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Reveals that a dangerous traitor is lurking among them and all fingers point to Orion Still unsure whether she loves hi. It's over It's all over I can't believe it's over What an incredible end to an amazing series full of surprises twists intensity pain love and all things mythology It was superb I'm satisfied and happy and so so so so sad it's overWhere to startLet me say that I had some issues with book 2 Dreamless because of the whole Orion Lucas Helen fiasco so going into this book I was worried I didn't know what to expect from the last book of the series which is not fun when you've invested so much love and time into these characters and the world that is surrounding them Helen is a demigod and she's got mad powers dangerous powers that she discovers of in this final installment The Gods are all preparing for war they want to beat the children Gods vs their kids But this time things are different Sides are chosen secrets are revealed lives are at stakebig time And it's up to Helen to stop this once and for all or the Gods win and the world as they know it is over Can Helen defeat Zeus and save all that she loves and the rest of mankind Or is she too weak and unknowledgeable to understand her powers and what her role in this life is It's all up to her and she must find a way to not let history repeat itselfWell shit this book had me all over the place Half the time I was fuming because I knew the truth of certain fates and God I was getting pissed that a certain someone was so selfish and keeping it hush hush I loved being back with The Delos clan though All the characters brought such an exciting part to the story all of them And I loved it I was constantly wondering and worried how things were gonna go down When I wasn't reading I was thinking or dreaming of this book and my friends I always want everyone to have their HEA Unfortunately that's not always life And it sucks Hector He was awesome as usual I always had a soft spot for him though in the beginning I was skeptical of him But he turned out to be badass His loyalty to his family and helping Helen discover her powers and how to use them was amazing He would do anything for those he loved And God I gotta say I lost it at one point Some things happened and well I won't spoil it but he scared me I was so happy to be in his presenceJason He was awesomesauce He's a lot like Lucas and such an amazing character He has the ability to heal and he never failed to help those out in need I loved him since the beginning His affection for his sister and cousins was so fun to witness not to mention his sarcasm and wit I truly enjoyed himAri Well I love this girl She truly grew so much in this book Her willingness to help her friends and family and her personality shined right through My heart broke for her and I wish I was able to take her pain away I loved this girl like she was my friendCassie I loved her too though not at first It took me a while to warm up to her but by the end of the first book she convinced me that she was a great person and loved her family like everyone else She had a huge part in this war and always took her role seriously Though things didn't always go her way and I felt bad for her that she had to go through some difficult times and I wanted to hug her and help her But she made it out unscathed thanks to her familyDaphne I don't know what to say except I'm sorry I didn't expect to feel anything but hatred for her But in the end all I felt was pity Once shit was laid out I kind of understood though it was no excuse for why she withheld important information for so long But it helped to not want to hold a grudge against her forever I just hope she learned her lessonOrion Okay so I didn't always like you I think it was resentment because of you trying to steal Helen from my Lucas and it made me mad This love triangle was crazy and it made me bitter towards you You as a character was actually really great and essential to the story I was happy with how things worked out in the end Like really happy And I'm glad I was able to uell my hard feelings for you You really did a great job in protecting Helen when shit got out of hand But not only that it amazed me how much you protected Lucas and his family too You were such a caring being and I realized how ridiculous and uick to judge I was acting So it all turned out the way it was supposed to Awesome Thanks for proving me wrongHelen What can I say I almost wanted to hate you for the decisions you made and the way you dragged Lucas and Orion in your love fest I wanted to jump in the book and strangle you But damn you kicked ass I wasn't sure how you'd handle all that power and if you'd make the right decisions Of course my heart broke for you many times It was hard being responsible for so much having such a heavy burden to carry I guess I could only say how proud I was in the end You really came through and grew into what you were meant to be and you did it well better than I would've I'm sure But I'm pretty envious of you too Either way I loved your story and was so happy I cried happy bittersweet tears because I hated to end this journey that I've enjoyed being a part of Thanks for a great ride on your crazy as shit rollercoaster Man I didn't want to get off Lucas Luke Babe Sigh I've enjoyed being in your presence since you set foot on Nantucket 3 years ago I always thought you were a cocky bastard but I fell in love with you anyway I knew there was to you than met the eye I was a goner Dammit this book killed me My heart was broken over and over for you and I wanted the pain to stop Seriously I felt sick every time you hurt I get attached to my book boyfriends too easily and well you really did me in Thank you for being so awesome and protective and sexy and swoony and just all around perfect with your flaws and amazingness I'm so sad to see this your story end But I can always revisit you and the rest of the gang in Nantucket any time I want I love you you sexy thang youOkay well that was weird I wasn't in control of my hands I guess I was writing to them as if I was sitting there talking to them Ha Anyway I loved Lucas Helen and Orion and was glad to see the conclusion as it was It was EPIC I mean not everyone had a happy ending and yeah technically a few of my favorites didn't but unless Josephine writes a book far into the future all we can base it on is this book And the way it was left I'd say most everyone got what they neededI did forget a few characters Noel Castor Kate Jerry Andy Claire Matt All of you had important roles in the story too and even though there were heart attack worthy moments and even toss the book at the wall and scream bloody murder moments I might add They still made me smile and cry and thank the heavens certain things turned out differently from where it was headed That Josephine Angelini sure did make my heart palpitate many times But I guess it was better than if I felt nothing I figure the emotions pulled out of me during the journey the better the journey in the end And what an end it wasbittersweet and too soonI loved loved loved loved the Mythology in this book We got to see Helen of Troy Lancelot Guinevere Paris Zeus Hades Aphroditeall the Gods that I can't remember and it was freaking incredible The descriptions of the places we got to visit were fun and I could see pretty clear what was happening when it was happening I was on the edge of my seat the whole last half While the first part was a little slow which I still enjoyed when I wasn't freaking out and cursingthe last half was non stop action and suspense I never knew what was going to happen and when shit got real it got REAL But I felt every damn emotion while reading it so it was awesome I highly recommend this series if you enjoy Mythology There's enough suspense action mystery romance it has it all Plus a SUPERB cast of characters that I'll miss dearlySo if you haven't read this series pick it up

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Goddess Author Josephine AngeliM or Lucas Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision or risk all out war The final book in this heart stopping trilo. LLLLUUUUCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS ooohhh mmyyy goooshh I think i am gonna lose it why does this silly orion guy have to come along no offense to any team orion people out there but im just really dont like him Cant you just see that lucas and helen are MEANT to be together if daphne doesnt spill the beans that theyre not related i might just scream the house down with frustration do i really have to wait nearly a whole year for goddess to come out sigh

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review ☆ Goddess Author Josephine Angelini ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » ➳ [Read] ➮ Goddess By Josephine Angelini ➾ – Helen's powers are increasing—and so is the distance between her and her mortal friends To make matters worse the Oracle reveals thHelen's powers are increasing and so is the distance between her and her mortal friends To make matters worse the Oracle. UPDATE OH YAH KNOW IT ONLY TOOK ME LIKE FOREVER TO READ THIS sighs Review to come btw cause I looooooved it D I WONDER WHY THIS BOOK WAS NAMED AFTER ME OOHMMMMMMMM JOSIEI HAVE A UESTION FOR YOU CAUSE IT'S PERFECTLY ALRIGHT IF YOU WEREOMG OO GUYS LOOK AT IT LOOK AT GORGEOUS COVER OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG IT'S SO FUDGIN AMAZING OO