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Read & Download Travis Buffalo Rocker Series ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ ❴BOOKS❵ ✪ Travis Buffalo Rocker Series Author N. Kuhn – Lots of people want to be Rock Stars but the uestion is can they handle it Travis Dane has never wanted anything than to be a Rock Star Ug use drove her into the arms of another man Finally getting her life on track striving for her law degree can Aiden Bland take her mind off of Travis and what he’s going through Or is he just Mr Wrong Right Now The emotional rollercoaster of fame is never a Happily Ever Aft. At the beginning of this book I seriously thought there would be no way I would connect to these characters Drinking drugs sex abusive behavior and language No way would I care about Travis but with each page I read I became aware of what was underneath the surface of this man By the end of the book I was hooked Travis didn't have the traditional childhood of hugs love and acceptance His was filled with lies separation sadness and anger A mother who was Bible thumping and shoving her religion at him who kept things about his father from him A father who was to wrapped up in being in a band making money doing drugs and having sex with groupies Travis really had no one but himself his band members and BrittBritt coming from a high class family whose life was planned out for her fell for Travis as a young teenager A love that never let go of her heart even though she fought it for years After a scene that went bad in the beginning of the book she decided to focus on her life and go back to school to become a lawyer Meeting a man who was in her social class and she was sure her parents would finally approve of she stepped into a new direction but still longed for TravisThis book although not highly intense does take you behind doors in the life of a rocker The groupies who will throw themselves at you tell you what you want to hear just to be able to say they slept with a big name lead singer and ruin your life was what Travis was faced with daily after Britt left You see how a band can easily fall apart due to egos drugs women How even your own family members will be than happy to use you to gain money and lie and cheat to take whatever they feel they are entitled to You will also see how important it is for those in the band to have people who love them and have their backTravis finally saw the light and I love how we were invited to witness his transformation from being at the lowest part in life to rehab making amends receiving forgiveness and a second chance We were there when he experienced the deaths of those he loved and had to watch him realize that he will never get the answers to his childhood he so longed for He created a new family and I love how the author expressed the importance of loyalty love and acceptance as needs Travis and Britt needed to experienceThis is a uick and easy read but an emotional one I had a hard time putting it down once I started it because it was fast paced and kept me drawn into their lives I think it has some important messages that we all need to be reminded of such as no matter what career a person has they are still human and need the same validation and love that we experience in our lives I really enjoyed going from thinking Travis was going to be a jerk to being a man who I was invested in I loved how the author allowed us to see the feelings that Britt had to work out before she could decide if Travis was the man for her

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On Music drugs drinking fighting Travis Buffalo PDF or and crazy stalkers all battle for his attention Throw in an uncaring mother and Paparrazi following his every step is disaster waiting to happenBrittany Landers has never loved anyone like she did Trav But his temper and dr. I’ve read uite a few rocker romance books but none that I feel were as realistic as this book The drug abuse issues addressed in this book made me love it all the I was sucked in Britt is just hard headed stubborn and totally loves Travis but one heated argument tears it all apart She now knows that she can’t be with him Knows that he can’t give her what she needs She decides to move on with her life she meets another man and she decides to do the things that she’s always wanted to do Aiden promises to be everything that Travis is not But that’s not necessarily a good thing Travis sweet Travis he’s grown up far too fast His father was in and out of his life and he had a mother who never really showed him love Travis’s biggest dream is to be just like his father with a destructively overwhelming desire to fill shoes that he was much too good to fill His desire to be someone he looked up to to be someone he’s not Pushing Britt out of his life he thought was for the best He thought he could live his life without her He thought he could handle the drugs the alcohol the fame His destructiveness leads him down a path that he might not walk away from and all he can think about is getting the woman that he loves back Walking this road with Travis and Britt was great Being able to watch Travis go thru the healing process to get his life back on track These may be words written on paper but this is real life and I felt like I was right there with them This book was over far too uick for me

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Travis Buffalo Rocker SeriesLots of people want to be Rock Stars but the uestion is can they handle it Travis Dane has never wanted anything than to be a Rock Star He dreamed of being just like his father Marcus What the idol in his life never told him is that the road to fame is paved with self destructi. Received an ARC for an honest review4 Stars This book is not your typical romance This book goes through heartbreak drug use and life destructing decisions Parts of this book will have you wanting to scream out loud and throw your kindle against the wallBrittany is a rich spoiled girl who is dating Travis the bad boy wannabe rocker She loves Travis but her parents hate him They think he is dragging her down They get in a fight and break up again but this time it is for good To get over him she starts a relationship with Aiden She also decides to go to Law School Will Aiden be the man for her Or will Travis be able to overcome all his issues and be the man for BrittanyTravis is a Rockstar His dad is one of the biggest Rockstars and that is all Travis has wanted to do since his twelfth birthday He has dated Brittany but decided that she was holding him back and they broke up He was doing drugs and drinking but began a gradual decline He started doing drugs and drinking He was sleeping with different groupies and just spiraling out of control What will it take for him to realize he is messing up his dream of being a big Rockstar Can he learn to be the man for Brittany Or will he be too lateThis book was really good There were a lot of struggles in this book If they want their happily ever after they have a lot of work to get it This is a great read I am guessing there will be a book two but unsure if it continues Travis and Brittany's story or is a secondary characters story If you like a good Rockstar book I recommend you read this book