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Ers through a fresh world of Grimm inspired fairy tales based on such classics as The Juniper Tree the real story of Cinderella and Rumpelstiltski Adam Gidwitz's debut trilogy is a special treat a fresh take on an old genre and in many ways a reversal of what one expects With a playfully sarcastic tone yet deep respect for the work of the Brothers Grimm Adam Gidwitz introduces readers to fairy tales how they used to be before well meaning parents and publishers scrubbed them clean of dubious material to make them suitable for kids not perceiving that the sanitized versions lacked the punch of the originals In The Grimm Conclusion we meet twins Joringel and Jorinda whose very existence is a miracle their parents wished for year after year until their longing for children of their own was fulfilled Joringel and Jorinda were not destined for an easy life; their childhood is fraught with pain and loss but the twins prove repeatedly they won't be kept down by the conspiracies of their enemies Not even death is strong enough to end their story Because you see every triumph begins with failure — The Grimm Conclusion P 179 When Joringel and Jorinda's mother presents them to their father after they're born he's so happy he dies on the spot In response their mother locks herself away in her study focusing her attention on books and research Parenting responsibilities fall to her new husband who despises Joringel in particular and takes his first good opportunity to messily murder the kid With the boy of ruby red lips gone Jorinda is burdened with all the housekeeping chores and the narrative abruptly changes to the tale of Cinderella or Ashputtle A surprising tyrant rises in the Kingdom of Grimm is chased from the throne by disgruntled commoners and pursuit through an enchanted forest leads Joringel and Jorinda to a metaphysical encounter with a key figure in this trilogy Monsters and wild beasts wait to pounce on the young refugees but it's their human foes they need to worry about A death in the family leads to an Orpheus like uest to recover that which seems irretrievably lost to outwit old Lucifer and come to grips with life as it has so far treated Joringel and Jorinda but the only path to redemption lies in the direction from whence they first departed where the remnants of a shattered kingdom have reformed into something ugly and dark To make up for their past failures and change the bleak direction of the Kingdom of Grimm Joringel and Jorinda must triumph in an epic battle between an army of hope and one of oppression Only when they discover the power to write their own story can their personal tribulations and those of Grimm be set right As with In a Glass Grimmly the main strength of The Grimm Conclusion besides the smart sense of humor is its wisdom Joringel and Jorinda's mother's interpretation of the mattress test from The Princess and the Pea that a hurt or anxiety which troubles you like a stone beneath your mattress can be eased by adding mattresses between you and the stone so it doesn't hurt so much is a thought provoking toss off So too is the enlightening retelling of Sleeping Beauty in which Briar Rose gives in to the bad fairy's invitation to be free from all unpleasantness and pain not knowing that the wicked fairy intends to put Briar Rose and her kingdom into a sleep in which all of them will age except Briar Rose When she is awakened to find her friends and family now near the end of their lives Briar Rose sees there are far worse things than living with uncertainty heartache and sadness I missed it all she bitterly weeps for there is no turning back time not even for royalty Anger is a weedIt grows up through the soil choking every other plant You must stamp it out Don't let it enter your garden Stamp out your anger until it never comes back — The Grimm Conclusion P 11 And whatever is inside does not stay inside for long — The Grimm Conclusion P 170 When Joringel and Jorinda face the teller of their magical tale the twins and the story spinner help each other understand themselves better than anyone else could Characters share a uniue bond with their creator When he tells Joringel and Jorinda it's okay to feel disappointed in their mother and stepfather for neglecting andor decapitating them the storyteller says he knows this because he's felt the same way toward his own parents You see my parents never cut off my head physicallyBut maybe emotionallyMost parents love their children and try to take care of them the best that they can But parents mess up all the time For the narrator of Joringel and Jorinda's lives betrayal came in the form of his parents' divorce which took years to process and come to peace with So I tell stories about it Crazy stories with blood and death and talking birds To help me understand it To help me feel it Literature at its best isn't about escapism but immersion in the dark deep waters of life gaining understanding of what you've been through by hearing other people's stories Seeing yourself in a story affords new perspective on the events of your life Emotions rise the storyteller explains They churn in your stomach They grip your windpipe They make you do things you never thought you wouldJust remember There are all sorts of things you can do with a stone besides smothering it When you stamp on weeds they just grow back—and you're