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Download Ebook é Emil und die Detektive 224 pages Õ Dogsalonbristol ´ [EPUB] ✻ Emil und die Detektive By Erich Kästner – Originally published in 1929 Erich Kästner’s engaging tale has delighted readers young and old for generations It’s Emil’s first train rideMoney With the help of some new friends Emil becomes a detective and tracks the thief through the city Filled with enduring themes of leadership courage and teamwork and the delightful illustrations of Walter Trier Emil and the Detectives is a rollicking heartwarming tale come ali I’ve been wanting to read this book since Disney aired its 1964 film version on television when I was a child myself late 1960s or early 1970s But I put it off for literally decades until the excellent Manny Rayner reminded me of the book’s existence How sorry I am that I didn’t read this delightful little book soonerConsidering the book was first released in 1929 this tale of a poor boy who loses a large sum but is aided in its recovery has aged magnificently Young Emil Tabletoe takes a train to Berlin to spend a week during the summer with his grandmother Aunt Martha and her family While on the train he’s robbed of the 140 marks he’s carrying by a man in a bowler hat and his adventure in the big city begins Emil’s newfound friend Gustav with the bicycle horn and his pals organize a manhunt that would make the FBI proud Emil’s cousin also joins in Author Erich Kästner creates amazingly believable characters — particularly boys thoroughly enjoying being boys like Emil Gustav Crumbagel the Professor Petzold grumpy Truegut and little Tuesday — but also the long suffering Mrs Tabletoe and Emil’s smart alecky grandmother and his bicycle crazed feisty cousin “Pony the Hat” Heimbold I loved every minute of this uick read which I finished in one sitting I couldn’t stop readingTwo special treats in this book view spoilerErich Käster includes himself as one of the journalists who interview the victorioius Emil in Chapter 15 hide spoiler

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Originally published in 1929 Erich Kästner’s engaging tale has delighted readers young and old for generations It’s Emil’s first train ride alone and he’s excited and a little nervous On the train his fellow passengers are impressed with how polite and grown up Emil is and I read this German children's classic while the Greek debt drama of July 2015 was unfolding; I would finish a chapter go to the Daily Telegraph live blog catch up on the latest news from Brussels then return to Emil The people reporting on the political story were eager to cast the Germans particularly the hardline Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble as the villains I read many pieces about how Schäuble was imposing unreasonable and humiliating conditions on the Greeks and when one looked at poor Euclid Tsakalotos it was indeed difficult not to feel sorry for him But as Emil's story progressed I began to experience an odd sympathy for the Germans Emil a bright and responsible eight year old comes from a poor home His father is dead His mother doesn't bring in much as a hairdresser but by planning carefully she is just able to make ends meet and even save a little She's finally scraped together 140 Marks so that Emil can go and visit his grandmother in Berlin for a week and both she and Emil are very proud of this achievement And then while he's on the train a heartless thief steals his money Emil never cries but he cries now because he thinks of all the sacrifices his mother made to put that little capital together And then he moves heaven and earth to get his stolen money backI watched Schäuble reuesting and outrageous conditions before he would consent to lend a third tranche of his country's money to Alexis Tsipras and I suddenly saw him as a small boy reading Emil und die Detektive He did now just what Emil does in the book he made contact with a group of like minded people got them on his side encircled the criminal who seemed to be on the point of making off with his assets and forced him to capitulate Greece will probably get its loans but only when they've pledged suitable collateral It was one of the toughest pieces of negotiation I've ever seenThere's something beautiful and terrifying about that Protestant work ethic

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Emil und die DetektiveThe man in the bowler hat offers him some chocolate but Emil keeps checking his coat pocket where he’s pinned the money that he is taking to his grandmother Soon though Emil finds himself getting sleepy and the next thing he knows the man in the bowler hat is gone and so is the This is a book that I saw and had to buy and readIt represents a time in my life when I was too busy playing sport or out with mates to read books I was also lazy and lacked confidence even to read in class but I always liked stories This was a book that I remember from my youth like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Brer Rabbit and a wooden horse who collected money somehow and worked down a pit and went to war Emil and the Detectives was a story that resonated with me perhaps as it is about crime perhaps 'cos it is about a group of lads who form a gang for good and although boys will be boys worked together to get a job done I like that aspect of the story still today It perhaps doesn't reflect young men at play so much in the 21st century but it is almost ageless in its account of a life from the previous 100 yearsIt is also exciting as it is set in Berlin Germany and is a story that could have been eually true if set in England Written in 1928 it is chilling to think that this was a youth that went on to be soldiers in World War IIStill it is a timeless children's novel and a perfect medium to encourage young people to read for themselves Rather than a late developer like me who got his Mum to read to him even as a teenager and always loved Jackanory