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Reader µ This is How You Lose Her ↠ 240 pages Download á ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ This is How You Lose Her Author Junot Díaz – A must have collector's edition of Junot Díaz’s bestseller and National Book Award finalist brilliantly illustrated by celebrated comic artist JaEBook #9734 Prize winner Junot Díaz’s celebration of love in all its facets obsessive love illicit love fading love maternal love For this gorgeous new edition Jaime Hernandez deemed “one of the twentieth century’s most significant comic creators” has crafted stunning full page illustrations I had the honour of attending Junot Diaz's author talk late last month here in Vancouver He was reading excerpts from the first three of the short stories in this book The Sun The Moon The Stars; Nilda and Alma I was honestly struck by how emphatically he read his own stories even impressed that I remembered his cadences He is a gifted orator as well as a storytellerAs mentioned this is a collection of short stories They all feature a young Dominican American man named Yunior the narrative persona Diaz uses in most of his work The main motif of the stories is cheating Other themes include immigration keeping families apart patriarchy racism and colourism Why I love this book is that Diaz incorporates so many different style of language in it In the same paragraph he may use street slang Spanish expressions as well as erudite expressions The way he organizes it is witty and very timely; I burst out laughing than once while reading the storiesWhy I admire Diaz so much as an author is his need to challenge simplistic knowledge in his books He says he's obsessed his word choice with patriarchy and by how masculinity interacts in society His stories also contain colourism issues and during his talk he talked about the prevalence of skin bleaching what he believed was a result of the power of eurocentrism and was something we despise talking about In his own words it's hidden that Sauron and Voldermot Just a disclaimer there are a lot of swear words racial epithets and relatively graphic sexual references in this bookIf I can figure out how to add photos to my review I will

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A must have collector's edition of Junot How You PDF #10003 Díaz’s bestseller and National Book Award finalist brilliantly illustrated by celebrated comic artist Jaime HernandezA major New York Times bestseller and a finalist for the National Book Award This Is How You Lose Her is Pulitzer This is This is how you lost me You gave me flat characters powered by preoccupations with sex and body parts especially bushy hair peppered the prose with Spanish words that were often slangy or derogatory and allowed superficial albeit energetic descriptions of shallow thoughtlessness to masuerade as gritty literary styleI am puzzled as to why I feel so far off the general opinion of the literary pundits who widely praise this book I do wonder if it is because of my utter lack of exposure to any Spanish or Hispanic culture That differs markedly from the USA where varying degrees of Hispanic influence are ubiuitous and this in turn may inform an American reader's interpretation and reaction Perhaps I lack the cultural tools to appreciate itNonetheless I didn't like it These stories left me either cold or irritated usually the latter and they were not redeemed by insight poetic prose unusual characters or stories I had the same response to Drown and hoped even expected that it was a one off but now I can say with certainty that I do not like Diaz's writing


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This is How You Lose HerOne for each story that is How You PDFEPUB #196 brilliantly capture the love haunted spirit of the book and of the gutsy women whom irrepressible irresistible Yunior loves and loses A true work of art inside and out this is a keepsake that fans will treasure and new readers will delight in discovering The straight reviewers meaning non GR have curled up and just about died of pure pleasure from reading this book but I was not uite so jaw on the floor for me it was a little bit Junot Diaz’s difficult third album 1996 2007 2012 – three books not big ones either in 15 years If Junot Diaz was a singer songwriter he’d be Kate Bush He takes forever on his stuff It reads extremely fast goes down like alcopop but you know it’s meticulous He keens over every word and the words are good I dock a star for three reasons First it’s a stifling book We’re up close and breathing the frowsy sweat of the unloveliest parts of male macho attitude in all of these stories every one I found a uote from Diaz The uestion was always for someone like me What is the role of a male artist in the feminist struggle We can’t be feminists I think Our privilege prevents us We can be feminist aligned in some way And so the women kept saying to us dudes the best thing you can do is draw maps of masculine privilege You can go places we can’t Draw maps so when we drop the bombs they land accurateSo you can see these stories as accurate maps for the feminists but cher professor do they need any maps Those feminists have had plenty to go on all the way from Henry Miller to Brett Easton Ellis their hard drives are crammed with gigabytes of misogynism ain’t no need for no I thinks On the other hand you have to write what you know That is soSecond and this is just me the Anglo Monolingual Saxon speaking I found the many sentences like this a bit uestionable – Dude was figureando hard Had always been a papi chulo so of course he dove right back into the grip of his old suciasYes the authentic vibe and all that but it’s spread on thick with a damned trowel just a bit It’s a humble reader opining here what do I know JD could slug me on the bean with his Pulizer any dayAnd three I have a personal beef with second person narration – “you do this you say that” which is employed way too much although once is way too much for me Why don’t I like it Because I keep snapping at the story “stop telling me what to do all the time” This is turning into My Year of Great American Short Story Collections so JD has got some serious serious competition – Alyssa Nutting George Saunders Frank Bill Jordan Harper and Donald Ray Pollock – and by the way it kind of bugs me that these writers Saunders excepted don’t get none of the big yes Yes Yes litgasm of love JD gets he’s good great even but so are these othersThis book is festooned with the kind of zingers which will put a smile on any reader’s face In her mind a woman with no child could only be explained by vast untrammelled calamity Maybe she just doesn’t like children Nobody likes children your mother assured you That doesn’t mean you don’t have themOr describing a depression Like someone flew a plane into your soulIn this collection JD gives us close up focus on Yunior his alter ego his ma his pa his doomed brother Rafa and their many girlfriends; the area of investigation is male sexuality sub category heterosexual sub sub category Dominican sub sub sub category American Dominican In fact the focus is so close that everything else is very hazy; in the stories about the grown up Yunior it’s only mentioned in passing that he’s an academic; he seems to transform from ghetto boy to professor without any intervening stages like Clark Kent nipping into the phone box Well it's not an autobiography But it does seem to be semi autobiographical everyone says so and therefore I wonder wonder wonder about the last story “The Cheater’s Guide to Love” – even if only faintly factual it boggles my brain – could you really spoilery spoilery and your inamorata be completely ignorant about it So many for so long And yet she went to Harvard If so what does that say for the rest of us Answer not a lot