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review To Charm a Naughty Countess 103 ✓ ➹ To Charm a Naughty Countess Free ➯ Author Theresa Romain – Can a reclusive dukeBrilliant but rud mad Michael Layward the impoverished Duke of Wyverne has no success courting heiresses until widowed Lady Stratton takes up his cause—after first refusing his s aAs enthralled with him as ever As she guides the anxiety ridden duke through the trials of London society Caroline realizes that she's lost her heart But if she gives herself to the only man she's ever loved she'll lose the hard won independence she prizes above a. I always enjoy Theresa Romain's books and this one was no exception She creates fascinating characters and plots that do not follow the standard Regency romance trope I haven't yet read all of her books but she is an author whose backlist is on my Kindle

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L countessCaroline Graves the Charm a Naughty PDFEPUB #231 popular Countess of Stratton sits alone at the pinnacle of London society and has vowed never to remarry When Michael her counterpart in an old scandal returns to town after a long absence she finds herself. I'm really sorry to rate this book so low but I had several problems with itI jumped into this story with high expectations I love tortured heroes and poor Michael fit the role perfectly almost too muchActually I couldn't get involved with both Michael and CarolineMichael is obviously a have a mental health issue and the author explains what it is in the afterword but in my opinion it was too exacerbated He came out like a heavy case of Savant syndromeDuring the whole book I felt sorry for him but I couldn't accept some his actions He's obviously a highly intelligent and logical man but he doesn't know thatan action causes a reaction I find it highly improbable How can a Duke who is very aware of his position not understand that is not polite nor right to vent a dirty laundry in front of his guests Caroline what to say I felt pity for her She's also presented as a highly intelligent woman but she is so vain I don't like vane heroines And her vanity is not of the physical type She wants to be needed to have friends and to be loved for what she is and not for what she has but goes totally wrong in obtaing all that As I understand the ton through all my romance novels education wink it was not the most friendlier environment So why she insists on wanting something emotional from such a dry societyAlso the reasons that kept one from the other are weak his panic attack in their past as a reason of his disappearance and her inability to accept that he can love her in their presentHer reason of helping him find a wife is absolutely crazy to get him out of her mind and at the same time to show the ton how good she is Really crazyOn the other hand I appreciated the feeling of the period It was really well done

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To Charm a Naughty CountessA Naughty PDF #206 Can a reclusive dukeBrilliant but rud mad Michael Layward the impoverished Duke of Wyverne has no success courting To Charm MOBI #8608 heiresses until widowed Lady Stratton takes up his cause after first refusing his suitWin London's most powerfu. I enjoyed this a lot essentially you have a mature independent heroine and a nerdy virgin Duke What's not to love here I think what I was most drawn to was and I'm not super sure how to express this but the maturity of the characters I mean it's a difficult word because 'mature' is often a euphemism for either edgy or old and neither those things are relevant in this instance But with the heroine in particular she felt like a woman who had a strong sense of herself and her needs had made choices and was creating her own place in the world Obviously when you're writing in historical settings you have to work uite hard to give your womanz people agency but it was really refreshing here And I'd personally really like to see of this in historicals Hell in fiction in generalI was a bit less enamoured of the Duke who I think has some kind of social anxiety but it didn't come across in a particularly joined together way for me I liked the concept especially because nobody knew what social anxiety was in 18 whenever so he's generally just believed to be a bit bananas and is naturally pretty confused about it himself but sometimes it seemed to veer perilously close to the book asking us to interpret his behaviour as maybe linked to some kind of AS type spectrum For example he struggles with social conventions almost to the point of cartoonishness he dissects a lamp in the middle of a party for example and there's a bit near the end where Caroline who has been really clear sighted throughout randomly concludes the Duke is incapable of experiencing an emotion like love When there's absolutely no evidence for this at all it's just the way he expresses himself to her doesn't exactly match what she wants to hear and so she concludes he only wants her for his Dukedom Despite the fact the whole like business of the book is them learning to communicate with each other around his awkwardnessAnd don't get me wrong the book is still absolutely lovely it's just one of my romance bugbears is the whole you didn't say the magic words I wanted to hear so now I believe we are totally incompatible or whatever trope And I think that might just be because um I'm like Michael than I am like Caroline so the idea that I'm not going to say something in the right way and it's going to ruin my life because my interlocutor won't tell me what they actually want is uh legitimately terrifying And also while I absolutely don't think Caroline has to be perfect or show the Duke infinite and eternal understanding at all times it just seems out of character for her to be suddenly struck down plot necessitated foolishness But I am definitely here for the dynamic of sexually experienced heroine virgin hero And I love how kind the book is to its secondary characters For example one of the potential suitors for the Duke's hand is Miss Meredith who is rich and vulgar and generous in the bosom department And I'm pretty sure when you usually see this character in romances she's there for cheap laughs and to highlight the awesomeness of the heroine who is of course Not A Breasty McTartingslap But Caroline is lovely to and about her and very supportive of her blatant desire to get laid And I deeply appreciate neither the text nor characters shamed Miss Meredith for this YayPS I understand that all historical romances much like real life Dukes have to have the same name but I feel this one really does Caroline a disservice I mean she's a grown woman with intelligence and sexual agency But I suppose to To Establish A Meaningful Emotional and Sexual Connection With The Sex Positive Witty and Intelligent Countess is a bit longIt does however represent the contents of the book better than To Charm A Naughty Countess Naughty Seriously Someone in marketing has a lot to answer for right now