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CHARACTERS ☆ Something Radiates ì [Read] ➲ Something Radiates By Brenda Marie Smith – Baton Rouge 1989Sarah Stevens is awakened by a sharp crack of lightning and a howling wind that’s railing against her little frame house and rushing through the hall to her room Sarah leaps up and r Baton Rouge Sarah Stevens iBaton Rouge Sarah Stevens is awakened by a sharp crack of lightning and a howling wind that’s railing against her little frame house and rushing through the hall to her room Sarah leaps up and runs to the living room stopping short when she sees her front door standing wide open – a door she’s certain she bolted and locked Fighting against the battering wind and rain Sarah calls to her teenage sons uincy and Daniel and the three finally force the door shutThen the boys discover their father’s wristwatch on the floor – the watch he was never without But their father Dietrich Peters disappeared two years ago after Sarah left him to. Although Something Radiates reminds one of Tom Robbins Ken Kesey Stephen King and Robert Mailer Anderson's Boonville it really is a completely fresh take on modern horror tales and 1960s' counter culture Here there are echoes of Timothy Leary Bob Dylan Joan Baez and Toni Morrison and yet Brenda Marie Smith's voice is singular and unmistakeable The novel on one level is extraordinarily down to earth and yet at times reaches epic heights beyond ordinary consciousness Is there another novel from the hippie generation with the point of view of a strong woman raising two kids amidst such challenging circumstances I can't think of one And once the drama unfolds you won't want to put it down The second half of Something Radiates shifts into high gear and culminates in a stunning climax


Im passions she’d always longed for but doubted she’d find But her feelings also enrage Dietrich His intrusions grow ever threatening while Sarah’s dreams take on a horrifying intensity causing her to doubt her own sanity Resolved to have the love and life she deserves Sarah plunges into a life and death conflict with Dietrich that crosses several state boundaries and numerous realms of reality forcing her to revisit her abused past absorb the teachings of Timothy Leary Carlos Castaneda Carl Jung and Zen Buddhism and hone her own psychic skills all culminating in a frightening and powerful climax near the peak of the Continental Divi. Something Radiates took me by the hand and didn't let me go until the final page Through immersive writing and outstanding character development Brenda Marie Smith drew me into the story and had me totally invested in Sarah's character The sweet and swoon worthy moments with Johnny provided nice interludes between high tension action packed scenes The setting is described in such vivid detail while reading it I felt like I was actually there I also greatly enjoyed the cultural references which I feel added a lot to the story I look forward to reading of Brenda's work in the future

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Something RadiatesEscape fourteen years of abuseNow Sarah fears that Dietrich is backWouldn’t it be just like him to do something this crazy to scare her back into submission Didn’t Dietrich insist when he married Sarah that she belonged to him forever because he’d taken her to God Hadn’t he vowed repeatedly to never – NEVER EVER – let her goAnd hasn’t Sarah been dreaming of a white haired man trying to warn her about something she can’t understand something to do with DietrichWith her life suddenly tumbling once again into a state of dread Sarah meets hunky carpenter Johnny Trahan and surprises herself with the depths of her feelings for h. I loved the read It is so real you feel like you were right there when all this is happening