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SUMMARY Small Town Secrets 107 ☆ ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ Small Town Secrets Author Sharon Mignerey – EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCEFinally back on her feet after a nasty divorce from local cop Foley Blue Lea Webster was getting ready to adopt the baby she'd always wanted But Foley was stalking Lea EVERYONE DESERVES A SEProtective strength and uiet faith Yet Foley's jealousy built dangerously threatening Zach's freedom and Lea's safety And she had to wonder whether their newfound love and trust in each other would be enough to save them bo. 15 stars LIS Zach is just out of jail Lea is being stalked by her ex husband Nobody does anything about it Bleah

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Ts were escalating to violence Her cries for help went unheeded no one wanted to cross the town's favorite sonThen Zach MacKenzie moved in across the Small Town Kindle street and Lea found herself irresistibly drawn to his. actual rating 15 I had to rewrite this review because goodreads didn't save it the first time so this version is a lot ranty then the original I apologize in advanceLea is divorced from the town's golden boy cop Foley Blue What people don't realize is that Foley is two faced and has a very antiuated view on a woman's place in the world He seems to see her as property and has taken to breaking into her house when she's not home and leaving her cards He even assaulted her which resulted in the lose of their unborn child In public he's charming and affectionate but unable to take a hint and asks her to remarry him daily at her place of business The Town's folk and her meddling aunts aren't helping the cause Her aunt tells her she's incapable of raising a child alone and even goes so far as to tell Foley of the adoption process Lea is going through The town's people cheer whenever Foley asks her to marry him again Honestly the whole place needs a stern talking to about minding their own business Why does Lea stay Well her grandmother gave her the house she lived in and Lea opened a restaurantcatering company in town and so she couldn't possibly leave But her ex scares the crap out of her I would have gone back to the big city to resume my successful cooking career if I was herEnter Zach MacKenzie fresh out of prison after serving a Drunk Driving causing Death or whatever they call it in their state he's working on his aunt Sadie'sfarm Hobby farm As a maintenance and cattle guy Eight year's Lea's senior and a sober alcoholic of 3 years he tells himself to mind his own business until he's off parolebut she's so pretty EhmSadie is Lea's friend and often lets her stay over when her ex husband comes to haunt her house But Sadie decides to take Europe by storm for 6 weeks so when she leaves she gives Zach access to the house and heads off Lea forgets and makes a late night stop at Sadie's because her husband was in her houseagain Lea never gets after her cop uncle or makes a big deal out of the fact HER EX IS BREAKING INTO HER HOUSE and that really bothers me and meets Zach Zach is super nice and immediately becomes protective and enthralled with his neighborFrom there it's a classic I need to stay away from herbut I can't type story Zach was really nice and I didn't mind him or his aunt Sadie once she comes back My real issue was EVERYONE ELSEThe town's people all pressure Lea to remarry Foley when she keeps saying noHer aunts tell Foley all of Lea's business why does she talk to them and also tell her she's not good enough without a man at her sideespecially when it comes to raising a childHer uncle loves Foley like a son and fails to tell people when he finally clues in that Foley may be unhinged to his plans His only redeeming uality is that he is the one person from the town who actually listens to Lea's concerns and tries to rein Foley in a bitLea doesn't press charges on her ex for repeatedly breaking into her house Or call the actual cops just her uncle at home where she gets her aunt and caves And if the cops in your area won't listen why not seek legal advice Just a thoughtAll in all this book wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the horrible portrayal of narrow minded small town busy bodies and conceited aunts and police who don't do their job because they work with the perp Instead it's up to an ex offender to try his best to help the idiot woman while trying not to break paroleOh and they only know each other for7 weeks and there's a marriage proposal which she accepts Thank god they waited until Zach's parole is over to get married or I would have REAL blown a gasketugh

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Small Town SecretsEVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCEFinally back on her feet after a nasty divorce from local cop Foley Blue Lea Webster was getting ready to adopt the baby she'd always wanted But Foley was stalking Lea and his once idle threa. This book just made me angry I couldn’t stand how slimy her ex husband was and even her own family talked down to her and didn’t believe her They should have apologized in the end but they didn’t and were still in her life 🙄 I didn’t like that There was no suspense since we know who the bad guy is so just irritation by how everyone treated her and believed the worst in her but the best in the guy openly stalking her Blech