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Read & download Í The Dead Path 102 ✓ [Reading] ➬ The Dead Path ➳ Stephen M. Irwin – A haunting vision in the woods sets off a series of tragic events leaving Nicholas Close lost amid visions of ghosts trapped in their harrowing final moments These uniuely ter­rifying apparitions lea A haunting visioA haunting vision in the woods sets off a series of tragic events leaving Nicholas Close lost amid visions of ghosts trapped in their harrowing final moments These uniuely ter­rifying apparitions lead him on a thrilling and suspenseful ride to confront a The Dead ePUB #8608 wicked soul and will leave an indelible mark on lovers of high uality suspense and horror alike Nicholas Close has a. I can’t say The Dead Path didn’t get its hooks into me I finished the final hundred pages at a single sitting anxious for one of its characters in particular to escape the morass There are some clever aspects to how it works an old religion into a modern tale; Irwin’ prose is reliably serviceable and occasionally better than thatBut the aspects that annoyed me outweighed those that intrigued me Even as worry for a character uickened my pulse I felt manipulated by the specifics of the threat The main protagonist Nicholas Close repeatedly makes choices of such tooth gnashing stupidity that it was difficult to maintain sympathy for him The reader learns early on that Close sees ghosts People who see the dead is such a well explored device that there are “I see dead pixels” t shirts parodying it Irwin approaches it with a heavy handed thoroughness as if it were so fresh that it demanded a great deal of expositionThe recurring motif of large uantities of large spiders at first just seemed lazy an automatic gross out for many people with no subtlety but eventually I got desensitized to it Meanwhile the repeated juxtaposition of arachnoid imagery with aged female sexuality suggests that they’re intended to be viewed as parallel scopes of horror which I find unpleasantly close to misogyny

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Nant evil lurking in the heart of the woods Stephen M Irwin is the kind of debut author that readers love to discover and rave about to all their friends His electric use of language stunning imagery and suspenseful pacing are all on full display here The Dead Path is a tour de force of wild imagination taut suspense and the creepiest scariest setting since the sewers in Stephen King’s I. Intelligently written paranormal suspense The Dead Path is a haunting tale of tragedy loss and all consuming evil Filled with deftly written prose that will march you steadily along the path of madness into a world of horror that is at once believable and terrifying Irwin's imagery is vivid and visceral This is an author not afraid to thrust the reader into a living nightmare Nicholas Close is a realistic character facing the guilt and sorrow of his wife's recent death the terror of his new ability to see the dead and the pull to set his feet on the path to the woods where his lost his childhood innocence and first learned the meaning of true fear The Dead Path is a beautifully written novel with an intriguing series of grisly murders a realistic combination of magic and ghostly visions and a place of darkness that will leave you looking over your shoulder when next you venture into the woodsI highly recommend The Dead Path to readers of ghost stories horror mystery thrillers urban fantasy and especially to fans of haunting paranormal suspenseDon't miss our interview with Stephen M Irwin author of The Dead Path Wednesday November 3rd here at From the Shadows Visit the interview and enter The Dead Path International Giveaway One lucky winner will receive a hardcover copy of The Dead Path by Stephen M IrwinSource This book was provided by the author or publisher for honest review This review originally posted on my blog wwwFromTheShadowsinfo

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The Dead PathLways had an uncanny intuition but after the death of his wife he becomes haunted literally by ghosts doomed to repeat their final violent moments in a chilling and endless loop Torn by guilt and fearing for his sanity Nicholas returns to his childhood home and is soon entangled in a dis­turbing series of disappearances and  murders both as a sus­pect and as the next victim of the malig. The blurbs and recommendations that brought this book to my attention really had me psyched to read it The cover art is suitably creepy and the fact that this is a debut author from Down Under intrigued me The Aussies have been doing some pretty memorable things with cinematic horror of late let's see what's happening on the page shall weThis book starts out so very strong Irwin can write make no mistake There is a fluidity and nimbleness to his prose – a real juiciness that will make most literary critics swoon and forgive Irwin’s choice of supernatural subject matter I loved the writing but I need than just the writing if I’m going to fall into a full about face swoon myself So yes back to the beginning and all that burgeoning potential that had me slavering for The opening chapters to this book are some of the strongest I’ve read in a long time The set up is uick and ruthless yet subtle and uiet at the same time if that makes any sense at all There’s something very 60’s British horror about it man experiences tragedy returns home to escape painful reminders back into the memories of a childhood tragedy that has haunted him all his life Oh yeah and he can see dead people But not just ghosts in the traditional sense – Nicholas Close bears witness to ghosts locked into the loop of the exact machinations of their particular method of demise Trust me this is horrible and fantastic than I can describe in my review and probably turned out to be my favorite element of the entire novel Further Irwin creates a dense atmosphere that’s ripe with creep – small town small shops weird locals and an overgrown wood nestled in the middle of it all There is a presence that stalks the wood a force that keeps development out yet invites the young and vulnerable in When Nicholas was 10 he loses his best friend in these woods to violence and now these many years later he must uncover and confront whatever malevolent forces have haunted this town for over a century Great setup I just felt it lost something major in the execution Don’t get me wrong there are a few AMAZING scenes that did creep me out – if you suffer from arachnophobia in the least this book will likely send you to the nuthouse But by the time we begin to unravel “the mystery” I started to feel a little let down and frankly a little bored view spoilerPaganism blood sacrifice haunted wood meh it’s been done before hide spoiler