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Bernard Cornwell who is at his enthralling best conveying one of the defining periods of English history Wall Street Journal returns to his epic Saxon Tales saga The Pagan PDF with this dramatic story of divided loyalties bloody battles and the struggle to unite Britain At the onset of the tenth century England is in turmoil Alfred the Great is dead and Edward his son reigns as king Wessex survives but peace canno. After just a few pages Uhtred has murdered an abbot kicked a former friend’s teeth in and disowned a son He uickly names another his heir then shortly afterwards his hall is burned down and his woman is abducted by a mysterious band of warriors So it’s just another day for the mighty Pagan Lord Uhtred And he’s finally going home Uhtred has very little left at this point Most of his friends are dead and he has been chased off his own land There are no wars to fight and no enemies to slay So why not make some new ones His king ignores his reuest for aid; he wants to take back his childhood home once and for all but no one else cares He has no one to turn to Even Ragnar has died of old age So what does he do He goes on a suicide mission and strikes at one of the most heavily guarded fortresses in the land with just thirty six men He attempts to take back his impregnable fortress which has a garrison into the hundreds He certainly hasn’t got a lot of muscle on his side but what he does have is subterfuge and eons of experience He has a lifetime’s worth of experience in war murder and glorious battle No living warrior is his eual He has been in many tight fights over the years though this is without a doubt one of the most intense His feud with his uncle finally receives its conclusion which unsurprisingly only gives birth to blood feuds Such is the way of the warrior Forever the champion These books tend to follow a really rigid formula and oddly enough it’s not been worn out Uhtered begins each book with a crime or banishment sometimes a random adventure; he is then hated and goes on a little bit of a personal escape of Viking raiding; however it never lasts because his oath to Wessex always calls him back He is like a dog on a leash This book is no different; he has his fun and then he has to go back and fight another man’s war This book is no different to this structure I wouldn’t expect it to be nor would I want it to be Cornwell’s structure works time and time again So it was no surprise to see Uhtred save Alfred’s dream of England one time He gave his oath to a dying man and he intends to keep it even if he lives to regrets it I’m not going to talk about character development again because I think Uhtred had developed all he will He’s coming towards the end of his fighting strength and at this point I’m incredibly curious to see how this series will end Will it be a bloodbath Will it be with Uhtred’s death I can’t wait to find out But I think there will be a good few books first It’s like the author doesn’t want to stop writing the series It’s not a case of beating a dead horse but like riding a warhorse in all its glory The Saxon Stories 1 The Last Kingdom A fine five stars2 The Pale Horsman A brilliant five stars3 Lords of the North A vengeful four stars4 Sword Song A familiar four stars5 The Burning Land A loyal five stars6 Death of Kings A mighty five stars7 The Pagan Lord A tireless four stars

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The Pagan LordT hold the Danes in the north led by Viking Cnut Longsword stand ready to invade and will never rest until the emerald crown is theirsUhtred once Alfred's great warrior but now out of favor with the new king must lead a band of outcasts north to recapture his old family home that great Northumbrian fortress BebbanburgLoyalties will be divided and men will fall as every Saxon kingdom is drawn into the bloodiest bat. Another solid entry in this great series The ending was awesome and some of the newer younger characters are really starting to shine too

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Read The Pagan Lord õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ✿ [EPUB] ✷ The Pagan Lord By Bernard Cornwell ❥ – Bernard Cornwell who is at his enthralling best conveying one of the defining periods of English history Wall Street Journal returns to his epic Saxon Tales saga with this dramatic stoTle yet with the Danes a war which will decide the fate of every king and the entire English nationWith The Pagan Lord New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell the reigning king of historical fiction USA Today continues his magnificent epic of the making of England during the Middle Ages vividly bringing to life the uneasy alliances bloody battles and deadly intrigue that gave birth to the British nation. This may sound odd coming from a woman but I identify with the main character of this series in many ways and as long as Bernard Cornwell doesn't mess with that character too much then he will always hit true with me as each new book in the Warrior Chronicles officially known as the Saxon Stories in the US France and some other countries is released The lowest I have ever rated a book in this series is 3 stars out of 5 and I believe of all seven books so far in this series I have only done that once With Sword Song Book Four The Pagan Lord number seven in the Warrior Chronicles was one I had been practically foaming at the mouth to read The name alone got my guts churning The Pagan Lord A violent kiss of a title that had most Uhtred of Bebbanburg fans clamouring to pre order Would this be the book in which he won back his ancestral right His beloved Bebbanburg Would he be able to usurp his Christian uncle Aelfric and take back his home We know it happens eventually After all from book one he is narrating as a very old man happily ensconced in his Northumberland fastness Safeguarded from the flagrant whims and judgements of Christians Kings and their nobility A pagan lord of Northumberland in his twilight years Only what age he gains it all back has been a secret the author has been reluctant to share Maybe Cornwell did not know himself when it should happen Who knows But it is an act of revenge the fans have longed for since the very first book The Last Kingdom If he takes Bebbanburg or not is up to you to discover If you are a fan of this series then you would know it is the greatest of prizes and the surprise should be yours to stumble upon I hate ruining surprises so I will only speak of how this book made me feel and of the non spoiler elements The plot itself it is all yours So go get it when you are ready Considering the churning guts and the clamouring to preorder it seems wrong to give the book less than a perfect score but I had to give it 4 stars out of 5 It is a great story and Uhtred is back in force Age has not overwelmed him yet He is as strong and as forthright as he has ever been only he is probably a lot grumpier He was always a grumpy and condescending sod of course only now his grumpy is erring to the side of old man grumpy You know the sort Bullish uick to temper short of tongue a form of irascible that only age or pain can make you And if that were not enough he is a father to boot Of adult sons What a treat that was To see Uhtred in a whole new light Portrayed in a way we have not seen before Giving Uhtred some age and some grown sons gave the book a freshness that I appreciated I did not neccesarily like every plot turn and perhaps I did wish for originality out of the plot turns I did get There was also some odd repetition Events described or relayed in the narration that were repeated nearly word for word a few chapters on was that always the case Did I just not notice this happening in previous books in the series I also felt that Cornwell may have blown a perfectly good chance to hit the market with a crisp and shiny new formula that would excite fans for the books still to come There was some newness to the formula in the form of as expressed an older main character with adult children but it wasn't entirely what I was after in this book All that aside it was terrific to be back in Uhtred of Bebbanburg's head and while the plot had it's flaws for this rabid fan I was positively glowing as I joined my old kindred spirit once on his life journey There is no character like Uhtred of Bebbanburg and for that alone I am grateful The formula may follow the same lines in a way and the books are always too short but my gratitude translates to unashamed joy and I will line up in a couple years frantically foaming at the mouth once to feed my unhealthy Uhtred addiction NB I got to interview the author Bernard Cornwell about The Pagan Lord and the series in September for the Historical Novel Society of which I am not a member so this is no shameless plug for the HNS