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Free download å The Scarred Earl Seaborne Trilogy #2 102 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Scarred Earl Seaborne Trilogy #2 ✩ Elizabeth Beacon – Caught in a midnight trystCan a reclusive and distrustful lord scarred by betrayal and raised without love learn to trust a pampered society beauty whoE embittered soldier and the toast of St James into an unlikely alliance one that The Scarred MOBI #8608 starts the gossips' tongues wagging Especially after they are caught in a secret midnight trys. Painful overly dramatic overly ugh dreadfulPride and prejudice wanna be

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World at her elegantly shod feet When Alexander Forthin Earl of Calvercombe clashes with Persephone Seaborne it seems notBut a series of mysterious disappearances links their two families forcing th. 34 for meA pleasant story with romance as well as intrigue I'll have to look out for the next one now as I didn't realise that there was a story arc over the three books So I guess that says that it kept my interest

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The Scarred Earl Seaborne Trilogy #2Caught in a midnight trystCan a reclusive and Earl Seaborne Epub #223 distrustful lord scarred by betrayal and raised without love learn to trust a pampered society beauty who seems to have the whole. This is the second book in a trilogy and it suffers from the stereotypical second book syndrome in that it lacks substance and is just marking time until the final book can give all the big reveals I haven't read the first book but based on the reviews it was a pretty standard romance novel In this book there are a lot of references to something that happened in the first book and plenty of discussion of the over arching story that binds the trilogy together so that you don't have to have read the first one to know what's going on which is good The main problem with this book is that it's boring and toothless Nothing really happens The relationship between the hero and heroine doesn't build organically The villain of the series isn't scary and there's no payoff or hook given to that over arching story at the end of this one It's like reading airview spoilerThe backstory is that Alexander had a horrible childhood His mother married an abusive man who already had one son and some time after Alex was born she abandoned all three males to run off with some lover Alex though he was his father's second son was actually in line to inherit a title and big money from his mother's side of the family This in addition to Alex's incredible good looks made his older half brother hate him so much that he repeatedly attacked Alex and in their later years even tried to kill him Alex chose to go into the army rather than stay home and risk being murdered in his sleep by his jealous brother While he was there he was captured by the enemy and tortured for some amount of time However the only lasting affects of that ordeal seem to be some small scars on his face and a discoloration in his eye At one point Persephone the heroine asks him if his vision is affected but we never find out which is lameWhen Alex got back from the war his half brother and father were dead and his female cousin the only one in the family who ever treated him with kindness is missing Something about these circumstances makes Alex suspect that his dear old school mate Jack was involved in the disappearance in some nefarious way Ashamed of his scars he met with Jack in the dead of night with the intent of doing something bad This midnight meeting happened in the previous book and that's all the detail we get on it But it was at this meeting that Alex and Persephone met again She'd been only 12 when they last saw each other but she'd had a big crush on him He hadn't really noticed her then because she was 12 and he wasn't a pedophile But during this midnight meeting she apparently jumped on Alex to protect Jack and the attraction between them roared to lifeSo that's the setup leading into this book This one starts with Jack and Jessica's wedding For the next 56 of the book we just sit through page after page of Persephone and Alex bickering with each other That's seriously pretty much all that happens They snark at each other over and over him saying that she's the great Persephone Seaborne and that she likes having all the men falling at her feet and her calling him bull headed and overbearing Occasionally the author would slip a line or two in to indicated that they were both attracted to each other but the whole thing was pretty tedious Persephone's younger brother Mark gets kidnapped the night of the wedding and she and Alex contrive to keep this fact a secret so it won't break her poor mother's heart They know intuitively that the reason Mark was kidnapped was to try to draw Rich Persephone's older brother out of hiding along with Alex's missing cousin who they've realized have gone off together in order to be safe from this unseen enemy The enemy had hoped Jack's wedding would draw Rich out of hiding but when it didn't he went with plan B Except this plan is incredibly toothless Yes he kidnaps Mark but then he has him kept in a room with a poor family as his jailers and instructs them that Mark is to be kept hale and hearty during his imprisonment Soyeah nothing to worry about here readers And we're supposed to buy that Mark actually grew into a respectable young man during his 2 week imprisonment and fell in love with the sharp tongued daughter who was his only human contact for that time And everyone is totally okay with that when he reveals his intention to marry her Yep no Stockholm syndrome here folksSo the whole book is Alex trying to find Persephone's brother the two of them bickering then sharing a kiss or two then flashing over to see the brother being totally fine There was nothing really to keep you turning the pages No suspense over the brother's fate or whether they'd catch the bad guy since we already know that there's another book to come And the relationship development was all done through these long bickerfests The only real action comes when Alex and Persephone meet at midnight to discuss her brother and end up having some hanky panky which then lands them in hot water when Persephone's jealous cousin flings open the door to show two witnesses that Persephone is now compromised thereby forcing her and Alex to wed But that doesn't really come to much since she and Alex are both pretty much fine with the idea and so is her mother And following that there's a really cringe worthy scene where Persephone decides she wants to have sex the previous time they only got to third base and Alex says no not until they're married because he gave his word to Jack that he wouldn't seduce her in Jack's absence Persephone pitches a hissy fit about the whole thing which didn't endear her character to me I get that it was presumptuous and hypocritical of Jack to make a decree like that when he himself had been shagging his bride to be every night leading up to their wedding but still Listening to Persephone shrilly stamp her foot and complain on and on about it just made me want to smack her Like she thought she could nag Alex into wanting to break his word just so he could have sex with her waspish self The whole thing was just really unromantic and irritatingAnd that's pretty much it The climax at the end is about them going to rescue Mark but there's no suspense or real action in it since we already know that Mark is totally fine It's mainly Persephone standing in the dark worrying And the fight between Alex and the villain amounts to half a paragraph of them scuffling in the dark before the villain manages to break free and run away Very toothless and makes Alex seem pretty lame for not being able to catch the guy who was literally in his grasp In fact Alex felt pretty lame throughout the whole book because he let the motor mouth Persephone nag him into doing whatever she wanted except on the sex thing Even her presence at this rescue mission was accomplished by her nagging and Alex giving in A real beta hero when you get right down to it hide spoiler