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John DiamondAnd learn some Cockney rhyming slangVintage Children’s Classics is a twenty first century classics list aimed atyear olds and the adults in their lives Discover timeless favourites from The Jungle Book and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to modern classics such as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Tim. The weakest of the Leon Garfield books I have read this monthHis protagonists have all been a little see through compared to his other characters but William Jones is particularly ineffectual What's he is narrow a little cruel and extremely stupid I didn't like him very much at all Unusually the book was narrated by William in a very self conscious way There was plenty of direct addressing to the audience and intimation of what was to come it made the book seem a little tawdryAlso the usually sparking suibs the other books have been peppered with fell flat Partly this was because of the direct narration and partly it was because they were like dad jokes than proper jokes There was one part where William narrated that someone threw a bucket of water at him then clarifies that it was only the water that was thrown and not the bucket This is a long way from the discussion of a storm's poor arithmetic in Jack HolbornFinally the mystery didn't really change anything When it was solved the characters were much the same and in the same positions as they had been before I couldn't really understand why two of the characters had made it mysterious in the first placeI wouldn't recommend this particular Garfield novel but it's the only one of the seven I have read so far that disappointed

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To go to London find Mr Diamond and make amends But the murky big city with its sinister characters and treacherous back streets is no place for a boy of twelve And Mr Diamond's own son is not the sort of person to forgive and forget Danger and deceit lie waitingIncludes exclusive material In the Backstory you can find out about the wonderful author. Why have I not heard of Leon Garfield until now Wonderful storyteller Vivid descriptions and plot twists This was one of the most enjoyable adventure tales I've ever read I must read by this author

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John Diamond Summary ↠ 108 ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ John Diamond Author Leon Garfield – 'My father that stern and upright man was nothing but a swindler and a thief'What is the matter with old Mr Jones Endless footsteps and low groans can be heard from his room in the dead of night Only 'My father that stern an'My father that stern and upright man was nothing but a swindler and a thief'What is the matter with old Mr Jones Endless footsteps and low groans can be heard from his room in the dead of night Only his son William knows the a terrible secret his father betrayed his business partner Mr Diamond and swindled him out of a great fortune William resolves. Leon Garfield’s John Diamond which was first published in 1980has been reissued in a lovely new edition as part of the Vintage Children’s Classics range Peter Williamson’s cover design is marvellous and it fits wonderfully with the darkness of the story Vintage have recommended that the book is suitable for everyone over the age of nine and upon reading it from an adult stance it is difficult to envision that anybody – indeed of any age – would dislike itThe novel opens in a manner which immediately piues the interest ‘I ought to begin with the footsteps but first of all I must tell you that my name is William Jones and that I was twelve years old when I began to hear them’ His father tells him whilst on his deathbed that he ‘swindled’ Mr Diamond out of a great fortune and thus the main thread of the story concerns William’s travels to London to ‘make amends’ with his late father’s old business partner The ‘murky big city with its sinister characters and treacherous back streets’ is clearly no place for himWilliam tells us that ‘This story is about my father chiefly He was a tall handsome man with his own hair his own teeth and in fact with nothing false about him’ After his father’s death he goes on to say ‘I knew that until I found Mr Diamond neither my father nor I would ever have peace Night after night he would shuffle and drag across the floor amd night after night I would hear him; unless I left the house and set out on the journey that would lay his ghost’ John Diamond is rather atmospheric at times and it is filled with childish and rather amusing caricatures of those around William His Uncle Turner for example with his ‘bullying face’ and ‘strong smell of peppermint’ was ‘a stern God fearing man and I think the feeling must have been mutual – God I mean being frightened of him’ William himself is brave and likeable and much care and compassion is built up for him as the novel progressesGarfield’s novel is cleverly crafted the first person narration works marvellously and plot details are dripped in at intervals throughout to keep the interest of the reader Vintage have lovingly overseen the production of John Diamond adding rather a fun section called ‘The Backstory’ at the end of the book which invited readers to learn how to speak in Cockney rhyming slang as well as providing a uiz an author biography and facts about London in the time in which the novel is set John Diamond is certainly deserving of this reprinting and it is sure to be a wonderful addition to any bookshelf