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CHARACTERS Å LeatherLace Opposites Attract #2 ↠ [Read] ➱ LeatherLace Opposites Attract #2 Author A.B. Gayle – Swathed in chiffon and lace Steven Stanhope owns the stage as Stevie Tricks lip synching the songs of the famous gypsy ueen But after he escapes an abusive Masterslave relationship the only cMaster Julius Steve finds a tangled mess centered around another Master of Leather Donato Rossi In order to unravel their ties to the past Steve and Don must find common ground and work together In the process they learn that when it comes to love sometimes you have to make your own rul. I meant every word I said Give to me your lace and I'll give you my leather Steve reminded me and my son of Nina Flowers This is my first book by A B Gayle and it will not be my last It is well written well edited well researched uniue and interesting The MC's are three dimensional in spite of one POV Don has the right amount of mystery for who he is and Steve's inner voice is essential for the reader to understand the primary storyline There are elements of BDSM but it isn't a BDSM book There is also some drag yet once again it is not a book on drag but both are integral to the story being told I loved my city being on display my culture I loved reading a book with oh so familiar landmarks and places I know so well as a backdrop not the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge it's just lovely to have a book set in my backyard But it could have been set anywhere and been a good book simply because of the writing the characters and the character's chemistry Full review at On Top Down Under Book Reviews This book was supplied to me by the publisher Dreamspinner Press in return for an honest review


Aim his life and the property he left behind But is it safe Definitely not if his ex is still into leather To find out Steve appears at a charity night for the local BDSM community using the anonymity of his stage persona to mask LeatherLace Opposites PDF or his identityInstead of his ex. Leather Lace is the second of what I hope will be a number of stand alone books whose characters will make cameo appearances in each other's stories The plus symbol in the title is not just “and” It indicates that the final result is the sum of the two Both aspects contribute to something newWhile the characters in this book are different they exist in the same world and time frame as the series opener RedBlue and one minor character links in You don't have to have read RedBlue firstFans of Caught will also be pleased to see Nat and Danny making an appearance as they join the Opposites Attract universe DedicationI’ve always been fascinated by the concept of BDSM Not so much the mechanics but the mind set and why people would become involved Lately kink is drifting into mainstream literature coming out of the closet as it were with scenes depicted as glamorous and exciting But one day I had a conversation with a writer who had lived the scene and been badly scarred both mentally and physically His experiences made me think about the flip side when the rules of safe sane and consensual are ignoredI also find the concept of drag fascinating We have some great drag artists in Sydney For the most part they tend to be the over the top caricatures real ball busting females but others can be glamorous even if in real life there is nothing femme about themSo being me I was intrigued as to what would happen if the two met and mixed One who by convention flouts rules and the other who continually expounds themBooks like John Preston’s Mr Benson A Novel and david stein’s Carried Away with their concept of putting yourself totally into another man’s hands gave me the extreme fantasy sparked by their own experiences To ensure I understood the reality I read every book I could find on the Old Guard and the traditions of BDSM by writers like Guy Baldwin Joseph Bean Don Bastian and Thom Magister There are also great online sites such as Fetlife where people speak of their lives with sometimes unflinching honesty I also contacted david stein who cleared up a few misconceptionsRush Derr IV needs a special thanks for sharing his experience of years spent performing drag in the States and CanadaOthers helped enormously starting with readers and fellow writers Stevie Carroll M J Sánchez and Melanie Tush who followed its progress in NanoWriMo A special shout out to Melanie for her feedback on bikesOnce the first draft was complete it was the turn of my faithful duo Don Schecter and Kate who steered me through the process of converting the raw version into something worth publishing They were assisted this time by a new critiue partner Jess who not only helped with the text but gave a further polish to the bikesWriting about a scene you don’t participate in is not easy I’m indebted to Sascha Illyvich for his course on writing BDSM and Dusk Peterson who provided lots of advice and leads on real life Masterslave relationships From them I learned there is no single way to do things In the end I hope I captured both the best aspects of what BDSM and slavery can mean while also showing what can happen if care is not taken to do it correctly According to two real life slaves Jason and Christopher who read the finished text I didI would also like to acknowledge the assistance of fellow writers Barry Lowe Eden Winters Charles Edward Kayla Jameth and my Goodreads buddies Vivian de la Cruz and Jo After finding a couple of things others had missed they assured me the story had been beta’ed into submission and was ready to send off to Dreamspinner PressHere I’d like to thank Elizabeth North Ginnifer Eastwick her great team of editors and the art department represented by Paul Richmond and Anne CainFinally but definitely not least I need to thank Stevie Nicks for not only giving me the inspiration for the title but providing me with a worthy artist any drag performer would be privileged to emulate Her songs captivated me just as much as they did my heroReproducing lyrics in a book is fiendishly expensive so I wasn't able to include some verses at the end and only referred to them which is a pity because I think the impact of what Don said to Steve afterwards has been lostduetLovers forever face to faceMy city or mountainsStay with me stayI need you to love meI need you todayGive to me your leatherTake from me my laceHere's a playlist of Stevie's songs chapter by chapter you want a teaser the first chapter is up on my website and can be accessed here and if you check out my Pinterest board here you'll get some visuals to whet your appetite


LeatherLace Opposites Attract #2Swathed in chiffon and lace Steven Stanhope owns the stage as Stevie Tricks lip synching the songs of the famous gypsy ueen But after he escapes an abusive Masterslave relationship the only collar he'll allow around his neck is black velvetAfter a four year absence Steve is ready to recl. 45 stars Review completed March 20 2014 RespectTrustAcceptanceAuthenticityHonestyAppreciationLove A few years ago Steve uite literally ditched his abusive Master's shackles and fled to England Now he's back in Australia to claim the life and property he had to leave behind and attends a charitable fundraiser impersonating Stevie Nicks Good ole Steve is uiteerbusy that evening I thought this was a cck sucking contest not bobbing for apples in a bloody barrel Sorry no cck just an appleSteve is relieved to not run across his former lover but it so happens that another Master crosses his path Master D At first sight there's no love lost between them but that's about to change when they start to work together to untangle their past This bookoh where to start Don wears a ridiculous moustache for crying out loud view spoilerBut I told him to shave the fer off and he did eventually hide spoiler