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Ces When John Brown the legendary abolitionist arrives in the area an argument between Brown and Henry’s master uickly turns violent Henry is forced to leave town with Brown who believes he’s a girl Over the ensuing months Henry whom Brown nicknames Little Onion conceals his true identity as he struggles to stay alive Eventually L They call that a 'Good Lord Bird' Fred tells Onion 'It's so pretty that when man sees it he says Good Lord A perfect metaphor for the abolitionist John Brown who led a pathetic band of followers called the Pottawatomie Rifles in the raid of a federal government arsenal at Harper's Ferry in West Virginia in 1859 The band of followers were nothing but a ragtag assortment of fifteen of the scrawniest bummiest saddest looking individuals you ever saw Many sources regards this real event and John Brown's rebellion against slavery as the trigger of the American Civil War Onion don’t forget it If anyone asks I’m a miner which is true for I mines the souls of men the conscience of a nation the gold of the insane institution John Brown was not only a devotee to the Almighty but also a plain terror in the praying department His prayers often lasted two to three hours leaving him without an audience by the time he opened his eyes since everyone left the congregation while his eyes were closed The deeply religious Brown was prone to stop on his horse in the middle of the afternoon cup his hand to his ear and say ‘Shh I’m getting messages from our Great Redeemer Who stoppeth time itself on our behalf’ A fictional and or less twelve year old freed slave boy Henry The Onion Shackleford is the narrator of this tragicomedy After being kidnapped by John Brown and mistakenly taken for a girl Henry becomes Henrietta a transvestite living as a girl and John Brown's new good luck charm In kind of Mark Twain esue prose John Brown becomes a slightly mad comic caricature like character with a direct path to The Almighty which leads to one calamity after another He would eventually be captured and killed for his actions While addressing serious issues in the book including the plight of 'mulattos' and the 'Negroes' who watched white people deciding their fate without asking them to speak at meetings; and most slaves not willing to be freed since they had a good life and did not trust the rebellion the style of the book is relentlessly humorous A dark comedy of errors executed perfectlyThe southern rhythmic tone in the prose lends charm to the tale Henry Most women wouldn’t go near himhis father including my Ma who closed her eyes in death bringing me to this life She was said to be a gentle high yaller woman “Your Ma was the only woman in the world man enough to hear my holy thoughts” Pa boasted “for I’m a man of many parts” Whatever them parts was they didn’t add up to much for all full up and dressed to the nines complete with boots and three inch top hat Pa only come out to ’bout four feet eight inches tall and uite a bit of that was air The irony is that the reader pirouettes boisterously towards the tragic ending for John Brown thanks to James McBride's interpretation of this part of history However John Brown walks out of this tale a bigger hero than ever beforeA fantastic refreshing read in the historical fiction genre

Epub The Good Lord Bird

The Good Lord BirdIttle Onion finds himself with Brown at the historic raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859 one of the great catalysts for the Civil War An absorbing mixture of history and imagination and told with McBride’s meticulous eye for detail and character The Good Lord Bird is both a rousing adventure and a moving exploration of identity and surviv The Good Lord Bird Written by James McBride Copyrighted in 2013Published By Riverhead Books Hardback“I was born a colored man and don’t you forget it But I lived as a colored woman for seventeen years”The Good Lord Bird is written in three parts Free Deeds Kansas Slave Deeds Missouri and Legend VirginiaHenry was a slave who along with his father Pa belonged to the owner Dutch Henry Sherman of Dutch Henry’s Tavern in southern Kansas Henry’s father worked as a barber at the tavern An old man took the barber chair who Henry describes as “a stooped skinny feller fresh off the prairie smelling like buffalo dung with a nervous twitch in his jaw and a chin full of ragged whiskers” The old man talked to Henry’s Pa about the Bible which was Pa’s favorite subject since he thought preaching the Gospel was his main job Soon the subject of slavery came up and the old man made it clear he stood against slavery The old man thought Henry was a girl him having curly hair and being clothed in a potato sack Pa tried to tell him “Massa my Henry ain’t a ” when the old man interrupted him That’s how Henry became Henrietta Dutch Henry did not like the way this conversation was going and soon became aware that the old man who had identified himself as Shubel Isaac was in fact John Brown the abolitionist A shootout ensued and Henry’s Pa was killed John Brown rode off with HenryHenry considered himself kidnapped by the old man and his thoughts were geared to getting back to the tavern ASAP Plus he had not forgotten the old man had gotten his Pa killed The old man talked to Henry as if he should be happy to be free He handed Henry his good luck charm which Henry did not know what it was but assume he had be handed food took a bite out of the small onion That when HenryHenrietta got the nick name Onion They soon caught up with the old man’s army about fifteen 15 men which consisted of mostly of his sons He introduced Onion as a girl and Henry did not speak up otherwise Onion was put under the care of Fred who was considered slow minded Fred soon found out the Onion was not a girl but did not tellHenry has many adventures comparable to a Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn; during his time with the old man in Kansas but soon finds himself in Pikesville Missouri In Pikesville he meets Pie a mulatto prostitute at the Pikesville Hotel Henry falls for Pie and is ready to take off the nice dress the old man had given him but he kept up the charade and remained a girl The time span from leaving the old man in Kansas until he sees him again in Pikesville is about two 2 years However McBride covers this time in six short chaptersThe last part of the story is titled Virginia; however the old man and Henry do uite a bit of traveling during the next sixteen 16 chapters They meet Harriett Tubman in Canada and Frederick Douglas in New York We all know the story ends in Harpers Ferry Harpers Ferry was then part of the state of Virginia There is historical evidence that John Brown did actually meet with Tubman and Douglas though we know Henry was not with himThe story was humorous with Henry escaping trouble many times Henry had one time to be responsible and missed this when he failed to give John Brown and important message concerning a password and response This off course may have changed history I noted that while Henry says he “lived as a colored woman for seventeen years” the story only covers him from age ten 10 to fourteen 14 I recommend this book to anyone interested in John Brown or a good story The book was well written and the author received the 2013 National Book Award for fiction


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Book Ý The Good Lord Bird Ì 433 pages Download Ó Dogsalonbristol ☆ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Good Lord Bird By James McBride ⚣ – From the bestselling author of The Color of Water and Song Yet Sung comes the story of a young boy born a slave who joins JFrom the bestselling author of The Color of Water and Song Yet Sung comes the story of a young boy born a slave who joins John Brown’s antislavery crusade and who must pass as a girl to survive Henry Shackleford is a young slave living in the Kansas Territory in 1857 when the region is a battleground between anti and pro slavery for This was an extremely difficult read as I was constantly struggling with the thin lines satire cautiously walks When does satire become mockery? When does it become buffoonery? When does respect give way to disrespect? These are uestions I kept asking throughout my read Because I was filled with so many uestions both morally and intellectually I couldn't help but hold this book and the author in high regards McBride takes a difficult subject and puts it out there On the surface it's a funny little book about slavery and John Brown but it demands a thorough examination one I hope to see put forth in institutions of learning Onion is such a layered character with such strong symbolism to what it means to be black in America The idea of American Folklore is put forth to examination and uestioning History is challenged by uestioning its overseers and those charged with its dissemination There were times I felt uncomfortable reading certain lines andor passages but once I moved past my own emotions anger hurt disbelief guilt etc I was able to see the bigger landscape McBride was putting forth for further examination These characters are caricatures that an author has put forth in hopes of opening windows and doors into a past lost forgotten and guiltily tossed aside But I would also say the same for most historical accounts of great men and women This is a book I'll be reading over and over in hopes of peeling back the layers that make it such an emotional and complex read