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Free read Neanderthal Seeks Human ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô [KINDLE] ❆ Neanderthal Seeks Human ❥ Penny Reid – This is a previously published edition ASIN B00BUWA58EThere are three things you need to know about Janie Morris 1 She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without vRves her than uinn Sullivan and She doesn't know how to knitAfter losing her boyfriend apartment and job in the same Neanderthal Seeks PDFEPUB or day Janie Morris can't help wondering what new torment fate has in store To her utter mortification uinn Sull. 25 stars I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer over here but with all the hype with this story I was just expecting This book is described as a smart romance when in reality it is simply the typical trope of the billionairemillionaire player guy with baggage who doesn't want to settle down for anyone but makes an exception for his special snowflake who happens to be a naive virgin esk young girl aka Fifty Shades of Grey And Jane is too tall with too big of a butt and boobs that are too big but doesn't realize she is attractive at all of course I'm not saying that this book is bad because it isn't but it isn't anything out of the ordinary even including putting a geeky socially EXTREMELY unaware girl as the MC I couldn't understand how she didn't pick up on her security guard view spoileractually being the big boss hide spoiler

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Ivan aka Sir McHotpants witnesses it all then keeps turning up like a pair of shoes you lust after but can't afford The last thing she expects is for uinn the focus of her slightly albeit harmless stalkerish tendencies to make her an offer she can't refus. 3 long winded stars Mild Spoilers aheadI really thought I would like Neanderthal Seeks Human than I did All my friends loved it and here I am again the minority because I really didn't get into this read I read some reviews that said this book was so funny but I didn't laugh not once I kept wondering if I was reading the same books as everyone else It's not that I hated the book because I didn't I sat after reading this book for 12 hours to try to figure out why I just didn't connect to this book and I only thing I can think of is it's too long winded See when I started the book I really liked Janie I thought she was cute uirky and different About halfway through the book though her constant purple prose interior monologue started to get annoying Then I got bored On top of that I never got a good feel for uinn as he was hard to read We never got his pov and had to learn about him through Janie who was socially awkward I never got to see any real depth to uinn Still it wasn't a bad read and I think if the book was shorter or it had dual pov maybe a few less Janie mind rants and I would have enjoyed it much

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Neanderthal Seeks HumanThis is a previously published edition ASIN BBUWAEThere are three things you need to know about Janie Morris She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without volunteering TMTI Too Much Trivial Information especially when she is unnerved No one unne. I don't review books I don't like I'm an author and I think there should be some professional courtesy among authors If you don't like a book and you write books especially in the Indie community it is always better to just politely say nothing at all I know when other authors rate my books poorly and write a critical review it always ticks me off and frankly feels a little suspect Sorry Just my opinion SO Having said that please believe me when I say this book rocked and I have no ulterior motive or reason to review it other than I really really enjoyed itFor me it was everything I enjoy in a book I read some reviews of this one before posting my own and I was stunned at some of of the criticisms First criticism It was awkward Um Yeah It was It was supposed to be The heroine is incredibly awkward and cheesy and dorky and she KNITS for hell sake And she says the most unbelievably brilliant yet unimportant things And they are FUNNY Which brings me to another criticism of the book There was a lot of irrelevant information HA HA HA I'm dying here YES There was The character is a female Alex Trebek without the gravitas and the poise and the grey hair etcAnd she was so freaking lovable and endearing And the stuff this author knows I was blown away by the attention to factoids and details that for me raise books from I could read this in a coma and still grasp it to Holy crap this is awesome I like the meat in a book the stuff that makes the characters real and the story original And this book has that in spades And uinn was sexy He just was people My heart got a little suishy when I typed that Okay Back to my point And finally this I was lost and confused for most of the book I skimmed most of itSeriously if you're going to skim a book don't complain about not understanding what's going on o0 That seems like a given to me Do I seem a little cranky Well I kind of am I know every book isn't for everyone but this book was incredibly well written intelligent funny and just GOOD And I like good books to get good reviews That's all So I'm adding mine to the mix Plus I've gifted this book to a handful of my personal friends one who has a son dying of cancer She needed a good laugh And she got one She contacted me yesterday thanked me profusely and said she was rolling with laughter Enough said