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reader Ó The Merciless Hardcover ä dogsalonbristol ↠ [EPUB] ✺ The Merciless By Danielle Vega – Forgive us Father for we have sinned Brooklyn Stevens sits in a pool of her own blood tied up and gagged No one outside of these dank basement walls knows she’s here No one can hear her sTo get out of this house But there is no way out Sofia can’t go against the other girls  unless she wants to be next   In this chilling debut Danielle Vega delivers blood curdling suspense and terror on every page By the shockingly twisted end readers will be faced with the most haunting uestion of all Is there evil in all of 35 stars Hang out with Brooklyn I mean I don't think she's seen you with us yet You can find out why she's such a bitch nowYou want me to spy on her I ask Ladies and gentlemen may I present Mean Girls Now with an extra dash of exorcism We exorcise you impure one you satanic power Her clear voice fills the cold corners of the basement Next to Dorothy Must Die The Merciless was one of my most anticipated reads for 2014 I'd added it long before it had a cover because the blurb promised me a teenage version of Carrie's mom How can anyone not be into thatUnfortunately as I was reading it became evidently clear that the author had bitten off than she could chew She had a fantastic concept of a bunch of religious psychos torturing a girl whom they believe is a demon but decided to screw it and go in the far easier and cheaper direction of supernatural horror There's nothing wrong with supernatural horror of course The Shining features a haunted house after all But it is the corrosion of Jack's humanity his turning onto his wife his beloved son and hunting them down with a rouue mallet off with their heads that truly turns the cheap Halloween prop into a afriad to go to the bathroom at night frightfest People are the true monsters and Vega tossed that away for a cheap Boo She does incorporate bits and pieces of humanity's dark side by having the religious girls confess their sins but it feels like an afterthought and turns into a freaking catfight midwayI am dead serious That gif above is one of the sins they confess The first half of the book euals the first half of Mean Girls Sofia is the new girl in school and meets Janis Brooklyn and Damien Charlie The Plastics Riley Alexis and Grace adopt her into their group but instead of wearing pink they pray Riley aka Regina was even friends with Brooklyn in middle school We all used to be friends you know Riley says Brooklyn too Riley asks Sofia to hang out with Brooklyn and one thing led to another and the next thing you know Brooklyn is trussed up in a basement and getting her nail sliced off That part I did enjoy Some people said that it catered to the gore factor instead of horror and while I agree psychological horror trumps clowns it didn't bug me I've had very low expectations for YA horror since Anna Dressed in Blood which should be labelled YA Paranormal instead of Horror Reading about people tearing their own hair out and stabbing themselves in the leg with a pen effectively made me cringe and put me right off the barbeued pork I was eating that night Not bad for YA horror Character development is lacking though With such a simple premise you really need to rely on the characters to tide the readers through While Sofia and the girls weren't cardboard cutoffs they felt underdeveloped alongside plot points that could've upped the scare factor Stephen King suffers from overwriting and Vega suffers from underwriting So many things could have been built on like Sofia's grandma's religious tendencies Alexis's codependent friendship with Riley or Sofia's mom being an atheistDespite all those irks I was going to give The Merciless 4 stars Until the cheesy horror movie endingview spoilerBrooklyn turns out a witchdemon and Riley the religious nut was right all along What was the point of painting Riley as a manipulative hypocrite if not to show her as the ultimate bad guy And how on earth is Sofia one of themIt makes no sense Has Sofia always been a demon Or did she turn into one because she killed her friend If so shouldn't Riley be spared because I'm certain she killed Alexis You can argue that Riley tormented Brooklyn and she killed her for revenge but what about Alexis Riley's pawn Alexis put her own sister in a coma so by the logic of this universe Alexis is a demon like one of them Or do the victims have to die to count But wait how does attempted murder factor into this See now I'm getting muddled up hide spoiler

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Forgive us Father for we have sinned Brooklyn Stevens sits in a pool of her own blood tied up and gagged No one outside of these dank basement walls knows she’s here No one can hear her scream   Sofia Flores knows she shouldn’t have gotten involved When she befriended Riley Grace and Alexis on her first day at school she admi OkayWell that was weirdAnd what’s with that endingSofiaI just realized that this is actually a series Good thing I guess because that cliffhanger might have just killed me I mean finishing a story that way Even though I didn’t actually enjoy reading this book I HAVE to know what happens So WILL read the seuelIt starts pretty contemporary like with Sofia new student in high school meeting new people both popular and unpopular ones doesn’t matter for her We don’t know much about the main character so I didn’t get why they all wanted to be friends with her Exactly like the movie Mean Girls I guess some thought she wasinteresting But well I didn’tI can understand that this book is shelved as ''horror'' but I thought it was disgusting than scary Riley most popular girl in school wants to do an exorcism on Brooklyn which she accuses from stealing her boyfriend and it takes so so long Basically that’s the whole plot since it did take than 60% of the book; the tentative to practice an exorcism on Brooklyn and discovering every character’s sin Of course there are conseuences to that and that's when it gets bloody uestions unanswered 1 How did Brooklyn escape from that bathroom when she was very hurt2 Why is Riley having an obsessing with nails Creepy creepy obsession3 Is Sofia in love with Charlie and the other way around4 If yes why They just met5 Why don’t we have a background on Riley and Brooklyn’s stories lives I don’t know anything about them except that Riley is jealous religious very and that Brooklyn likes tattoos piercings and not following the rulesThe story is not whole bad The pacing is fast so it did capture my interest for a good time I was curious to know if something really horrible and scary was going to happen but there wasn’t except for some raw and just disgusting things Like crucifying someone with nailsTold you nail obsessionWhat I really really didn’t like was the author making me love some characters than making me hate them and love them again I didn’t even know what to think about them any Were they all bad Did I hate them because of what they did each one of them Could it be that I have pity for Riley or her two other friends I was pretty much conflictedThe writing is good so that wasn’t a problem at all Along with the pacing and curiosity to know what was going to happen next even though I did get tired of the plot brought me to the conclusion that this is an ''okay'' storyI don't actually recommend it wholeheartedly but I won't suggest you to stay as away as you can from this book either Maybe some of you will like the creepy but not scary and disgusting elements And let's not forget the twist Maybe you'll love that wicked twist

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The MercilessRed them with their perfect hair and their good girl ways They said they wanted to save Brooklyn They wanted to help her Sofia didn’t realize they believed Brooklyn was possessed   Now Riley and the girls are performing an exorcism on Brooklyn but their idea of an exorcism is closer to torture than salvation All Sofia wants is This is a crazy weird insanely messed up book but kinda awesomeI am a big fan of all things scary and the horror genre and I think this book lives up to that titleThe characters weren't great it was predictable at times but the plot overall was insane I think the gruesomehorrific scenes were done very well they definitely gave me goosebumps and made me look away at times and remind myself that this isn't realThe girls in this book are completely deranged and delusional almost unbelievably so If you can put aside rational thought and let this book suck you into its demented story then you will be in for a memorable journeyI would NOT recommend this to people who get scared easily However it is definitely YOUNG ADULT horror I think people who like scary stuff will enjoy this book for its entertainment drama and crazy plot If you are looking for a YA book that will send shivers down your spine and make you literally say wtf then this one is for you It also deals with exorcisms and spiritual stuff so if you aren't comfortable with that then I wouldn't recommend thisI believe this is going to be a series which I am on the fence about I think it would be cool if this was a stand alone but I am interested to read the seuels