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Loving and the baby he's come to adore are in a killer's crosshairs But can Derrick trap the cold blooded murderer before he strikes again The Justice Agency Family and law enforcement go hand in han. This is book five in the Justice Agency series even though it is a stand alone book the entire series is a great read and will give you history on the Justice familySleeman is an excellent suspense writer Her stories are always well written and would make great movies Her characters are well thought out and usually have issues they are dealing with which make them seem realThis book focuses on Derrick Justice he is the last single family member of the Justice family When he is forced to help the only true love he has ever known and overcome his personal issues with commitment Will he be able to resolve his issues solve the mystery all before it is to lateGina Evans had no where else to turn she doe not really want to rely on Derrick but feels she has no other option This novel is full of suspense mystery family and of course romance Once again if you like FBIPI type romance books you will love this one

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Dark TideMISSION PROTECT BABY Gina Evans knows her brother was murdered even if the police won't believe her After catching a uick glimpse of the evidence her brother had gathered the same criminals are after. What a completely riveting opening scene in this great romantic suspense I nearly turned blue from holding my breath And what a fabulous reacuainting of lost loves The tension between Gina and Derrick is palpable throughout but there is also some great comedic relief in the bantering of the Justice siblings This is the last book in the series so readers get to play a little bit of catch up with old friends but Dark Tide easily reads well as a standalone too And there is something so alluring about a big tough guy who turns into a marshmallow over a baby There's lots to recommend this book taut suspense even tauter romance and a group of characters you'll come to care about Great read

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Summary Dark Tide 107 ã [Read] ➵ Dark Tide ➼ Susan Sleeman – MISSION PROTECT BABY Gina Evans knows her brother was murdered—even if the police won't believe her After catching a uick glimpse of the evidence her brother had gathered the same criminals are afte MISSION PROTECT BABY Gina Evans knows her brother was murdered—eHer and her baby niece And Gina's only hope is the man she left behind Despite the painful memories private investigator Derrick Justice won't fail Gina and her baby Yet now the woman he never stopped. I hate for this series to end because I have enjoyed each book Derrick Justice gets his story told in this one He is the youngest brother but eually as competent in what he does as his other siblings Gina was his college sweetheart but left him behind because of his inability to make a commitment Now she is in serious trouble and he is the first one she thinks of Can they work together while Derrick and his family seek to protect her and her orphaned niece as they seek to learn who killed her brother and why the murderer is now trying to get her Will the past constantly threaten to control the future How can Derrick keep her safe while protecting his own heart The one thing none of them anticipated his how uick and hard Derrick falls for Gina’s baby niece whom he affectionately calls Bug I enjoyed the scenes when he was taking care of Bug But all is not well with the rest of the Justice family They remember how much he was hurt when Gina left him before and fear she will do the same thing again If I was ever in a life threatening situation I would want a group like the Justice Agency on my side Each one seems to have a special set of skills that complements those of everyone else The life lessons about who and what we allow to control our lives are lessons worth learning