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Free download Russell Long ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ ❰Reading❯ ➽ Russell Long Author Michael S. Martin – Russell Long 1918 2003 occupies a uniue niche in twentieth century United States history Born into Louisiana s most influential political family and son of perhPreordained Russell for a political life His father s assassination set the wheels in motion for his eventual political career In Russell followed his father and his mother to a seat in the United States Senate In due course he rose to the politically eminent positions of majority whip and chair of the Senate Finance CommitteeRussell Long A Life in Politics examines Long s public life and places it within the context of twentieth century Louisiana southern and national politics In. The Short VersionRussell Long A Life in Politics starts off even before he was born to one of the most powerful American politicians outside the Capital Huey Long We come to know Russell as a man who seems to have ideals whichever ones suit his purpose We meet a chameleon who grows conspicuous and powerful He skillfully harnessed his father’s controversial legacy to shape his own Many biographies are stories of rags to riches This one shows us political royalty begetting political royalty Like father like sonCinderella stories and train wrecks are interesting sure But at the heights of national politics all things ordinary are extraordinary You just need to be close enough to see what’s actually going on Michael Martin points his microscope at characters who can raise up or ruin thousands of lives with a phone call More than just a biography Russell Long is a life size portrait of some of the invisible forces that shaped American civil rights and economic intervention policy from the 1920s through the 1980s I had mixed feelings about how Mr Martin treated some topics but overall this book was a joy to read and particularly transformative for my personal understanding of Congressional politics in the middle of the last centuryYou in a hurry Take your coat off why don’tcha Keep reading My Full ReviewExcellence in the Biographical CraftI read a lot of really dry books I like’em that way I’m all about the information density Crank it up to 11 Don’t get me wrong I love good narration and storytelling but I’ve left mountains of biographies relatable than Russell Long unfinished Why did I finish Russell Long but not the othersAs long as a biography helps me understand the place and importance of the person in the title I’m happy There are plenty of ways to do this Some authors use personal accounts of people who knew the title character to construct a story These biographies usually have a very personal touch Their success or failure depends on how easy it is for the reader to get to know the person they’re reading about Russell Long doesn’t even try to do this so I won’t judge it on this basisThis book wants to teach you about Russell not introduce you to him Enjoyment doesn’t issue from its style or wit but from its combination of clarity and insight Every page is pressurized to the bursting point with information Russell Long is such a dense piece of pulp that the absence of any one sentence would immediately stand out to most mildly attentive readers Even being as dense as it is however it’s still easily accessible Usually accessibility correlates well with the complexity or depth of the content I believe Mr Martin created this outlier by focusing on a narrative structure before thinking in terms of timelines events and explanationsRussell Long’s overall structure is evidence that Mr Martin took spectacular care to produce an account that covers a wide canvas without becoming obtuse The lesson other biographers can learn here is that contextual information is not a commodity What does that meanIn the Land of the Confusing Context is KingSome contextual information pairs best with its related content when nestled in with a tangentially related account We learn of Earl Long’s ultimate fate early to lose his marbles while in the Senate in 1960 Seemingly a non seuitur at first this knowledge casts its foreshadow over Earl’s actions leading up to that year At no time does Mr Martin suggest any relationship between Earl’s escalating political aggressiveness and his meltdown Even so I would expect any reader to make his or her own judgment about the cause for his behavior and whether his actions or his meltdown were the chicken or the egg Regardless of the determination you make the very fact that I was involved so deeply for so long leading up to the reveal is thanks to a masterful measuring of just the right amount of suggestion early on and an otherwise innocuous lead up to the event in uestion You could argue that leaving the cause for his meltdown for the reader to intuit is unsatisfying but remember this book is interested in the facts Guessing and wondering is the reader’s half of the contract here Besides have you ever called a book that left your brain chewing on its contents long afterward a “bad book”Russell Long is loaded with foreshadowing that seems like fact stating at first blush but produces satisfying “Aha” moments throughout the proceeding text Much of this foreshadowing occurs in the meaty first chapter entirely devoted to the life and career of Huey Long Russell’s father Mr Martin depicts him as