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Download Feesters in the Lake Other Stories Book ✓ 330 pages à [PDF / Epub] ★ Feesters in the Lake Other Stories Author Bob Leman – A Window into the Fiction of Bob Leman Introduction Jim RockhillPrefaceWindowThe TehamaIndustrial ComplexThe Pilgrimage of Clifford MChange of AddressNlawful PossessionCome Where My Love Lies DreamingInstructionsFeesters in the LakeCover Illustration by Allen Koszows Look here to find other sources to read these storiesAll of the stories were published before except HOW DOBBSTOWN WAS SAVEDA couple are on the internet also I was able to find LOOB INSTRUCTIONS by Googling Window To read still I got a copy from from The Best Horror Stories from the Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction parallel worlds Finalist for the Nebula award Inspired an episode of the 2001 show Night Visions The Tehama 1981 novelette To read I got from The Best Fantasy Stories from the Magazine of Fantasy Science FictionIndustrial Complex 2 Done It's like a good Twilight Zone episode Serious spoilers under the tags I'm hoping someday someone will tell me about the ending It's ambiguous Paranoid man meets view spoiler paranoid alien But are they really just paranoid? When paranoid man finally meets the alien and discovers he is one of the few the alien has been watching his mind is kinda blow He is being watched because he is sensitive enough to the strange happenings to maybe derail the alien's plans He is not just paranoid he knew something was happening But this doesn't matter the alien will continue on with his plans to destroy Earth See the alien is being chasedwatched by someonesomething and has to destroy Earth to cover his trail He doesn't know who is chasing him or why but he must destroy the evidence of him the alien being there So there you go there is the evidence of the paranoid alien as the man was earlier So we learn the Earth is destroyed except their little protection bubble which will be destroyed as soon as alien leaves it but the man hears and this is the last line of the book Outside in the night a breeze had risen and made familiar noises against the window pane So wtf does that mean? If Earth is destroyed why would he hear familiar noises? hide spoiler

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A Window into the Fiction of Bob Leman Introduction Jim RockhillPrefaceWindowThe TehamaIndustrial ComplexThe Pilgrima Great stories written by a man who told me stories all my lifeI have started a blog where fans of Bob Leman will have a chance to read some of his old fanzines see previously unpublished doodles puns and opinions I will also post updates on new projects Thevinegarwormblogspotcom

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Feesters in the Lake Other StoriesGe of Clifford MChange of AddressSkirmish on Bastable StreetOlidaHow Dobbstown Was SavedThe Time of the WormBaitLoobU My initial impulse would be to rate this book a bit lower but I'm not sure if that's because I didn't like it that much or because I had set my expectations inappropriately Instructions was one of the stories I remember most from my youthful reading 25 years later I decided to track down by the same author and discovered that he had lived just a few miles away from me until his death in 2006 there was a single book that collected his entire body of work and it was out of print Through a roundabout process I contacted the writer's daughter online she donated a copy of the book to the Bethel Park library and I was finally able to read itAfter all this I was terribly excited But once I started reading these old timey stories with their overall very detached tone and careful pacing my initial enthusiasm waned I realized that this was in no way the fault of the book itself but it was hard to recover that sense of excitementStill all that said evaluating this on its own actual merit it's interesting stuff One would never get the impression that these stories were for the most part written in the 1980s they have such a strong early 20th century vibe and a feel that reminds me of Robert Aickman or Lovecraft with maybe a little irony Instructions and Window were still my favorites but uite a few of the others offer a different take on horror standards like vampires or demons that set them apart from the pile of generic horror fiction out thereOverall it's a shame that so few people will have the opportunity to read this book only 460 copies exist and they go for 250 on the collector's market which I wouldn't recommend paying for anything