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MOBI ✓ DOC The Reappearing Act 9781629142050 FREE ¿ [PDF] ✪ The Reappearing Act Author Kate Fagan – It’s hard enough coming out but playing basketball for a nationally ranked school and trying to figure out your sexual identity in the closeted and paranoid world of big time college sportsNward During these prayer sessions she would often keep her eyes open looking around the circle at the closed eyelids of her friends listening to the earnestness of their wordsKate didn’t have a vocabulary for discussing who she really was and what she felt when she was younger; all she knew was that she had a secret In The Reappearing Act she brings the reader along for the ride as she slowly accepts her new reality and takes the first steps toward embracing her true se In trying to be accepted and fitting in with the Christian Bible crowd the author denies her possible lesbianism that is painfully stretched out through years of internal homophobia even beyond college Two issues I couldn't get over were that she was not religious in the first place and accepted the Bible study as dogma an that she continued her denial well after college She was living in New York she was covering the NBA The last chapter covers to much and is rushed

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Congruous world for herself in Boulder Her best friends were part of Colorado’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes where they ran weekly Bible studies and attended an Evangelical Free Church For nearly a year Kate joined them and learned all she could about Christianity even holding their hands as they prayed for others “living a sinful lifestyle” Each time the issue of homosexuality arose she felt as if a neon sign appeared over her head with a giant arrow pointed dow As a ueer alumni of the same university as the author many of the situations she described resonated with me and my experience However there were uite a few glaring issues with this book for me It seemed that the author has an incredible amount of internalized homophobia Most people do and coming out helps to heal those feelings but does not eradicate them So I could forgive her for not closing the book happily or with some great personal victory in her journey for self acceptance but it made the emotional drag of the earlier trauma described wear on me all the I also got the very strong sense the author is still deeply ashamed of her homosexuality or at the very least wrote this book to be read by people who feel it is something shameful or gross All potentially romantic scenes were completely glossed over I don't reuire smut or erotica but I wanted to know the the author had a thrill a euphoric jump in her heart that connected her to the human experience of romantic love and made the risk of being herself worth it Finally there is so much unchecked privilege bleeding through in every experience she details Wealth and classism are rampant in the parts of her life that did work out and perhaps in her work being published at all I understand this is a memoir but with the majority of people receiving sports scholarships are white and from families that could already afford tuition 40% of homeless youth are lgt many ueer people face great discrimination in housing and employment the list of social ills goes on and yet there was not even a nod of acknowledgement by the author

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The Reappearing ActIt’s hard enough coming out but playing basketball for a nationally ranked school and trying to figure out your sexual identity in the closeted and paranoid world of big time college sports that’s a challengeKate Fagan’s love for basketball and for her religious teammates at the University of Colorado was tested by the gut wrenching realization that she could no longer ignore the feelings of otherness inside her In trying to blend in Kate had created a hilariously in Interesting and important content I found it a bit drawn out think it would have worked better as some passages condensed into a long form article