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Woman he’s charged to protect with his life As the fatalities continue to mount so does the intensity of his desire for a woman who should be forbidden but is determined to dial up the heatBestselling author Kerrigan Byrne laces dangerous edgy content with palette cleansing humor in this sexy character driven series debut that will leave you wondering Is there such a thing as A Righteous Kil. A scary one and very intense This is the first of a series called Shakespearean Suspense The family at the heart of this series is the reason The first story revolves around a serial killer who is targeting women with red hair FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez is the SAC and is given a gift a victim who does not die and becomes a witness It's a gift with thorns as Luca and the victim will discoverThis one is intense but worth the ride If you're timid understand that this one is at the far edge of romantic suspense definitely going towards thriller If you have the inclination go for it it's worth it

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A Righteous Kill“’Tis one thing to be tempted another thing to fall” William Shakespeare Measure for Measure He’s no stranger to sinA prolific serial killer is crucifying and ‘baptizing’ the working girls of Portland and FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez A Righteous PDF or is locked in a desperate race to prevent the next casualty The game changes when the latest victim is pulled out of the Willamette. I don’t read a ton of romantic suspense because I have a hard time finding books in this genre that work for me But this review reuest came along and I decided to try it and I couldn’t put my Kindle down This book has a great blend of creepy suspense a gruff sexy hero an adorable heroine and dirty sex Let’s get to itA serial killer nicknamed John the Baptist has killed six red headed women nailing them to a cross and letting them bleed out and drown in a river But his next attempt will fail Our heroine Hero her and all her siblings have uniue Shakespeare names survives the attack and is able to give a few details to the FBI agent in charge of the case Luca Ramirez After much recovery Hero heads back to her apartment only to find a menacing note and a goat head in her refrigerator John the Baptist isn’t done with her yet and Luca under the guise of being her boyfriend moves in to protect herThat is a very brief set up of this book But let’s get to the good stuff yes Some points I want to make1 Luca is a grumpy gruff intense FBI agent I love a well done grumpy hero and Luca fits it perfectly He has demons sometimes wondering if he has just as much darkness on the inside as the serial killer Hero is his light the woman who can crack his façade and make him feel While he is very professional and devotes every minute of every day to tracking down this killer he also has to be with her all of the time to keep her safe It’s hard on his nervesDuring a simple dinner conversation “So what are you in the mood for” Hero asked from the tableWas she kidding Even if she offered what he knew she wasn’t offering Luca wouldn’t have been able to decide Naked He was in the mood for naked hard and wild And that was a fucking dangerous moodFor all of his fight each day he gets one step closer to losing control around her When he has her amazing coffee Hero took another sip “It’s my special blend I usually reserve it for the morning after”Luca almost dropped his mug Some coffee sloshed onto his map “Morning after”“Well yeah I like to leave someone with a good taste in their mouth you know”Heat that had nothing to do with the coffee scalded his insides If this was the morning after coffee then then night before really must be—And finally he makes Hero a promise “I vow on this holy ground that when this is all over I’m going to bend you over the first available surface and fuck you sideways Got it”Hero blinked The carnal words and the hard tone didn’t match his callous voice at all causing her to uestion what she’d just heard Had he just said“Wait W what” she stammered“You heard me Now get out of the car we’re going to church”2 Hero is an adorable heroine She is definitely scared about the serial killer stalking her and takes it very seriously But she also provides some lightness to this story She is a very confident person somewhat a hippie an artist and can’t understand why her body wants Luca so much When she first wakes up from her attack in the hospital she is high on pain killers and she made me laugh She continued to make me laugh smile and fall in love with her the entire bookShe falls for Luca right away God she was going to sculpt him naked someday And if he didn’t let her see him naked She’d just have to use her imagination her very vivid imagination She was probably going to try to get him naked thoughShe knows Luca is into her and gives him a very hard time about it Luca looked up from his report but his eyes snagged on her lips closing over the chopsticksShe drew them out slowly Just because Then licked themAnd for all of her joking around with him she really wants him to do dirty things with her She wanted him to fuck her wearing that gun She wanted him like this On the edge of his control wild and angry and afraid She wanted him to pull out the erection pulsing against her stomach and slam it into her without even bothering to take his pants off She wanted his belt to bite into her skin whiles she watched his wide shoulders to strain against the leather of his holsterShe wanted it right nowOh naughty Hero3 Besides all the wonderful sexual tension we actually get a great suspense too John the Baptist stalks Hero the entire book The author gives you many people that it could be and the last uarter of the book I was so excited to find out which one it actually was4 Hero has a very large family and I loved all of them Her sister is fun and her brothers are all very protective intense and each one is set up with a background Knox’s book is next and I can’t waitThis is a new to me author Looking at her website her previous book have been historicals which I might have to check out In any case I’m very excited for another book in this world If you like romantic suspense I’d definitely give this one a tryRating B

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A Righteous Kill Summary â 102 ç ❮Download❯ ➽ A Righteous Kill ➽ Author Kerrigan Byrne – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk “’Tis one thing to be tempted another thing to fall” William Shakespeare Measure for Measure He’s no stranger to sinA prolific serial killer is crucifying and ‘baptizing’ the working girls “’River alive and Luca knows this witness may be his key to breaking the case When the fanatical killer threatens her life a second time Luca is assigned to protect the most uniue and captivating woman he’s ever met by going undercover as her lover He finds himself locked in a relentless game of cat and mouse with an elusive and violent psychopath while battling his temptation for the alluring. A great romantic suspense book Extremely well written with a solid story line a ton of sexual tension and an alpha FBI agent with a shoe fetish The heroine has three sexy brothers and lets not forget Luca's partner Vinceenough hotties for several books It looks like the next book will be about fighter Knox and I'm totally down with that The book seemed a bit long and may have dragged just a tad in the middle I'm not embarrassed to admit that some of the religious history went right over my head after a while although I was uite impressed with the complexity of the plot details etc A very solid 4 STARS