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Entangled a novelSexual level but a deep emotional one It seems they have in common than they ever imagined And they are both having a hard time denying their attraction to one another But the time they spend together the they learn about themselves and that in order to move on you have to learn to let go Can Noah and Maddy make their growing relationship work together in the midst of heartbreak and tragedy or are their lives already too complicated as it is? In both Maddy and Noah’s POV this is their story of loss pain and learning to overcome it all through loveRecommended for mature audience 17 due to language and sexual conten ARC provided by the lovely Author Are two broken souls really right for each other? The story of broken Noah and sad Maddy is a very angsty one The biggest obstacle to their love is each other and their inability to face their pasts The inability to defeat the monsters that that Noah created himself The inability to seek for help for Maddy when her parents are no longer there for her from age 8They make lots of mistakes and succumb to the natural instinct to run but eventually this story does have its HEA Great journey filled with heartache and true love that will defeat any obstacle


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PDF Ë BOOK Entangled a novel µ DOGSALONBRISTOL ê ➿ [Download] ➽ Entangled a novel By Annie Brewer ➵ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Maddy Walker has lived a difficult life in a small town in Colorado After losing her mother in a horrific car accident as a child her father becomes nonexistent due to the aftMaddy Walker has lived a difficult life in a small town in Colorado After losing her mother in a horrific car accident as a child her father becomes nonexistent due to the aftermath She has to pick up the pieces of her crumbled life and move on For all intents and purposes she’s an orphan But thanks to her best friend Andi and her family she’s not completely alone; spending most of her childhood and adolescence with them After turning 18 she and Andi move in together and she makes a decision to move forward with her life working and putting her past behind her Only another tragedy hits her world and she must reli LIVEhere's the link Sorry for the delay Last TEASERAll of a sudden rain is pouring down on us with no warning We break apart as its pelting us chilling us to the bone This is justawesome Noah frowns down at me shielding me from as much rain as possible We needed to get ready for the party anyway It's like the weather people knew we had somewhere to go in a couple of hours We can finish this later I grab for his hand leading him back to his apartmentHe gives me a sexy smirk Or we can finish this in the shower I'm down for thatBut before I can agree he yanks my body against his and kisses me with such force he knocks the breath right out of me I sink into him his touch as our kisses speed up again He finally slows down grips my face between his big strong hands and caresses my cheekbones with his thumbs I catch my breath slowly opening my eyes to see his cheesy grin and huskily sigh Or that He's pleased with my reactionHis eyes search mine for several seconds while his thumb brushes my bottom lip Sorry I love kissing you in the rainYou know we could catch pneumonia right? He stares at my mouth I've never kissed anyone in the rain I never thought it was even remotely romantic I swallow his gaze returns to mine again with so much desire and love my breath hitches But with you there's nothing better Nothing amazing You have to know thatI do My reply is weak But I do knowOkay I may be biased but whatever I LOVED writing this book I can NOT wait to share Noah and Maddy's story with the world It's complete It's done Now just editing and stuff and it will be published But I will be sending ARCs very soon and releasing it earlier than expected So yay What a journey Woot woot Short TEASERI'm going to show you a good time in an elevator One day I whisperSounds promisingLet me give you a preview I back her into the wall and put all my weight on her my hands itching to touch every inch of her I kiss her neck throat down to her collar boneAnd the elevator door opens and I reach the button to close them Then I move my hand up under her shirt up up Noah She moans into my mouth I pull back and stare into her eyes tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and kiss her temple I'm going to stop now I kiss her eye And be good I kiss her other eyes Otherwise I won't be able to stop at all I finally push away from her and resume the elevator to the fourth floor She's grinning appearing flustered I know I am I give her my best flirtatious smile and hold her hand as we dash down the hall to our room I stick the key into the slot and push the down on the door handle Maddy pushes past me and her eyes light up It amazes me each time she gets excited about the small things I love making her smile laugh cry happy tears She's had too much pain and heartache in her life She deserves a night in a hotel room with a man who desires her than his own lifeTEASER TIME He closes the gap between us Now enough about our pasts I want to kiss you He stands between my legs and grabs my hips scooting me closer to the edge His tongue darts out of his mouth and grazes my bottom lip Mmm chocolate He licks his lips making me suirmI wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me Our lips meet lightly at first He cups the back of my neck with one hand while the other explores elsewhere Just his touch sends me into a frenzy Our mouths move urgent now as our tongues tangle together I wrap my legs around him trapping him Needing him closerYou're naughty Noah I breathe into his mouth inhaling his odorHe pulls back and grins I could be nice if you'd preferI smile shaking my head Just shut up and kiss me He obeys and traces kisses from my jaw down to my collarbone I lean my head back completely aroused at this pointMaddy I meet his gaze unable to speak What you do to meI want it I need itI don't reply I don't have to because I want the same thing I've wanted it as bad as he did that night His demanding kisses slow down to sensual caresses My hands run through his hair stopping at the back of his neck and then back againHe pulls back I glance at the clock Shit five minutes Either he's going to finish what he's started or I'm going to have to stop this Now He takes the bowl and while keeping his eyes locked on mine he brushes a hand over the edge of the inside taking a lot of my chocolate goodness I want to protest but don't curious what he's doing with it And then looking down as if inspecting it he licks his lips What the fuck? Just when I think he's going to lick the chocolate off his hand my chocolate teasing me he smears it over my chest All over I gasp at the contact At first it's from shock not expecting it and then it turns to disbeliefYou'reyou're wasting the chocolate What the hell?He grins devilishly and my face reddens I wanted to eat that shitOh I'm not wasting it My head tilts to the side in confusion Then he drops his head down and licks the chocolate right off of me Right off my bodyHoly ShitMmm Very sweet His tongue rubs over my skin and the sensation causes me to cry out in pleasure Just as the oven timer goes offI'll never be able to look at brownie mix the same again that's for sure

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Ve everything she has tried to forgetNoah Parker is ready to move away from the busy New York City lifeand his dark past where he is harboring a lot of guilt and pain He just wants a fresh start and being the destructive bad boy in town is not a way to do that He doesn't ever date girls; it’s all about sex for him He figures if he could block his pain and bury it it will go away Little does he know it never just goes away Moving to a small town close to his aunt he’s hoping for a good changeWhat he doesn't expect is to meet Maddy She turns his world upside down He finds himself wanting to get to know her not on a 4 SWEET BAD BOYstars I see a BROKEN and SAD girl waiting to be LOVED and CHERISHED and UNDERSTOOD The story starts out with Noah moving to Colorado to live with his aunt Linda and cousin Derrick Noah wants to start a new life and try to forget his ugly past in NYC We then meet sweet broken Maddy Maddy also has a sad past and runs into Noah one night while out with her friends They are instantly attracted to each other but Noah has never had a relationship EVER He doesn't do girlfriends flowers etc He's the ultimate BAD BOY but being around Maddy he wants to be a BETTER person He doesn't want to be THAT guy any Will Maddy and Noah get the happily ever after??? You will just have to READ it to find out LOLWhen I'm with HIM I know he's only LOOKING at me And when we're APART I know he's only THINKING of me I'm doing the SAME thing You're the ONLY girl that's EVER awakened the butterflies in MY belly and made me nervous I LOVE you and I don't want to LOSE youMy Maddy My Noah I DONT DO RELATIONSHIPS EVERimage error