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The Corruption Hasea Chronicles #2Dreams with visions of a horrifying apocalypseAn apocalypse he will start As Gabriella struggles to hold everything together and Alex struggles not to fall apart one thing becomes clear Before they can cross the Veil and stand against Hades Alex must first defeat his greatest enemy HimselfDILECTI SURGEMUS SOCII POLLEMUSChosen we rise Allied we prevail I really wanted to like this book BUT the ridiculous choices made by main characters over and over really ticked me off Honestly halfway through I just wanted it all to end Sadly I do not care enough to read any future adventures since it seems highly unlikely that any of these characters will get any smarter

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Ting mysteriously and Sage Faru has set the formidable task of gathering a team of Guardians willing to enter Pandemonia Meanwhile the looming threat of a new stronger SOS hides in the shadows But that is the least of Alex’s worriesSomething is growing inside of him Something dark and vengeful that whispers in the silence Something that plagues his This was a very highly enjoyable read I have to admit that when I first started reading the first book in this series I was not sure I would like it But after getting a few chapters into it I was hooked Now after reading this the second book in this series I find that I have a new favorite series I am really looking forward to the third book in this seriesFor me personally this is a great read and I know it is one that I will read again in the future

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Download The Corruption Hasea Chronicles #2 Book Ë ë Dogsalonbristol Ä ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ The Corruption Hasea Chronicles #2 ❦ Author Stuart Meczes – BOOK II IN THE HASEA CHRONICLESIt’s been six months since Alex and Gabriella stood against The SorroBOOK II IN THE HASEA CHRONICLESIt’s been six months since Alex and Gabriella stood against The Sorrow and won The Veil still stands uncrossed With every passing day the possibility of finding the person stolen from Alex alive diminishes But after an influx of new Awakenings the Alliance is being stretched to breaking point A melancholic Sophia is ac I love to read I love exploring new worlds and discovering new characters There are just some books that make me feel like I am right there in the middle of the action these are my favourite kinds of books“The Corruption” by Stuart Meczes is the second in the HASEA Chronicles Six months have passed since Alex and Gabriella fought an incredible evil and won but all is not right in their world Something dark and sinister is slowing taking hold of Alex It plagues his dreams with visions of a horrifying apocalypseSince The Sorrow has been defeated there has been an influx of new Awakenings stretching the Alliance’s resources to their maximum With Alex’s father still missing in Pandemonia Sage Faru has begun the incredible task of gathering a new team of Guardians willing to sacrifice it all to cross through the veil With the looming threat of a new and strong SOS army will Alex and Gabriella be able to stop the impending apocalypse? Will Alex be able to fight the evil that threatens to consume him?The author Stuart Meczes has continued the story of “The Awakening” seamlessly “The Corruption” doesn’t miss a beat You find yourself in the midst of the fierce battles and competitions I found myself so engrossed into the book that I would start reading faster and faster as the action increased and slowing down during the less hectic sections of the bookThe author has created an incredible world where death and destruction lurks around every corner but where friendship and loyalty are something to be treasured at all costs “The Corruption” has a slightly different feel than his first book “The Awakening” He tells the story from the viewpoint of different characters I love that you get to see a different point of view of the events You feel their pain and joys and their fears and confidenceThe book is perfectly set up to lead into the next book which I’m truly excited to readDisclosure I received a complimentary copy of “The Corruption” in exchange for my review All opinions are 100% my own