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Community Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ➤ [Epub] ➞ Community By Graham Masterton ➮ – Michael is involved in a car crash which kills his girlfriend He wakes to find himself in the hospital of a small town in Montana There he convalesces and gradually becomes acuainted with the locaMichael is involved in a car crash which kills his girlfriend He wakes to find himself in the hospital of a small town in Montana There he convalesces and gradually becomes acuainted with the local community most of whom seem to be clever and charming although some are arrogant and difficult to get on with In particular he forms a relationship with a smart and pretty loca. This was an interesting read Masterton is a terrific horror writer and he usually puts a different spin on things This novel was a perfect example of that It had the distinct feel of a Twilight Zone episode It was uickly paced and kept me guessing the entire way I wanted to know the mystery of Trinity and I found it to be a satisfying explanation The characters were solid and the plot inventive This was a mind bender sort of story and I found its subdued horrorparanormal elements to be enjoyable I appreciated the shorter length of the novel and felt that it allowed the story to be told without unnecessary filler The ending was a bit cheesy but it seemed appropriate to characters’ motivations so I’ll accept it for what it was

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L girl He learns that he has been in a coma for weeks and that his friend’s remains have already been sent back to California for cremation He keeps in touch with his family through emails and phone callsAs time goes by however and he gradually recovers his mobility he begins to notice odd things about the community People disappear without explanation and nobody ever m. This was tougher to rate than Masterton's books normally are I'm a huge fan of the author and was very excited to find a new book of his at the library He's a terrific storyteller and as such draws the reader in right from the start The titular community Trinity is located in the shadow of the Mount Shasta It's where the main protagonist Michael after a terrible car crash He's got amnesia and he's being taken exceptionally good and shockingly free care Almost to good to beBut amnesia or not it's impossible to ignore that something is very off in a sweet sleepy preternaturally uiet community Yes some of the Trinity secrets were somewhat easy to figure out but there were still enough twists and surprises to keep things interesting The main problem here was Michael the strangely unlikable hero To start with having sex with a woman after she explicitly says no is a rape even if it's his lover Not that Michael is a habitual rapist but he is habitually self righteous annoyingly stubborn and kind of an ahole The side characters weren't particularly likable either although they manage to be pretty compelling The american set novel was overwhelmed with britishisms Some logic snafus like Michael not understanding the concept of phones with area codes to be located in different parts of the countryworld Mobile phones they are mobile it's in the name Anyway it's almost to Masterton's credit that despite all that the book is very readable and very entertaining Once again he dips into native american mythology and creates an original plot Not the author's best but a fun read all the same

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CommunityEntions them again Strangers come and go on a regular basis but the local people seem to ignore them He is about to leave and go back home when his new girlfriend disappears He stays to investigate He gradually begins to come to the terrible conclusion that he is actually dead and that everybody in the town knows that he is no than a ghost The truth however is far shockin. Really loved this book and characters found it hard to put down highly recommend it