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FREE DOC × READER Life in Outer Space Ó DOGSALONBRISTOL ´ [Reading] ➷ Life in Outer Space Author Melissa Keil – Sam is a geek movie buff with a ragtag group of loser friends who have been taking abuse from the popular kids for years But when the super cool Camilla moves to town sheSam is a geek movie buff with a ragtag group of loser friends who have been taking abuse from the popular kids for years But when the super cool Camilla moves to town she surprises everyone by choosing to spend time I loved this book so freaking much I start Monday by falling flat on my arse A normal guy might think his day could only improve from here I seriously doubt this is going to be the case I hear laughter and clapping Someone cheers Above me a giant sign hangs precariously from the corridor ceiling a pink and purple glitter encrusted symbol of doom handmade by the Spring Dance Committee Justin Zigoni takes a flying leap over me and slaps the sign with his hand A shower of glitter descends from the ceiling and a piece lodges itself in my eyeball I loved it from the first few paragraphs Sam Mike Adrian and Allison are all best friends They are the nerds of the school with Sam actually being the smartest book wise They have this great life together Sam writes screenplays or at least he's trying to because that's what he wants to do with his life He's also a horror movie buff YES And one of his favorites is the original Halloween like me ♥ Plus he's just a movie buff in general I love all of the old school movies that are incorporated into the book Adrian is a dork Allison is the uiet female friend and Mike is a black belt in karate ThenCamilla transfers to their school She becomes super popular because her dad is someone and knows people But she finds her way into the little group and I just love her She gets them to do things they never would have done and I love it She doesn't try to bully them like the other kids and everyone likes her She even gets them to go to the beach over in Brighton with the mean kids And some of them turn out to be nice Although Sam almost freaks out just going I love him Adrian skips ahead Camilla threads an arm through Allison's and Allison smiles at her gratefully The two of them follow Adrian Mike drapes his towel around his neck Dude are you gonna pass out? Cos I'm not sure unconsciousness will be your best defense Mike assuming we're not killed on sight are we actually expected to talk to these people? I love how everyone sort of falls all over themselves when Mike decides to take his shirt off and of course Sam's commentary Lol My best friend might live in a uniform of thick hoodies but he has also spent the majority of the last four years doing push ups and sit ups and whatever other stuff they get yelled at to do in karate classes Maybe I look like a prepubescent girl with my shirt off But Mike well Mike looks exactly like he has spent the last four years at the gym Sam and Mike are the closest in the group and there is something up with Mike during the whole book He uits karate and won't tell anyone what is going on even though they keep bugging him about it They think it might be over a guy but that's not it at all I love how Sam rallies everyone together to find out what's wrong and how he helps Mike Sam and Camilla get close and they play Warcraft together they learn about each others family they learn a lot of things I think they are so cute There is so much laughter in the book and I loved it so much I need laughter and I found myself laughing out loud many times I want to have friends like this damn it They all seem to help each other out when the other has a problem I love that so much I mean there are things with parents not really being there for some of them Parents splitting up and depression trying to set in but the friends don't let that happen It's just wonderful Then some stupid stuff happens as it always does and they are not talking Then there is an apology and Sam finds Camilla sick at her home all alone so he brings her to his house where his mom can take care of her while he's at school It helps him come out of his depressed mood over some things that happened I change out of my feral depression clothes I shower and brush my teeth put on clean track pants and an old T shirt and then I stare at my face in the bathroom mirror until Mum taps on the door and asks if I've drowned Oh this book was amazeballs I love when I can find a book that makes ME happy That's what it'a all about peeps Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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With Sam's group Suddenly they go from geek to chic and find that not everything boils down to us and them With their social lives in flux Sam and Camilla spend and time together They become the best of friends and S One of my Top 5 Foreign Language Films subgenre drama is Mostly Martha from Germany Martha is a sought after highly regarded chef with exacting standards I would call her the female Soup Nazi but Germans Nazi reference Let's not go there In the beginning of the movie she talks about how the simplest dishes like salmon in a light basil sauce are the hardest because there's nothing to disguise or distract from the flavor It's all about proper seasoning and precise cooking These basic dishes are how to judge the uality of a chef Likewise with books I think the simple slice of life stories are the hardest Without big issues or fantastical situations or death the story comes down to the charactersLife in Outer Space is about Sam Kinnison and his group of friends as they navigate a year of high school Sam is a movie obsessed World of Warcraft playing geek with dreams of being a screenwriter He's like Dawson Leery minus the giant head and ugly crying His best friend Mike is a black belt in karate Mike is also a disco dancing Oscar Wilde reading Streisand ticket holding friend of Dorothy know what I'm saying? When Mike first came out to the group which also includes Adrian and Allison they did what any self respecting nerd would do they googled Based on search results they ended up watching Xanadu Lesbian Vampire Killers and Dirty Dancing Sam narratesWe watched Dirty Dancing Mike fell asleep but I had to admit I kind of liked it which made me uestion my own