a powerful and ruthless Louisiana governor and political boss Huey was a New Deal era populist and early on we come to know Russell as a TrumanKennedyLBJ Fair Deal eraGreat Society era populist The account of Russell’s time striving toward and later working within the US Senate during this period stands tall on its own but it benefits tremendously from the foreshadowing earlier onAs for sections of the book that trace the cause of a significant even to its effect Mr Martin provides context in step with the content He seldom leaves the reader wondering what motives the actors might have had Often when an author does not give particular consideration to the distribution of contextual knowledge the reader is burdened with wondering if he or she missed something until the author gets around to providing helpful context The combination of foreshadowing and unconstructive inline explanation makes Russell Long a relatively effortless readSmall Book Big Ambition The Compromise ShowsIn spite of all of the great things that I have to say about this biography I do have complaints Mr Martin’s application of foreshadowing sometimes seems to guide the book’s focus away from very important details in favor of events that mesh well with the scaffold of foreshadowing upon which the biography seems to be built Mr Martin glosses over and sometimes neglects even to account for very important transitions in Russell Long’s political career I found the explanation of the machinations by which Russell became Chair of the Senate Finance Committee for example to be unsatisfying In sections describing the use of connections by either Long to usurp the function of government agencies some detail regarding how these connections were formed and maintained would have been beneficialAm I nitpicking You may not even think twice about the informational gaps if you give this mainly solid book a read I’m probably asking too much from a book in the range of 300 pages If an editor demanded that I tamp down the word count I might have nixed these details too Regardless fleshing out these details in a longer book would have been well worth the longer read In the end every book must stand on it’s own two covers Russell Long certainly suffers from several unsatisfactory unsatisfying and sometimes missing explanations of what I though should have been key elements of a complete narrativeThe Last WordTo get hung up on any of these ualms would be to miss out on appreciating this book’s most important feature Before Michael Martin’s Russell Long became available there had been no uality account of Russell Long’s place in American history accessible to the layperson The alternative for the average person seeking to learn about the younger Long would be a greatly fruitless Google search Even Wikipedia with it hordes of fanatical volunteer editors hosts relatively little uality cross referenced information about this troubled controversial and interesting man The publication of this book fills a conspicuous void and there’s nothing but good in thatThe information density of Russell Long is actually dumbfounding That Mr Martin was able to make such a dense work so easy to read is a testament to his mastery of the biographical form I swallowed about 300 pages of pure knowledge in hardly than four hours If I’m being honest the speed was just as much thanks to the “Spritz” reading software I use as to Mr Martin but I digress If all non fiction books were like Russell Long we would all be far knowledgeable People would read books People would patronize their libraries and coffee shops with eual freuency Heck The coffee shops would probably just be in the libraries

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Russell Longoccupies a uniue niche in twentieth century United States history Born into Louisiana s most influential political family and son of perhaps the most famous Louisianan of all time Long extended the political power generated by other members of his family and attained heights of power unknown to his predecessors including his father HueyThe Long family and its followers pervaded Louisiana politics from the late s through the s Being a Long especially a son of Huey Long. Here's a piece of trivia that most will not know about Russell Long of Louisiana Together with hisfather Huey P Long and his mother Rose McConnell Long they form the only father mother andchild team to all serve in the US Senate Of the three Russell served by far the longest and even climbed out from the shadow of his legendary father the KingfishHuey Long was one of the great American demagogues of our history flamboyant and colorful hewas well on the way to turning Louisiana into a dictatorship when he was assassinated in September of 1935 Russell was only 16 when his father died and a back story to the Long assassination has Russell driving his mother and siblings from New Orleans to Baton Rouge at breakneck speed to be with hisdying father According to the book Huey was not the greatest of dads still he was dad and sorelymissed by his familyRussell had intentions of a political career but first he wanted to raise a family build up a law practice after war service in WW2 But as fate would have it Huey's brother Earl K Long was justbeginning his second term as governor when incumbent Senator John Overton died suddenly in1948 Earl persuaded Russell to run though he was only 29 and he