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Free download ✓ The Princess Montagues #5 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¼ ❮Read❯ ➲ The Princess Montagues #5 Author Elizabeth Elliott – From the beloved author of The Warlord and The Dark Knight an emotional deeply passionate medieval romance Married aFrom the beloved author of The Warlord and The Dark Knight an emotional deeply passionate medieval romance Married and widowed at a tender age Princess Isabel Plantagenet understands her duty to wed a new husband chosen by her father for the purpose of consolidating his power Faulke Segrave a rogue suspected of high tre. 255Better than its predecessor but not by much Definitely not the most elegant mash up between mystery and historical romance I don't think it excelled at either

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Ason The Princess Kindle whose past wives died under mysterious circumstances is hardly suitor material but his piercing blue eyes spark a fire in Isabel that makes her feel oddly safe and deeply curious uite a pair they will make for she has dark secrets of her own that can never see the light of day Faulke does not. Not the best I have ever read but certainly not the worst I enjoyed the time period and the historical characters I really enjoyed the relationship between Isabel and Faulke and wish would have been about them and less about the poisonings It also ended very suddenly and I would have liked to learn about what happened to our characters after; the very short epilogue did them no justice

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The Princess Montagues #5Relish this arrangement any than his bride does but he can't deny his attraction to this poised beautiful woman whose level gaze and strong command make him ache to have her Her seduction becomes his conuest even as deception and murderous scheming draw closer threatening Faulke's life his heritage and his cherished wif. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was absolutely fabulous It flew by I expected it to drag a bit or actually feel it's length 500 pages but I was very much enthralled Romance is the primary focus of the book but there is also so much else going on that I wanted to know what would happen Although I did forget about the mystery revolving the murders about halfway through the book but thankfully just as I recalled it as a potential loose thread the author brought it back up and solved it nicely Isabel is an interesting main character She is a princess who has been damaged in the past and had to learn how to be strong in order to protect herself She leads her people well and is loyal to them and truly isn't a bad person Faulke seems like the usual romantic hero but he had a few differences which I enjoyed He really is a sweet person and a bit open about his feelings He is just the right amount of sweetness kindness and protective for Isabel While there is some insta attraction I did like to see that their love does and there are reasons behind why they like each other The side characters are also enjoyable but not as memorable Learning about the characters and reading them open up to each other while dealing with unpleasantness in their lives is really what this book is about She's an abandoned princess and he is cursed Murders surround them as well as enemies both hidden and in plain sight I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did and I do plan on going back and reading of this series