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Defacing the Currency Reader ½ Download ↠ Bob black á ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Defacing the Currency By Bob Black ➯ – Bob Black’s first book in sixteen years This is not because Bob has stopped writing or even that the audience for his work has disappeared uite the opposite The desire to build a rational case for new and experienced readers That he does it well especially the naming of names is why he is despised Those who despise him confuse the man with the idea but the idea is unassailable On the one hand there is anarchism a leftist historical above all else ideology On the other is anarchy a life lived autonomously and cooperatively from the introduction by Aragorn Bob Black is certainly a controversial writer within anarchist circles so I wasn't uite sure what to expect with this book I was however pleasantly surprised by it The longest essay is a critiue of Noam Chomsky's anarchist views which is especially useful if read as a larger critiue of the leftist views of which Chomsky represents Eually important is Black's essay criticizing democracy Both essays are important anarchist critiues of the leftOther essays cover crime the war on drugs and anarchism Overall it's a very readable and enjoyable collection

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Cement of Noam Chomsky as not anarchist intellectual and engagements with democracy technologyanarchism and the law Bob Black is an obsessed intelligent and hostile thinker whose writings are if not the most then among the most clear contemporary anarchist thinking His passionate denunciations against the Left are a compelling call to arms He names names understands decades of political context and has A couple of the pieces in this collection bored me but on the whole I was very impressed It seems to cover a fairly wide variety of topics without becoming staleThe essay undermining Chomsky's anarchist credibility has been needed for a long time now Not only does it make clear that Chomsky is not an anarchist and puts forth counter anarchist ideas but there is also a blow toward his followers who when it comes down to it aren't really anarchists either despite their claim otherwise This also comes through in the essay responding to An Anarchist Response to Crime Bob's ability to name names never becomes old and though it's been a long time since his last book the criticism remains just as important today

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Defacing the CurrencyBob Black’s first book in sixteen years This is not because Bob has stopped writing or even that the audience for his work has disappeared uite the opposite It’s been sixteen years since Anarchy After Leftism because it has taken that long for the anarchist space to catch up to him This page collection Defacing the MOBI #8608 of formerly and freshly published articles also includes a lengthy denoun I don't think I've ever blazed through a 300 page book so fast in my life Bob Black certainly does not disappoint I was at first a little annoyed with how long he carried on about Chomsky that polemic was the longest section of the book but I suppose it was necessary In fact it seemed that several of his attacks on silly philosophies are battles strangely though effectively selected to build a particular notion of anarchy A useful one I might add I think a lot of people will mistake this for punker than thou argumentativeness sort of an intellectual version of arguing on teh internets and actually at least two of the polemics are aimed against essays available online As puzzled as that left me I think it would be a shameful over simplification to read too much sanctimony into Bob Black's essays although a little bit is probably there His perspective is useful and appealing even when he talks about law and crime a typically boring subject well boring to me I guess While it's probably not for everyone I still found it enlightening and there were a lot of passages amusing in their wordplay wit and biting contempt I lol'd