sexuality raising a whole heap of other uestions I chose not to examineTheir routine of avoiding jockterrorist Justin Zigoni and his crew by hiding out in the IT office is compromised when Camilla Carter comes to town Camilla is Australian by birth but has spent most of her life bouncing around the world with her famous music critic father Camilla ends up in the IT office her first day because her laptop won't connect to the school's WiFi Sam the IT assistant can't avoid her especially when she notices his WoW screensaver and writes down her WoW nameI want to hug this book If you've read any of my reviews you know I talk in movie Sam with his Top 5 lists is a kindred spirit He's also smart funny and totally clueless He reminds me of two of my favorite YA boys Ed from Graffiti Moon and Sam from Hold Me Closer Necromancer Camilla is who Zooey Deschanel and Olivia Munn pretend to be Hell she's who I want to be I mean anyone who can use Sweeney Todd and Dirty Dancing to taunt is my hero Adrian steals every scene he's inThis book is about the little victories in life Nothing earth shattering just the times when you say yes instead of no Do you reply back? Do you risk the dining hall? Do you give in to John Cusack??Melissa Keil writes with a deftness that shows why she won the Ampersand Project She gets the right mix of heart and humor and uses little details like the fact that Sam downloads a movie using torrents to add to the authenticity of the story Like I said before I think these types of stories are the hardest to write However when done well they just make you happy that you read them Life in Outer Space is done well I can't guarantee that you'll be blown away but I can say that you'll be glad you said yes instead of no to thisFavorite uote I will shelve this insanity and store away the memory of her in the hope that one day it'll be distant enough to be useful for a screenplayRating 45 stars This review appears on Young Adult Anonymous It's also my first review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2013


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Life in Outer SpaceAm finds that he's happier and comfortable in his own skin than ever before But eventually Sam must admit to himself that he's fallen in love If he confesses his true feelings to Camilla will everything change again? Rating 45 Stars Life in Outer Space has got to be the cutest book I've read this year As a fan of films Doctor Who Lord of the Rings and most nerdy things I thoroughly enjoyed Keil's debut devouring it over a weekend one where I was frantically cramming for exams Although Life in Outer Space seems like a rather standard romantic comedy novel told from a guy's PoV Keil manages to introduce many original aspects to it and frankly speaking it's worth the few hours of time it takes up You'll come away from this novel feeling lighter happier and grinning like a fool I don't know about you but amidst all the depressing novels on my list not many books that successfully accomplish that From first glance Life in Outer Space is a book we all know well We have our standard group of misfits who is content with their avoiding the bully at all costs lifestyle until the new girl walks in dazzles the entire school but somehow joins the group of misfits Who are not so misfit any And what do you know we have our classic tale of a best friend romance I know it's been done before but it works every time What makes Life in Outer Space so remarkable though is that it is a story of friendship far before it is a story of love Camilla is the type of girl who fits in like a glove but underneath her cheerful exterior is a girl who wants to find a place to belong Stuck with her dad who constantly moves Camilla has never had a close group of friends who have lasted for very long until now In Sam movie nerd 101; Adrian socially awkward but without inhibitions; Allison obsessed with anime; and Mike silent gay and dedicated to karate Camilla finds a group of friends who have each others backs and are ready to have hers too As the narrator of the tale Sam is delightful One of my favorite aspects of his tale is the fact that he must come to realize that just as he doesn't have everything figured out in life his parents often don't have everything figured out either When his parents finally get divorced and are faced with a fresh plate he is surprised at their indecision And yet this is what I love about this genre and age group this is when we all realize that our parents are not God and nor are they perfect human beings In fact they are still finding themselves and sometimes that is a very scary realization And when this crisis hits Sam he has his friends to fall back upon Seriously the dynamics between this group is so realistic and palpable that I feel as if I could hug them all Although they are all concerned for one another especially Mike who mysteriously uits karate they are often too engrossed with their own lives to prod too deeply into each others And I feel as if this is another classic friendship crisis which by the way Keil deals with beautifully As this book came to and end I wanted to pump my fist and cry with happiness because the friendships in this are so so lovely Not to be outdone though the romance is slow and sizzling perfect and awkward Sam doesn't even realize the depth of his feelings for Camilla until he is barreled over with them all at once along with the admission that someone like Camilla could never go for movie obsessed him Sam's passion for movies though is what makes this book such a delight to read Life in Outer Space is riddled with movie references and allusions and while we can see that Camilla is besotted by Sam's passions he obviously can't And watching these two grow from friends to something and witnessing the trust and understanding they share is wonderful It's so rare to find love stories that are based heavily upon strong friendships so in all counts this book is a definite winner Strong lively and endearing characters make Life in Outer Space the sheer delight it in and as far as rom coms go this is one of the good ones THANK YOU Mandee for allowing me to be part of this blog tour and THANK YOU Flann for sending this to me along with The Bitter Kingdom You ladies rock D You can read this review and on my blog Ivy Book Bindings