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READ Ü Into Africa Õ [Download] ➽ Into Africa Author Craig Packer – Craig Packer takes us into Africa for a journey of fifty two days in the fall of 1991 But this is than a tour of magnificent animals in an exotic faraway place A field biologist since 1972 Packer bega Craig Packer takes us Into Africa for a journey of fifty twEs of the animals and the threats to their survival Packer grapples with uestions he has passionately tried to answer for than two decades Why do female lions raise their young in crèches Why do male baboons move from troop to troop while male chimps band together How can humans and animals continue to coexist in a world of diminishing resources Immediate demands logistical nightmares political upheavals physical exhaustion yield to the larger inescapable issues of the interdependence of the land the animals and the people who inhabit i. This is a remarkable book about working in Africa as an animal researcher I learned so much about animal behavior lions chimps and baboons especially Packer also vividly portrays the discomfort boredom exhiliration and and occasional danger mainly from humans involved in conducting research in Africa back in the 1970's and 1980's I would recommend this to anyone who has traveled to or is planning on traveling to Africa especially to Tanzania

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Craig Packer takes us into Africa for a journey of fifty two days in the fall of But this is than a tour of magnificent animals in an exotic faraway place A field biologist since Packer began his work studying primates at Gombe and then the lions of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater with his wife and colleague Anne Pusey Here he introduces us to the real world of fieldwork initiating assistants to lion research in the Serengeti helping a doctoral student collect data collaborating with Jane Goodall on primate researchAs in the work. Recommended reading by one of our driver guides in the 2001 trip to Tanzania who had worked with Packer on his research; this book is an excellent read for those interested in the Serengeti lions and the interaction of the two with researchers Well written and easy to read It helps to have been there Visualization of the area is so much vivid with the experience of a trip to Tanzania and Serengeti

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Into AfricaS of George Schaller and Cynthia Moss Packer transports us to life in the field He is addicted to this land to the beauty of a male lion striding across the Serengeti plains to the calls of a baboon troop through the rain forests of Gombe and to understanding the animals that inhabit it Through his vivid narration we feel the dust and the bumps of the Arusha Road smell the rosemary in the air at lunchtime on a Serengeti verandah and hear the lyrics of the Grateful Dead playing off bootlegged tapes Into Africa also explores the social liv. I started Reading Craig Packer’s “Into Africa” while I was in Kenya doing lion research Needless to say that this book was really close to me even before I started reading it I decided to read it when I discovered that one of the most renowned lion researchers had a book published about lion research And it was everything I expected it to be plus baboons and chimps which was a welcomed surpriseDr Packer describes into detail the ins and outs of research in Africa and doesn’t shy from talking about the prickly details such as the dangers of living in Africa as a white person or the problems of living isolated with your coworkers 247 for months without end And it also educates without being boring or too academic about the behavior and social interactions of a diverse group of animals understandable for the most layperson in the area of biology And even though the author makes clear his posture of not working in Africa for a prolonged period of time any you can still see that he is still suffering “le mal d’Afriue” and is still drawn to Africa and the many research uestions left to be answered in thereTo top it all the book is beautifully written The art of writing a non academic book is strikingly different from writing an academic piece and Dr Packer definitely knows how to do both I think this is a great book to introduce people into the realities of field biology So I welcome all those people who have watched documentaries on African animals and were intrigued by them to read the book and discover what is it that field biologists do and how do they do it as well as what the animals do