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Guarding His Heart Forever Love #4Heart Forever PDFEPUB #182 When his father calls him and tells him that it's time for him to take over the family business he does so reluctantly He's never liked the attention he gets as a billionaire's son but he knows it's his duty Leo is not prepared for the animosity that he gets from his new assistant Hannah. 2015 That date HAS TO BE WRONG

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Heart Forever eBook #180 Leonardo Maxwell was shocked when his best friend Zane Beaumont fell in love and got married While he is happy for his friend he knows Guarding His PDF or that he definitely doesn't want to go the love and marriage route He knows that there is nothing that can come from either of the two His. Hot Sexy and Lots of FunThis book started fast and to the point no boring moment at all The story kept me engaged the whole time Both characters are fun to read At times they were just laugh out loud funny and sexyLeo who is the son of the company owner the boss of all the boss's Not really looking forward for working for his father he took the job anyway Leo decided it was time to grow up and work a real job he couldn’t be a bouncer forever Leo is good looking and someone who never wants to be in a relationship Even thought he was the only single one left out of all his married friends he didn’t care To him freedom to do what he wants when he wants is what he loves He swore to himself he will never get married Also having feelings or caring for a woman is not in his future At least that’s what he thought he thought he had everything figured out Until he met her everything changedAt first Hannah hated Leo for taking her job He took the promotion she had been working so hard for just because he was the boss’s son Instead of becoming a manager she ended up being his assistant So she gave him a hard time because she thought that’s what he deserved Then the back and forth flirting happened Their flirty banters were both hot and sexy and really fun to read When they started spending time together and had lots of hot adventurous sex they thought that’s all it was In the beginning they decided the best thing for them is to become friends with benefits To make that work rules were made to not get too personal Then their feelings started to get in the way confusion sets in and neither one knew what to do Will they continue on with their fun and adventurous sex with no string attachedOr will they cut their friends with benefits status all together before either one of them go deeperOr will Leo and Hannah give love a tryGive this fun and sexy book a try and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did

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Guarding His Heart Forever Love #4 Download ☆ 104 ½ [Ebook] ➦ Guarding His Heart Forever Love #4 By J.S. Cooper – Leonardo Maxwell was shocked when his best friend Zane Beaumont fell in love and got married While he is happy for his friend he knows that he definitely doesn't want to go the love On his first day of work He has no idea why she hates him but he's glad for it He doesn't have time to waste staring at her beautiful long legs or her pink luscious lips As far as he's concerned they can have a strictly professional relationship However that all changes when they go on their first work trip together. If I had read this book when it first came out I’d have probably given it 4 maybe 5 stars Hell before the prologue I was going to give it 3 stars but that was just over the top bad Maybe I’ve become a book snob but this writing was not good Every time I read the phrase “most probably” I wanted to throw my brand new kindle at the wall There are so many authors out there writing better uality romance don’t waste your time with this one