killing everything else in the fieldAll I'm trying to say is that it's okay to feel things sometimes In fact I think feeling things—even painful things—can be good This runs contrary to what Joringel and Jorinda's mother taught so it takes time for the lesson to settle inside them for good But once the twins grasp these exuisite truths it makes their long winding journey of peaks and valleys worth the trouble They at last understood that their problems would never have been solved by trying to cover them up or choke them back or pretend they didn't exist By repression No their problems could only be solved by expression By telling their tales and by making up new ones too Leave it to Adam Gidwitz to impart that idea as memorably as any author has There is a power in children There is a belief A strength A joy that makes just about anything possible — The Grimm Conclusion P 300 Adam Gidwitz's faith in kids is unshakeable He became a teacher and then a writer so he could remind children of the special ualities they harbor within This is most clearly evident in a scene where the children of Grimm have ample reason to despair and minimal cause for contentedness yet they transcend their situation to feel excitement and hope And if this seems strange to you—that under these difficult frightening and outlandish circumstances children might be happywell then you don't know all that much about children The grownups of Grimm were never going to solve the kingdom's dire problems but with kids on the job at least there's a chance Adam Gidwitz tells stories that celebrate kid heroes realistic typically flawed protagonists with whom we readily identify as they try to straighten their meandering course and resolve the issues they and others have created in their lives That's an endeavor we can get behind and the payoff for doing so in this trilogy is consistently gratifying I'd give The Grimm Conclusion two and a half stars which could just as easily be rounded up or down If you aren't afraid of strong emotions then A Tale Dark Grimm In a Glass Grimmly and The Grimm Conclusion are for you; if you are afraid of intense feelings you need these books even I truly love this trilogy

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The Grimm Conclusion A Tale Dark Grimm #3Widely praised and beloved by children adults and critics alike Adam Gidwitz delivers a third serving of eerie new landscapes and fear inducing cr I NEED THIS BOOKI NEED THIS BOOKI NEED THIS BOOKI NEED THIS BOOKI NEED THIS BOOKNOWWhoa whoa whoa It's out??? I TOTALLY FORGOT Oh well I hope to read it soon


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doc ñ The Grimm Conclusion A Tale Dark Grimm #3 Hardcover ò adam gidwitz ò [BOOKS] ✯ The Grimm Conclusion A Tale Dark Grimm #3 Author Adam Gidwitz – Widely praised and beloved by children adults and critics alike Adam Gidwitz delivers a third serving of eerie newEatures in a story sure to delight and frighten fans old and new In the final book in the series Adam's brilliantly irreverent narrator leads read I am sad that this series is over but it ends in such a satisfying way I do think that this series is reuired reading for those who like fairy tales and especially clever retellings Each volume ups the ante on the grim aspect of fairy tales Each book seems less appropriate for a younger audience I'm torn on that Mr Gidwitz is obviously a teacher and he understands the young minds he writes for I mean he has to in order to teach them I'm going to trust that he knows what they can handle but my personal limit would be 12 or older for these books There is way too much dark violence and subject matter for kiddos younger than twelve to my thinking Also the cruelty of adults against children in this book is highly disturbingI also think this is the saddest out of the series Wow the things that our young protagonists are faced with really tore at my heart And how the cruelty and neglect they experienced warped something inside of them Gidwitz deals with the psychology of abusedneglected children in a poignant way without getting too soapboxy There are some great life lessons here Family loyalty honor integrity kindness and making moral decisions These kids have to raise themselves and that leads to some issues when they are faced with adult moral decisions Along the way they make mistakes and have to learn from them and 'face the music' This book breaks the 4th wall in a way that the other ones in the series did not At first I really didn't like that about the book but then I saw how integral it was to the story It was also good because Gidwitz doesn't follow the predictable pattern I expectedJohnny Heller truly is an awesome narrator If he didn't win an award for narrating this series then he was cheated He deserves it He was all in and you would have to wonder how he didn't get emotionally affected by this book as he read Not just in horror or sadness but in hilarity because this book involves all those emotionsI am biased I love fairy tales a lot Yet I think that increases my standards for fairy tale retellings Gidwitz is a writer who clearly loves fairy tales just as much as I do if not He respects the genre and it clearly is a huge creative influence on him in crafting these marvelous books that add very much to the cultural relevance of fairy talesIf you have not checked these out and you like fairy tales what are you waiting for?