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The Walking Dead Rise of the GovernorPrisoners to battle Walking Dead Rise of the MOBI #8608 zombies in an arena for the townspeople’s amusement or chopping off the appendages of those who cross him The Governor was voted “Villain of the Year” by Wizard magazine the year he debuted and his st. Audiobook Fabulous narratorOmg Shocking twists and truths revealed if you think you know The Governor you don't till you read this book He is not who has portrayed himself to be I think I might have sprained my jaw it dropped so far when I got the truth about who he is Holy Crisps I could barely catch my breathThis first book stats with Phil his brother Brian his living daughter and two high school friends The plague has just driven them from their hometown to search for the safe zone They are unprepared for the horrors they face and the deaths that will happen Phil was never a very nice guy he seems to have alway had a dark shadow looming around him Brian his brother is the older kinder brother always at a disadvantage under his brothers power Phil does some horrific things and has worse thoughts His friends muddle along with him on this ride of survival not really standing out just following tillIf you are a fan of this show you do not want to miss this book Toe tingling excitement and edge of your seat terrorI am off to read book 2 in this trilogy DHere is the order of these books which turned out to be then 3

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In the Dead Rise Kindle #208 The Walking Dead universe there is no greater villain than The Walking MOBI #8608 the Governor The despot who runs the walled off town of Woodbury he Walking Dead Rise eBook #8608 has his own sick sense of justice whether it's forcing. As I have read the first compendium of 48 trade paperbacks that ended the original Governor story arc I jumped at the chance to pick up this collaboration by series creator Robert Kirkman and horror writer Jay Bonansinga The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor is an amazing idea for a novel or trilogy I hear that the Governor is one of the series' and even comic books in general most notorious and loathsome villains and the notion of exploring his back story is definitely going to be appealing to all dead head fansIt turns out that the Governor may not be as different as you might imagine In many ways this tale is a familiar survival story breaking little new ground but giving the fan some real insight into the beginning stages of the zombie outbreak The story opens in the first days of the zombie outbreak the narrative follows the ups and downs of a small rag tag group of survivors which consist of the man we know to become The Governor his brother a couple childhood friends and a little girl The group finds themselves trying to understand what has caused this outbreak and then try to conform to their new life as they know it They try to exist in a retirement community followed by a stint in the city followed by isolationism etc so on and so forth They try many various strategies to build a new life none uite working out as long as they would like Every time they get comfortable the real NEW world comes crashing down in the form of a new undead or even human menace At what point does the living in a world of walking dead reach their breaking point The novel takes us on the journey of The Governor until he reaches exactly that spot and then pushes to the other side The final two chapters amazingly bring everything together in a very unexpected wayYou don't really see the rise of the Governor as much as the birth or origins of the Governor the title is a bit misleading The book ends at the beginning of a new chapter you can see the light up ahead and he is with familiar characters from the comic It was an easy read solidly written fast paced as is true to Kirkman form I wasn't blown away by anything fresh or new as I feel this was sorta what was expected right in line with The Walking Dead trade paperbacks I did like learning about the area a little and getting to know the Governor's crew but you don't have to be a fervent fan to enjoy this novel This can definitely work as a stand alone piece but it has impact however if you actually know who the Governor is A good and fun effort that ultimately doesn't add a huge new dimension to the ongoing saga but of a mirror or different point of view on survivalIt was fascinating the way the book explored the emotional reactions of a survival group I mean I liked how it was done in the comics but in novel form its different Most of the reactions were understandable but it always leaves me uestioning what I would do say feel if I found myself in an unbelievable and terrifying new reality The Rise of the Governor didn’t lack for action in this world where the normal rules no longer apply the zombies are at least the one danger in which you know what to expect the humans are another story altogether You would think that the struggle with the zombies would be action enough but The Walking Dead always contains shocking twists and this is no exception with an ending that will leave you speechless

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The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor Free read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB å ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor By Robert Kirkman ✩ – In the The Walking Dead universe there is no greater villain than the Governor The despot who runs the waOry arc was the most controversial in the history of the The Walking Dead comic book series Now for the first time fans of The Walking Dead will discover how the Governor became the Walking Dead Rise of the MOBI #8608 man he is and what drove him to such extremes. Okay I am a HUGE zombie fan I have also been collecting the Walking Dead comic book since issue #2 and when I first heard about this novel I was excited Kirkman explores the deeper thoughtsfeelingsissues of a z apocalyptic world via the comic and now the TV show and I thought a novel would allow him to really sink his teeth into the material Also he has never not in comics or TV dealt with the early days of the epidemicIf you haven't ever read the comic but are a fan of apocalyptic fiction then you MIGHT like this book It's not badly written per se There are a couple of points where they really built suspense up for example However it is definitely not worth the price of a hardcover Wait until it's in paperback the ebook goes down or just check it out of your libraryNow if you're a fan of the Walking dead you're going to be disappointed Now I'm sure there are fanboys out there that will attack me for saying that but give it time A couple of years from now even the most hardcore fanboys will be ashamed of it Major SPOILERSIf you heard that this novel will cover the early days of the outbreak you heard wrong Little is covered about the initial outbreak Instead we jump a few days into the z plague with them just hiding in a house and then uickly fast forward weeks into it We don't hear about how it spreads You'd think that starting with the characters seeing their first walking corpse would be a big moment in a book like this but it isn't Heck I don't even think they covered it So let me reiterate this novel adds nothing about the spread of the zombie plague EXCEPT them describing how television and radio stations go off air Fine chalk it up to writer's license Maybe Kirkman and Bonansinga the authors didn't want to deal with those time periods That's okay Let's move on to the meatThe Governor is one of the most vile characters in the comic book medium because his actions are horrendous He is evil The comic deals with him torturing and raping a woman It deals with him holding gladiatorial style games where people fight off zombies to entertain the masses of the Woodbury community He orders the killing of women and children The frickin' title of this book is Rise of the Governor The blurb on the back of the dustcover is In The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor the world will finally understand what drove Phillip Blake to become The GovernorGuess what It's a lie You do not learn what drove Phillip Blake to become the Governor You don't learn what turns an average law abiding citizen into such a monstrous being Oh and want to learn the bigger lie BIGGEST SPOILER Phillip Blake doesn't become the Governor It's his lame ass asthmatic brother who only kills one zombie nearly accidentally in the whole book and later only kills one man Plot twist It was a cop out What motivations would brother Brian have for his monstrous actions in the comic The lame ass ones the book give are not believable I didn't care about the characters Phillip was the most interesting but he is killed off for the surprise ending leaving us with a character who is still a wimp The authors try to wring out his motivation for his evil personality in a two or three page description of him losing it and going insane Seriously