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characters The Guilty Wife ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð [Read] ➮ The Guilty Wife By Sally Wentworth – Can their marriage survive the truthLucie has everything The perfect husband a cherished son and a new baby on the way Her marriage is blissful until a secret in her past returns to haunIve years Seton Wallace has idolized Lucie as the perfect bride What will he do if he discovers she's now a guilty wifeSally Wentworth pens an explosive tale with intense characters Romantic Time. This a an interesting story about a marriage that is idyllically happy until the past comes back to haunt the heroine Although innocent of any real wrong doing Lucie spent three years in jail because of the testimony of her boyfriend a habitual criminal Having made a new life for herself with the help of a prison visitor Lucie has become used to skimming over the past when she takes a job or meets new people When she meets Seton after being injured in a minor accident he was involved in she does the same never expecting to see the handsome lawyer againBut Seton falls madly in love with Lucie matching her feelings and for five years they live blissfully with their son Sam Until Rick Ravena gets out of jail and comes to find her Hampered by Seton's decision to run for Parliament Lucie tries to keep her secret knowing it could destroy his ambitions But the strain along with her pregnancy takes a toll on Lucie affecting her moods and in turn her marriageHow Lucie and Seton deal with the breakdown of their marriage is uite an emotional roller coaster with an inevitable crisis The ending is very satisfying

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Can their marriage survive the truthLucie has everything The perfect husband a cherished The Guilty PDFEPUBson and a new baby on the way Her marriage is blissful until a secret in her past return. Heroine served time in prison for a crime her sleazy boyfriend commit Later she meets a lawyer they fall in love She doesn't mention her shady past They get married and they have a son but her ex boyfriend is out of prison and he wants revenge and so he starts blackmailing her Heroine is unhappy and stressed and her husband knows something is wrong Her secrets are ruining her marriage and her husband thinks she is cheating Heroine is desperate and she decides to abandon her son and husbandWow that was angsty Hero is a saint and he is so in love with his wife and so loving even when he thinks she is a cheater Heroine made a lot of mistakes I don't know how she abandoned her son I don't think a mother is capable of that even when she is desperate However the angst and the drama kept me on the edge of my seat Sweet HEA with their son and a baby girl Very intense read I recommend

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The Guilty WifeS to haunt herHow can Lucie tell her husband a glamorous barrister that she was once in prison It was for a crime she didn't commit but now she's being blackmailed by the man who framed her For f. This story is about a young woman who served time in prision for a crime she didn't commit has changed her name starts a new life During an accident she meets a handsome charming lawyer they fall in love Not believing she should marry him she tries to resist him but he is also in love determined to marry her They get married have a beautiful life together along with a sweet little boy But the past comes back to haunt her when her picture appears in the same paper announcing the early release of prisoner The ex boyfriend is still carrying a grudge for her as it was her testimony that helped put him away He is determined to get his revenge starts blackmailing her fearful that her lawyer husband will stop loving her she pays his blackmail price Once she realizes the blackmail will never stop all the stress is ruining her marriage as her husband thinks she cheatingshe decides her husband child will be better off if she left After an emotionally stressed wife comes back the husband finds out the truththey get the bad guy their marriage gets back on track as they get ready to welcome baby #2 A very well written emotionally moving read