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epub È There Is a Country Paperback ¾ [EPUB] ✼ There Is a Country By Nyuol Lueth Tong – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk There Is a Country collects eight engrossing pieces by South Sudanese authors—the first collection of its kind from the youngest country in the world Wrestling with a history marked by war and displ There Is a Country coVivid gripping prose There Is a Country's stories explore youth and love life and death a first glimpse of what South Sudanese literature has to offe From the introductionI understand why people would resort to literature as opposed to media to gain deeper knowledge about South Sudan; fiction and poetry can provide a sense of place that readers would otherwise have never been able to imagine Nyuol Lueth TongThis book does that very well I think All that I have read previously about South Sudan has been about war but these stories are about people living rather than dying My two favorites were The Potato Thief and an excerpt from the poem Tall Palms I hope that the next collection of South Sudanese fiction will include some female authorsThe cover is beautifully designed

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There Is a Country collects eight engrossing pieces by South Sudanese authors the first collection of its kind from the youngest country in the world A few stories gave me true pause but most were simply good A solid fine collection interesting for the art of its coming together than any individual story within Nyuol Lueth Tong as stated in the introduction is often asked by people where he works in the US to tell him about his new country South Sudan They don't want the journalistic fact of nonfiction history they want to understand the place as a whole its culture and feel They want South Sudanese literature Tong set out to find it and if South Sudanese literature could not yet be found he sought to establish a beginning Gather South Sudanese voices together in this small collection and begin to be able to listen for a South Sudanese voiceMy personal rule for travel is to read at the very least two nonfictions and a novel about any place I go The nonfiction to know The novel to understand I'm grateful for this book for how it helps understand The comfortable mix of Arab influence in a place that reading only fact would lead you to imagine Arabic as only anathema The ease of movement from war and fear to friendship and chasing girls The moneyed moving entrepreneurial women one of the less visible outcomes of years of men's war and a story that's hidden behind the facts of sexualized violence that simultaneously targets and victimizes womenThe authors are scholarly mostly doctors and scientists some activists writing as a side project an outcome of writing outside the privileged writing student milieu that grounds fiction in a lived reality in a way many MFAs cannot catch They're all men I believe they've all studied and lived outside South Sudan and outside Africa They write in English Tong makes no pretense to presenting a complete literature of South Sudan This project is a good intentional start


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There Is a CountryWrestling with a history marked by war and displacement the work here presents a fresh and necessary account of an emerging nation past and present In “Behind me I had buried my past In front of me was an abstract painting that I was to decipher while I was still stupid enough and strong enough to do it I was in Port Sudan looking for my uncle”from “Port Sudan Journal” Victor Lugala