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The Governess Club Bonnie characters á 7 î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Governess Club Bonnie Author Ellie Macdonald – Miss Bonnie Hodges governess to the Darrow family is desperately trying to hold it together Tragedy has struck and she is the sole person left to be strong for the two little boys in he't expecting her new employer to be the most frustrating overbearing andhandsome man she's ever seenSir Stephen Montgomery is utterly distracted He should be trying to figure out how his two best friends were killed in a suspicious accident and why the new young viscount seems destined. Disclosure I received this book from the tour organizer via Edelweiss as part of the book tour Thank you to Tasty Book Tours to Ellie MacDonald and to Avon Impulse for the opportunity Yes this is an honest review Bonnie Hodges serves as governess to Henry and Arthur the young sons of Viscount Darrow After she and the boys witness the horrifying accident that kills the Viscount and his wife Bonnie has no choice but to delay her planned resignation from Darrowgate waiting for the boys' guardian to arriveSir Stephen Montgomery hadn't expected the welcome he receives at Darrowgate His closest childhood friend is dead only a week after sending him an ominous note Sir Stephen had come to help his friend investigate the strange accidents he had not expected to investigate his own friend's tragic death There is something afoot here Stephen and I cannot put my finger on it My worry increases daily not for myself but for my family Small accidents are becoming larger and harder to explain away and no longer involve only me You must come I beg of you You have always had a knack for ferreting things out The safety and well being of my family depends on it There is no one I trust loc 202There is to the mystery than what the late viscount had written about not only was there a trail of mysterious accidents but also a trail of bad business investments and it takes all of Sir Stephen's time and energy to untangle the knot of lies uestions and decisions that lay before himAdd to his added burden is Bonnie's insistence that he act as guardian to the boys It grates at Sir Stephen to be told of his responsibilities he has no choice but to continue to work and live with Bonnie whom the boys are attached to and who continue to irritate and fascinate him with each passing dayTwo people put in an unusual situation brought about by unusual circumstances And drawn to one another by an inexplicable attraction Try as he might Stephen cannot help but see Bonnie as a mere governess Bonnie who courageously stands up to him and speaks up for her charges' well being And Bonnie knows of the dangers of falling in love with her employer but Stephen and his dreams of a family prove irresistibleHe felt so deep in the hole he had dug Stephen thought he would take a risk For instance if we were married I wouldn't be standing hereShe looked at him in uestion You wouldn'tHe shook his head I would be sitting beside you like thisHe put his actions to words and settled on the sofa beside her not close enough to touch but he could feel her heat I might even sit like this He stretched his arm along the back of the sofa his sleeve brushing her shouldersBonnie cleared her throat He was so close she could smell the sandalwood cologne he wore and tingles radiated along her shoulders where his sleeve brushed them Might youAye I imagine many evenings spent like this with my wife just the two of us loc 1273 1288Ellie MacDonald continues to build on the compelling world of governesses in her latest installment of The Governess Club In Bonnie's story MacDonald showcases her skillful hand at painting a murder mystery who wanted the Viscount killed and why The mystery deepens when accidents happen this time to Bonnie and the two boysI really enjoyed reading about Sir Stephen's methods of investigation his deductive skills reminded me of Sherlock Holmes He's observant and logical and able to think on his feet but what is most amazing about Sir Stephen is that he does not disengage from the people around him All of his actions his decisions always takes into consideration the welfare of the two boys and of DarrowgateBonnie has such a nurturing spirit Ellie MacDonald hints at some emotional baggage for Bonnie her mother was also a governess who became her employer's mistress and Bonnie was the result of that arrangement so there is a weariness to Bonnie and she also struck me as a bit bleak and a bit too serious I thought this aspect of her character was under utilized in the story but MacDonald succeeds in painting a picture of Bonnie that is so very distinct from Claire and also Sara and Louisa What really shines through in this story is the growing bond between Sir Stephen the two boys and Bonnie like it or not each interaction was a string that eventually tied them all together as a hodge podge sort of family The irony was not lost on me Sir Stephen's own childhood wasn't a happy or idyllic experience but it is a testament to his own personal character that he learned from the mistakes of his own parents and is applying the lessons to how he is raising Arthur and Henry And it's interesting that the position that caused her mother's ruin is the same position that restores BonnieThe Governess Club Bonnie is a very compelling book with nail bitingexciting and heartwarming moments It is the second installment in Ellie MacDonald's The Governess Club series Definitely looking forward to reading the next one

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Miss Bonnie Hodges governess to the Darrow family is desperately trying to hold it together Tragedy has struck and she is the sole person left to be strong for the two little boys in her care When the new guardian arrives she hopes that things The Governess PDF will get better She wasn. This novella was short and sweet but not terribly engaging Bonnie's mother had been a governess who became a rich man's mistress; she raised her daughter to be a governess Thus I found it incredible that Bonnie would so easily fall into bed with Sir Stephen There was a mystery but it wasn't much of one Sir Stephen is no Sherlock; he doesn't even ask who would inherit the title if the new young viscount dies Ellie Macdonald is a competent writer but the plot had inconsistencies For example after witnessing their parents' deaths in a carriage accident the little boys refuse to ride in a carriage Later they are complaining about having to walk to the village noting that the carriage would have been warmer They refuse to leave Bonnie's side so she sleeps on a trundle bed in their room but later they have their own separate rooms Sir Stephen is said to have inherited a barony in which case he would be Lord Something and not Sir Stephen I would not recommend this book

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The Governess Club BonnieTo be the next victim But he can't concentrate on anything but his growing infatuation with the beautiful mysterious and utterly captivating governessTogether they're doing their best to save the two boys but will Stephen's feelings for Bonnie get in the way of their search for a kill. This title can be read as a stand alone All the governess’ are introduced in book one and each subseuent story is about a different governessBonnie was raised to be a governess by her mother She enjoys her job but when the Governess Club comes up with the plan to get their independence by offering private lessons she agrees Being their own boss and taking only the charges they want make the governess’ lives similar Bonnie’s one problem right now is the recent death of her employers in a carriage accident Since their guardian Sir Stephen Montgomery has yet to arrive she finds herself thrust into a mothering role for her young charges When Sir Stephen arrives all he wants to do is get to the bottom of how is best friend was murdered Not knowing who to trust he watches everyone but finds himself drawn to the uiet governess Trusting her becomes necessary and together they endeavor to keep the boys safe and find the perpetrator Like the first book in the series we are treated to characters that aren’t part of the haut ton Stephen is a baron but he is landless so while he does outrank Bonnie it doesn’t take him long to overlook the fact that she is ‘just the governess’ I enjoyed watching Stephan and Bonnie slowly come together There wasn’t any instant love or even lust As they get to know each other they start to develop feelings that they eventually act on There is a murder plot in the story and while it is pretty significant I had the bad guy figured out almost from the start We get to see a little of what happens to the characters from book one We get to see letters that Bonnie writes to Claire the heroine from book one They show us what Claire is up to and how things are going with the Governess Club I am looking forward to reading in this series as they come out