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The Ghost Bride review Ù 9 Ó ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Ghost Bride By Yangsze Choo ✎ – Seventeen year old Li Lan lives in 1890s Malaya with her uietly ruined father who returns one evening with a proposition the fabulously wealthy Lim family want Li Lan to marry their son The only probl Seventeen year old Li Lan G a dragon turned clerk Li Lan must uncover the secrets of the ghost world before she becomes trapped there foreverDrawing on traditional Malayan folklore and superstition THE GHOST BRIDE is a haunting exotic and romantic read perfect for fans of EMPRESS ORCHID and MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. I see dead peopleLi Lan the motherless Chinese maiden whose opium addicted father has betrothed her to the deceased son of a wealthy family accidentally finds herself roaming the Plains of the Dead a terrifying afterworld where ghosts wait around to be judged punished or reborn to new lives Within the ghost world she embarks on a supernatural adventure filled with highly imaginative colorful characters including horned demons corrupt judges and shape shifting otherwordly beings What is it about this ghost world that seemed to create uncanny parallels with the living IndeedYangsze Choo has created hauntingly fantastic worlds of the living and dead All the elements that have fascinated me in Chinese folklore and mythology are in this novel traditional Chinese rituals superstitions the ominous afterlife fabled creatures and the portended judgement day A spellbinding tale that is at once mysterious suspenseful romantic and otherworldly intriguingRecommended for the readers who like that type of thing

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Seventeen year old Li Lan lives in s Malaya with her uietly ruined father who returns one evening with a proposition the fabulously wealthy Lim family want Li Lan to marry their son The only problem is he's dead After a fateful visit to the Lim mansion Li The Ghost PDF or Lan finds he. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI'm very picky about fantasy novels All of my favorites have some unusual hook or uality that make them stand out from the rest I knew as soon as I started THE GHOST BRIDE that it was going to be one of these stories Set in late 19th century Malaysia it is the story of a seventeen year old girl named Li Lian who lives with her opium addled father and her caring nurse She's about the age to be married but the man she should marry is now bound to someone else and the rich Lim family wants to secure her as a ghost bride for their departed sonLi Lian refuses and that should be the end of it but soon she starts seeing the dead son Lim Tian Ching in her dreams As his presence becomes increasingly menacing Li Lian takes drastic action to escape him which ends up backfiring horribly Suddenly she's half here half in the spirit world and in her uest to get back to her body she'll have to venture into the fringes of the Chinese Underworld learning than she ever wanted to know about the Lims' sordid history and her ownI freaking loved this book One of my favorite movies is Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away which I rewatched recently and I loved it for how affirming it is about life death and spiritualism THE GHOST BRIDE is like the Malaysian version of that only with depth there is vengeance from beyond the grave love and romance that transcends mortal lifetimes and magic and wonder as well as the menacing courts of hell in which the departed must pay their dues Dante's Inferno style before journeying towards their final stop It was dark wondrous and fascinatingIt helps of course that Li Lian is a capable heroine with a lot of agency She acts seventeen making the foolish mistakes a seventeen year old would We see her rush to meet her challenges head on with the brashness of youth and see her fall in and out of love with the whims of a young woman It isn't until she ends up in the spiritual in between that she realizes just how much she has taken her youth and her life for granted Even though this isn't young adult I think it would appeal to a young adult audience because so many of the themes are universal in my opinionI was a bit hesitant to read this at first because I was not uite as fond of THE NIGHT TIGER which was interesting and rich in history but hard to follow But this is a very different book from THE NIGHT TIGER and the narrative is much neater So if you didn't care for her other work I would strongly urge you to read this one anyway as they are very different beasts I would dearly love to see this as an animated story I think it would make an amazing movie and I hope some enterprising film agent buys up the rights because this is such a great story and it deserves to be on the big screenPS At least one of those stars is for Er Lang I'd tell you but I don't want to drag on5 stars

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The Ghost BrideRself haunted not only by her ghostly would be suitor but also her desire for the Lims' handsome new heir At night she is drawn into the Chinese afterlife a world of ghost cities paper funeral offerings monstrous bureaucracy and vengeful spirits Enlisting the help of mysterious Er Lan. In a word disappointingThis started out so positively the first page had me hooked and then it went downhill fell apart became tedious and ended up a messI think the main problem I have is that Li Lan is such a nothing character sorry to say She isn't interesting and has no personality She has been educated in a fashion that's the sum total of who she is And she is like a child easily distracted and believing of anything anyone anywhere tells her Someone says this person a good person is a murderer she believes it Someone says this personanother good personhas run off to be a concubine and she believes it Over and overShe doesn't ever figure anything out for herself Someone always tells her what she needs to know She manages to find a spiritghost to tell her what she needs to know about the spirit world who leads her to the Plains of the Dead where she meets yet another person who tells her how things are She never solves the mystery The killer finally shows up and says I did it and exits The mystery of who is misbehaving in the afterlife is also told and not shown We don't even get an idea of what will actually happen when the truth is revealed other than the perpetrators will be dealt with Okay thenObviously from what I've said there is almost total telling and little to no showing the plot Yes Li Lan floats about here and there and there and here and does a whole lot of nothingAnd waits for rescue after stupidly getting herself into trouble Let me repeat that she waits and calls out for rescue This isn't a heroineShe is also easily distracted by the newest pretty shiny thing to cross her pathThe ending is poorly done view spoilerwith a supernatural romance coming out of nowhere and a selfish girl who even though she has witnessed firsthand what her almost death did to her loved ones is willing to throw them and her life aside to run after the new shiny thing And how convenient that he doesn't keep mistresses so he will marry herI might have almost been able to believe that the change in her made this her choice if I had seen a change in her Er Lang tells her that he has changed her but there is no evidence of it to convince me that this is true and since this girl has a habit of believing whatever is said to her I need to see for myself that she has been altered Not well doneTian Bai has not done the first thing wrong but she has decided to be cold to him because he had the audacity to be attracted to her when she wasn't her he has the nerve to have been attracted to a adult version of her and not the little girl Pardon me for being icked out that this stupid girl would dislike a man who finds a grown woman alluring than a woman who prefers to look like a child I felt that was just so badly done pushing forward some illogical reason for readers to think it is okay that she doesn't want the man she wept and woe is me'd over This didn't make me find her appealing as a character BY the end of this book I simply couldn't stand her Her reason for her choice is page 354 In the darkness of a thousand withered souls it was Er Lang's hand that I sought and his voice that I longed to hear Um since Tian Bai wasn't capable of going into the land of the dead and she knew of only one being whom she could summon for help this does NOT ring true She didn't choose him over all others he was the only choice available which hardly makes it a choice at all hide spoiler