence of freedom and justic I saw Ai Weiwei and I decided I needed some read on contemporary art The book was not bad Some parts that focused on China's contemporary history was a bit dry but on hindsight the dryness was definitely needed The context was pretty important The parts that I enjoyed the most were the parts on his artworks his political activist views and in lesser parts his weird days in captive It's a strange insight into the China but to be fair the author did warn his readers that for such a touchy and topic that is so dear to him he could only try his best to be as fair as he could But even he knows that he might be a bit biased Great book If you are bored by history some parts may be dry but the art learning were worth the dryness


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EBOOK ☆ EPUB Hanging Man The Arrest of Ai Weiwei ä 9780374167752 FREE ñ DOGSALONBRISTOL º [Reading] ➷ Hanging Man The Arrest of Ai Weiwei Author Barnaby Martin – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The gripping story of post Mao China and the harrowing fate of the artist The gripping story of The Arrest Epub #217 post Mao China and the harrowing fate of the artist and activist Ai WeiweiIn October Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds appeared in the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern In April he was arrested and held for than two months in terrible conditions The most famous living Chinese Hanging Man Epubartist and activist Weiwei is a figure of extraordinary talent courage and integrity From the beginning of his career he has spoken out against I wish I had a better grasp of modern Chinese history and politics The first chapter attempts to give some context to Chinese politics and political activism of the past one hundred years but the history given is not chronological and is interspersed with with brief biographical sketches of Ai Weiwei and his father Ai ing as well as the author’s attempts to get in touch with Ai after his imprisonment I think a straightforward chronological history would have been helpful There are just too many dissidents and revolutions to keep track of I’ve read that Martin is mistaken in some of his Chinese history and there are no citations or even a bibliography so maybe all of the history should be taken with a grain of salt The second chapter which covers the Cultural Revolution and the history of 20th century art in China is slightly successful in conveying the cultural context for Ai’s work and lifeThe book becomes much interesting once the interview really starts in Chapter 3 It’s fascinating to read about the Chinese government’s version of “reality” and how artists and writers are struggling to create their own version of that reality through their artworkMartin creates an interesting portrait of a polluted and corrupt Beijing but the undercover police agents who follow him and the activists he interviews seem too inept to be real He certainly offers a glimpse of a China that is rarely reported in the mainstream news I read a lot about North Korea and was surprised at how some of China’s inner workings don’t seem too different from NK I do wish that the interviews with Ai Weiwei were longer and in depth The whole book is very meandering and seems to only lightly touch upon several different aspects of Ai’s life and work I would have enjoyed a tighter longer and in depth look at the lives of artists in China I highly recommend the documentary Ai Weiwei Never Sorry for those wanting to know Ai Weiwei and his activism