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Ghost Girl kindle ´ read è dogsalonbristol ´ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Ghost Girl By Torey L. Hayden ➫ – Jadie never spoke She never laughed or cried or uttered any sound Despite efforts to reach her Jadie remained locked in her own troubled world––until one remarkable teacher persuadedIving in a nightmare and Torey Hayden responded in the only way she knew how––with courage compassion and dedication––demonstrating once again the tremendous power of love and the relilience of the human spiri Really really disturbingas this is a true story untainted non fictionalized Unlike in fiction it does not have all the answers and as a reader I don't feel free to formulate any either At the end I can only hope and pray for a good life for both Jadie and Amber and for Sapphire of courseTorey Hayden is a good storyteller as I believe she is a teacher The book was written for someone with no psychology background easy to understand Not only that I found myself really immersed in the book wanting to get to the end of it to find out what happened Apart from the entertainment value this book is also a valuable resource material for other special education teachers and other professionals working with special childrenTorey Hayden is now a favorite author in my list and I will definitely seek out her other books

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D silence Nothing in all of Torey Hayden's experience could have prepared her for the shock of what Jadie told her––a story too horrendous for Torey's professional colleagues to acknowledge Yet a little girl was l This book is gripping and heartwrenching It is a story that I just had to finish once I started and I read the entire book in one sitting But once I finished the book I almost wished I hadn't read it There are some very grapic and disturbing images in this book It made me feel bad to even let my mind wander to these kinds of places The very sad thing about this book is that it is a true story And whether you believe Jadie truly experienced these things or not I really do believe she experienced what she said she did at least to some extent No little child could simply make up the kinds of things Jadie recalls That is why at the end of the book while the author makes no concrete statement as to whether Jadie's experiences were 100% true I believe they did happen to her Maybe every detail was not recalled entirely accurately but there is a lot of evil in this worldand I don't take that for granted I also think that if a child acted the way Jadie did in this day and age a lot people would suspect abuse It seemed like all her teachers and even the psychologist simply believe Jadie was just a messed up kid How sad Proceed with caution with this book it is extremely disturbing to those who are sensitive to such matters and especially if you are a spiritual person

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Ghost GirlJadie never spoke She never laughed or cried or uttered any sound Despite efforts to reach her Jadie remained locked in her own troubled world––until one remarkable teacher persuaded her to break her self–impose This book freaked me out You know in that praying you can forget it long enough to fall asleep kind of way Seriously if Hayden handed the manuscript to Stephen King and asked him to make it disturbing there wouldn't be a clown wig wearing pig blood showering thing he could do about itThe craziest part is it isn't a horror book Well I guess it sort of is It's a horror book slash murder mystery with the undertones of a thriller that's driven by the special interest story of a child psychologist teaching elementary school The only thing that could make it crazier would be if I told you it's a true storyAlso it's a true storyThe plot follows psychologist Torey Hayden the author as she unravels damage done to 7 year old Jadie then fights to rescue her from the worst nightmare you can imagine Best case scenario she's being sexually abused Worst case scenario she's being sexually abused by the members of a Satanic cult probably her parents has been forced to ritualistically slaughter animals to drink their blood and also witnessed the brutal murder of a young girlThis is the first book I've read in one sitting in YEARS Mostly because I'm an adult and a parent so disappearing for 16 hours is generally frowned upon Besides I can usually tear myself away with a reminder of my responsibilities Or if that fails chocolate But I could hardly leave this book to PEE At first it was the other worldly prose that grabbed me Hayden would be a gifted writer even if she WASN'T a gifted psychologist Then I was glued to the book by my concern for Jadie and a desperate need for her to find safety By about halfway through I was just SO FREAKED OUT that I thought if I looked away I might find myself face to face with Freddy Krueger Bloody Mary or their even terrifying illegitimate love child I figured if I made it to the end my mind could rest easy in a nice resolutionBE WARNED NOW THERE IS NO RESOLUTION They never find out exactly what happened to the poor kid So now I just walk through my life terrified that my babies will be kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a Satanic cultSIDE NOTE The colorful profanity ridden comments of 8 year old Jeremiah are possibly the funniest things I've ever read in my life The entire read is worth it just for himJadie will haunt me until my last breath Stories like this simply should not be true EVER Especially for children Reading this book has completely disillusioned me on the inherent goodness of human beings Now I'm terrified the guy in line at the grocery store behind me is a child abusing Satanist who wants to drink my blood I'm putting myself on a strict recovery regimen of picture books and Disney moviesAnd chocolateFAVORITE UOTESWhat was going through my mind as I studied her was that she would have made an archetypal country western singer She had about her that powerful aura of hardbitten wisdom the kind evidenced by women named Lurleen or LorettaHelp me she was saying almost sighing Help me help me help me Coming nearer and nearer until all that was visible on the screen was a mouth forming the same words over and over again Help me help me help me Then the monitor went blank JadieSometimes what comes out is anger because it's frustrating because something's got to come out and because feeling angry isn't as scary as feeling afraid ToreyLike I said we aren't little girls We're ghosts I don't mind when it goes dark Gotta be dark to be a ghost But if it goes too dark before you get out you can't do it You can't get out of your body and you get shut in JadieI've probably lived a pretty sheltered life But I can't say I'm not thankful for that It's easier to believe in the good in people if you don't know all the bad LucyThey say hurting's good You get stronger when you hurt They make you strong so you can kill people If you don't like someone they teach you how to make that person die JadieBecause she's disturbed Because I don't want to see a replay of the Salem witch hunt right here on my own turf That's what that was wasn't it? Hysterical children accusing innocent adults These are PEOPLE Torey This is a FAMILY we're talking about here and they're never going to be the same because of this You and I and the police and everyone we'll walk out of it The Ekdahls won't I'm scared shitless by this talk of witches and Satan and stuff not because of what it is but because of what it can do I'm so frightened we're going to forget these are people and we're destroying them ArkieCertainly I realize a clear cut climax and resolution would make it a much better book Unfortunately it would also make it fiction Hayden explaining her lack of resolution in the epilogue