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Summary The Valhalla Prophecy 107 É ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ The Valhalla Prophecy Author Andy McDermott – Nina and Eddie have been thinking about taking a break to start a family The IHA has nothing major going on at the moment and Nina has been offered a large advance to write a book it might be the perf Nina and Eddie hNina and Eddie have been thinking about taking a break to start a family The IHA has nothing major going on at the moment and Nina has been offered a large advance to write a book it might be the perfect time for a sabbatical But those dreams are uickly dashed when the new UN liaison calls an emergency meeting to announce that a Viking runestone has been stolen from a Swedish museum The Valhalla ePUB #8608 and that the heist was led by none other than a mole operating within the IHA itself Nina and. Although I've had The Hunt for Atlantis and The Tomb of Hercules loaded up on my Kobo for ages and have been eagerly anticipating my first adventure alongside Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase The Valhalla Prophecy is actually my first encounter with the world of Andy McDermott and I'm pleased to say it definitely won't be my lastYes it's formulaic and predictable falls prey to pretty much all the clichés of the genre and belongs to that catastrophic excavation side of archaeology but that's precisely what we come to enjoy If you're a fan of Clive Cussler David Gibbins Will Adams Thomas Greanias Matthew Reilly and the lot then Andy McDermott is going to be another author you want to make room for on your shelfWhat sets The Valhalla Prophecy apart and makes it than just another archaeological treasure hunting adventure is the depth of the backstory Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are partners in every sense of the word both a romantic pairing and professional colleagues There's chemistry there personality and the kind of genuine conflict anybody who has ever been in a long term relationship with recognize In this volume their 9th outing we also get a significant look into Eddie's past with a mission from the days before becoming the hero we know today including an earth shattering secret that threatens to unsettle his marriage when it's revealedThe use of Norse mythology is both educational and entertaining with some interesting suggestions as to how those myths sprang to life There's a definite Dan Brown sort of element to the archaeology there with each piece of the puzzle leading Nina and Eddie closer to Valhalla itself but it works Like I said the story falls prey to the usual Indiana Jones type clichés with discoveries coming fast and easy and with the need to save the world taking precedent over the desire to preserve precious historical artifacts but it does make for one heck of an adventureThere's also a deeply unsettling element of government conspiracy human experimentation and biological warfare to the story that ties the search for Valhalla to Eddie's past It's dark and it's grim and almost seems out of place in such a 'fun' sort of popcorn adventure but it lends some real credence to the end of the world scenario The god and monster slaying eitr is real and it's been used to breed horrible atrocities in the past with at least one clandestine government agency anxious to take those experiments to the next levelNo surprises here The good guys win the world is saved treasures are revealed and historical sites are destroyed It's a fast paced adventure full of beautiful scenery and interesting history populated by characters you can cheer for and against Whether you've yet to meet Nina and Eddie or are old friends The Valhalla Prophecyis well worth the read Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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Eddie are immediately on the scene where they learn from the museum's Norse expert Tova Skilfinger that the runestone reveals the secret of how to reach Valhalla a great hall that according to myth houses a god killing poison known as eitr Using IHA resources on top of Tova's meticulous knowledge Nina is able to deduce the location of the runestone it's in Norway but at the bottom of an isolated lake As the team comes closer to excavating the artifact it becomes increasingly obvious to Nina that Ed. Sometimes what you really want to read is some balls to the wall action writing You want a book that reads like a film You want action adventure humour and a smidge of archaeology thrown in for good measure I am an unashamed fan of Andy McDermott's books After I read the first book they uickly became launch day purchases and this one was no different I made sure I'd finished whatever I was reading beforehand in preparation for this one being Whispered to my Kindle as I sleptAnd I read it and a I loved it Apart from feeling that Eddie Chase might be the most double crossed man in literary history that is It's a wonder he trusts anyone at all because most of the people he's ever known are bastards Because this is a tale that weaves in and out of Chase's back events 8 years ago tie in with a new mystery involving the Norse Gods and the legend of Valhalla And it's awesome And the ending well bring on book 10

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The Valhalla ProphecyDie knows about the mission than he's letting on In fact his connection to it is buried deep within his past in the dense sweltering jungles of Vietnam and he knows that to find Valhalla is to unleash a grave danger upon the world This pulse pounding adventure will take Nina and Eddie to the vast reaches of the earth in a race against time as they strive to prevent rival forces from unleashing a wave of mass destruction that would threaten the fate of humanity foreverListening Length hours and minut. Ninth novel starring husband and wife adventurers Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde This time Nina and Eddie are trying to find Valhalla the legendary home of Norse warriors and also it seems of a deadly substance that the bad guys want to get their hands on There is also a parallel storyline featuring Eddie and a woman called Natalia whom he was called on to save eight years ago in Vietnam Will Nina and Eddie be able to save the world again And what of the fate of Natalia Loved this book as I have loved the previous eight instalments in this series Can't wait to see where Andy McDermott will go with it next especially given the twist that occurred right at the end of 'The Valhalla Prophecy' Will say no