won He had to wait until hewas 30 to be sworn in which was in the waning hours of the calendar year Russell was the youngest member of the body when he took his seatCuriously enough I can think of only two other people who succeeded to 'family legacy' Senate seats without doing much of anything else One was Robert M LaFollette Jr in Wisconsin and the otherwas Edward M Kennedy in Massachusetts Three very different peopleIf anyone was expecting the return of the flamboyant Kingfish they were wrong The book shows how Russell worked the Senate seniority system carefully so that by the mid 60s he was chair ofthe powerful Finance Committee He was a social liberal on most issues in the tradition of Huey'sfamous 'Share the Wealth' philosophy except on civil rights No bucking the southern social orderfor Russell LongHe was chair of that committee until 1981 when the Republicans took the Senate He worked withall the presidents both Democrat and Republican at the time Idealogy had little meaning for himWhen he retired in 1986 I think he felt even the magical name of Long in Louisiana could not keephim around forever in an increasingly polarized political systemThe book is a great look at the Senate and how it operates and a man who sadly outlived his time

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Russell LongLouisiana Long s politics arose out of the Longite Anti Longite period of history Yet he transcended many of those two groups factional suabbles In the national realm Long s politics exhibited a working philosophy that straddled the boundaries between New Deal liberalism and southern conservatism By the time of his retirement in early he had witnessed the demise of one political paradigm the New Deal liberal consensus and the creation of one dominated by a new style of conservati. Russell Long was the son of Huey Long known during the Depression era as the Kingfisher Huey Long combined an appeal to the poor Caucasians of Louisiana with a nearly limitless thirst for money and power and served as governor surviving an attempt at impeachment and US senator before he was shot to death by an angry judge whose career he had ruined Russell’s name was originally Huey III but his own father feeling keenly that the name was too much pressure to place on an innocent child returned to the hospital and had it changed Nevertheless young Russell found himself drawn almost magnetically toward the family business He was active in student government and chose to attend college locally in honor of his father rather than to attend Princeton his initial preference In all fairness it is hard to imagine Russell Long in New Jersey He received a law degree but ultimately succeeded his famous father to the US Senate after serving in combat during World War II He became “an avid Cold Warrior” and supported the Truman Doctrine as well as US military intervention in KoreaAs McCarthy became powerful in his anti communist crusade Long initially fell into line However McCarthy or less torpedoed his own Senatorial career when he reached too high on too little evidence accusing a high level member of the US Army of “coddling Communists” and when the Senate voted overwhelmingly to censure McCarthy for the unfounded accusation Long did the sameOne major contribution Russell Long achieved had to do with updating and cutting enormous amounts of wasted revenue to US military bases in Northern Africa now all but obsolete with the second World War concluded The Long Morse Act created by Russell Long and Wayne Morse of Oregon proves once and for all the politics sometimes creates strange bedfellows indeedDivisions had developed within the Democratic Party and these became distinct as the Civil Rights Movement gained momentum Many Black Southerners who had previously voted for the Democratic Party or been prohibited from voting at all due to various contrivances such as literacy tests and poll taxes seemed to lean toward the Republicans who eagerly reminded all that they were after all the “party of Lincoln” For as long as it was possible to do so Long ignored the Civil Rights Movement This had worked for uite some time when you consider the matter; one of the most powerful ways to disenfranchise a people is to disregard them But when the Montgomery Boycott created headlines all over the world and Martin Luther King Junior appealed to Black people in the USA to disobey laws they believed to be unjust Long stated that King was to blame for ensuing riots an echo of the Haymarket Riots and their martyrs of the previous centuryThe rest the reader must find out for himself; I was fortunate in being given a free copy via Net GalleyI found the biography to be balanced well documented and well told If you have a strong interest in or are researching a topic to do with the history of the Democratic Party of the USA; Louisiana politics of the 20th century; or the Long family I recommend this biography wholeheartedlyAt the same time I found myself wondering why I was reading it I enjoy biographies autobiographies and memoirs and have read and reviewed close to 200 of them for the sheer pleasure of doing so I have found myself drawn toward the most unlikely characters whose lives have absolutely nothing to do with my own and been riveted by their stories That didn’t happen here The story is told well just not stirringly It’s like roast beef well done but perhaps a bit dry