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PDF Ð BOOK The Road From Elephant Pass FREE ´ DOGSALONBRISTOL Ý [Epub] ❥ The Road From Elephant Pass ➝ Nihal de Silva – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The Road From Elephant Pass won the 2003 Gratiaen Prize for creative writing in English “for its moving story for its constant feel of real life foDescriptive power for its dramatic use of dialogue to define social context capture character psychology and trace the development of a relationship for its convincing demonstration that resolution of conflict and rec I read this text as an AL text and well watched the movie too I'm rather sorry that we had to torment ourselves with it and I'm seriously beginning to doubt Chandram Ratnam's efforts as a filmmaker I don't really know about his body of work anyway being a Colombo kid so I'm not in a position to judge As for the author all I've read except for this was The Ginirella Conspiracy which I enjoyed somewhat than this particular bookAs for the movie well I have one thing to say It colored my view of Sri Lankan cinema for methat being said sorry for jumping in so rudely but I do agree with some of the things the rest of us here say and think The writer has had a fair bit of experience in the wild as a naturalist and an avid explorer and it shows throughout the book which kind of bogs it down at times We could hardly get over Wasantha's little internal dialogues which were interesting but sadly broke the pace of the story a few times However it's uite a winning read in terms of it being a travelogue and survival guide with the impressive descriptions of the wildness of northern Sri Lanka and the constant bettering of the uality of the food in the primary protagonist's eyes This gastronomic tour starts with a bit of dry rations and evil smelling onion fry and ends well with a lovely bit of steaming rice and curry I did admire the captain towards the middle and the end when he became obsessed with protecting Kamala from those deserters And it's uite understandable that the author would include touches of Sinhala and Tamil in retrospect It feels as if he's writing for an international audience but it's not really excusable I don't recommend this as a read to everyone but to those who'd like to know about wartime Sri Lanka it's a must see

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The Road From Elephant Pass won the From Elephant ePUB #9734 Gratiaen Prize for creative writing in English “for its moving story for its constant feel of real life for its consistency of narrative momentum for its I got a rather mussed up copy of this novel from the dying remains of the library of the British Council in Kandy a couple of months before the movie came outI hadn't read any books written by my compatriots until then probably because of the natural distrust you develop against your own kindBut I stand corrected Nihal De Silva now dead and gone spun a wonderful tale of intrigue and adventure coupled with a haunting romance between a Sinhalese soldier boy and a Tamil terrorist girl I am apparently a Sinhalese Not that it matters to me I don't think of myself as one and whenever I do it is with regret The Sinhalese Tamil gap is probably the worst divide in my world For me it is bigger and uglier than the black white race tensions in the Americas The Sinhalese people around me tend to talk about the Tamils as if they are a whole different species It angers them when a Tamil person rises above them the notion of a Sinhalese working under a Tamil is met with horror and talks of how deep that particular Sinhalese has fallenTamils are supposed to have a separate colour smell and believe me I have tried sniffing my best friend who is Tamil and in school in the UK but he normally smells of aftershave and maybe a hint of man sweatHaving been brought up by educated parents and sent to an International School I have escaped the ideals of the Sinhalese people I have plenty of friends who are Tamil and Muslim and I hug them and hang out with them not for a moment thinking of them as anything but my friends But the sad truth is that the ethnic divide is alive and well in the countryNihal De Silva has somehow managed to transcend this dark disgusting barrier that prevents my country from reaching the pinnacle laid out for it The Sinhalese Captain is from a Southern village; and people in the South are hardliners when it comes to ethnicity The Tamil girl is wary of him because he's the enemy yes but also because he is Sinhalese While I think of myself as Sri Lankan there are probably a thousand others who think of themselves as Tamil or Sinhalese first During the colonial times this animosity was cultivated by the occupiers using our own weakness against us The ending to this fascinating tale is not a happy one and I doubt it could have been given the situation But it makes me wonder if we keep creating fiction that bridges this horrifying gap in our nation maybe our hearts too in time will learn to heal and a story about a Tamil girl and a Sinhalese boy could finish with a happy ending


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The Road From Elephant PassOnciliation of differences are feasible through mutual experience and regard and last though not least for its eminently The Road ePUB #8608 civilized handling of the last degree of intimacy between a man and a woman Another Great piece of writing by Nihal De Silva story flows interestingly followed by curiosity Use of local variations of English is appreciable Sometimes I felt that the story sets itself far from the believability but it's not something to think much about after all this is a fictionUse of this book as a part of reconciliation process between Sinhalese and Tamils makes this much than just another book