PDF ã BOOK わたしたちに許された特別な時間の終わり Watashitachi ni yurusareta tokubetsu na jikan no owari Û TOSHIKI OKADA

DOC わたしたちに許された特別な時間の終わり Watashitachi ni yurusareta tokubetsu na jikan no owari

PDF ã BOOK わたしたちに許された特別な時間の終わり Watashitachi ni yurusareta tokubetsu na jikan no owari Û TOSHIKI OKADA Û ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ わたしたちに許された特別な時間の終わり WDie junge Generation Japans Toshiki Okada ist einer von ihnen Seine Theaterstücke werden weltweit aufgeführt immer wieder auch in Deutschland Okada beschreibt in »Die Zeit die uns bleibt« den Zustand einer Generation die von Kriege I feel like grouping this short novel with another short novel from Japan that came out at the same time Convenience Store Woman and I do wonder is this a trend? If so please It is the eve of the Ira War and two characters end up spending almost a week together in a love hotel but there are encounters with other people on both sides of that story The author shifts from one perspective to another and this fills in the story in a lot of ways and I enjoyed the different versions and unexpressed thoughts especially in a culture like Japan The encounters are short the long term is not explored but I enjoyed this uick read Thanks to the publisher for giving me access to the title through NetGalley It came out September 4th 2018

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Noch nicht wo Und so lange besaufen sie sich haben Sex mit Unbekannten in runtergekommen Love Hotels warten dass die Kakerlake in ihrer schimmligen Wohnung im Schrank verschwindet Das ist hart das ist gut Okada ist die neue Stimme Japa 2 Novellas wrapped into one sexy cartoon techno bookThe first novella is The End of the Moment We Had We watch a male young adult early 20s? embark on two brief vaguely romantic relationship interactions Even in putting this into words I still barely feel convinced about the description I gave It's nonlinear in a way I haven't really seen before the reader is abruptly vaulted backwards and the past is replayed with details on previously unexplored areas Every time you feel comfortable with the timeline again you'll fall backwards The first jump back is to a movie that the male young adult main character saw He was supposed to go with his girlfriend but she ditched him He had an extra ticket so he gave it to a random womangirl around his age We rapidly flop into her perspective on events She's interested in him and absolutely talks his ear off after the movie For some reason he stays around and continues engaging her At some point after that movie he goes out for the night to an art performance He's smashing drunk with his friends Even though his judgement of the movie girl is annoying he's looking for her at the art performance He meets another woman and in some blurry fashion they end up together for days at a love hotel We move into the other woman's perspective and end the novella with her She consistently compares this love hotel vacation to her everyday existence setting them firmly against each other with detailed descriptions The second novella is My Place in PluralThis one is occurs inside a uiet stationary afternoon woman She seems to be struggling with depression but this is never explicitly said; she merely details her sleeping troubles lack of enthusiasm particular obsessions and relationship suabbles More noticeable even then those elaborations and reflective flexes is the narrator's minute and intense focus on the turning over of her body into various positions as she lays in bed We end the story in a hypothetical scene of her relationship There's a twist in the imagined view of her boyfriend and the reader is left wondering where this troubled young couple is headed The last twist is eerie optimistic and surprising and left me unbalanced Sad lithe uiet novellas

Toshiki Okada ✓ わたしたちに許された特別な時間の終わり Watashitachi ni yurusareta tokubetsu na jikan no owari EBOOK

わたしたちに許された特別な時間の終わり Watashitachi ni yurusareta tokubetsu na jikan no owariN umgeben ist die in einem Land lebt das von Tsunamis und Reaktorunfällen heimgesucht wird in dem der Wirtschafstboom längst vorbei ist Eine Generation ohne Zukunft möchte man glauben aber auch sie haben eine Zukunft sie wissen nur I love Japanese literature but this book bored me and made me wish that the publisher had translated something else