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DOWNLOAD The Dark Water The Strange Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes 107 à ➬ [Ebook] ➧ The Dark Water The Strange Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes By David Pirie ➸ – The third novel in an imaginative Victorian series narrated by the young Arthur Conan Doyle As the inspirational mCtorian tale of vengeance and villainy The howling man on the heath a gothic asylum Dark Water The Epub #225 the walking dead the legendary witch of Dunwich perils lurk in every turn of the page throughout this ingenious novel as increasingly bizarre encounters challenge the deductive powers of young Doyle and his mentor the pioneering criminal investigator Dr Joseph Bell David Pirie is the author of two other critically praised novels featuring Arthur Conan Doyle The Patient's Eyes and The Night Calls He lives in Bat. The end of game or was it merely the end game This third volume of Murder Rooms trilogy keeps the reader as well the protagonists Dr Joseph Bell and Arthur Conan Doyle on a tight leash till the end with the shadow of Doyle's nemesis lurking at every unseen corner and unknown angle I have to admit that towards the end of the book the author had succeeded in making me rather paranoid and that had revealed a few things before their 'official' exposure caused by Dr Bell eg the asylum proprietor's role the identity of Charlotte Jephord's lover etc The book does not echo many other Sherlockian adventures still hidden in the mist of future except The Final Problem It is obviously well written slightly superior to The Night Calls and yet somewhat lesser than The Patient's EyesThe biggest point of regret is that the series had suddenly ended with this volume and the matter of the 'Dead Time' tantalisingly mentioned by the author was never revealedRead this book only after exhausting the two previous volumes and preferably in a stormy night since the book is indeed very dark and very gothic

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The third novel in an imaginative Victorian series Water The PDFEPUB #191 narrated by the young Arthur Conan Doyle As the inspirational model for Sherlock Holmes the brilliant and eccentric Dr Bell properly takes charge of the cryptic codes that figure in this ingenious mystery Marilyn Stasio The New York Times Book Review Pirie's knowledge of Doyle's biography as well as of the Holmes canon makes him an intellectual treat and a downright guilty pleasure The Washington Post I was utterly hooked It's not just Thomas Ha. The Dark Water is volume three in the series following Arthur Conan Doyle and Joseph Bell This series doesn't lend itself well to just dipping in so if you want to try it I recommend starting with The Patient's EyesA good mystery with satisfying twists and turns But the relationship between Doyle and Bell just didn't work for me It hasn't changed and grown since the first book There doesn't seem to much affection between them They don't feel like friends or mentormente or even comrades They sort of grudgingly work next to each other and very rarely with each other which dulled my enjoyment The Dark Water and the whole series are pretty dark and really could have used that as a counterpoint

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The Dark Water The Strange Beginnings of Sherlock HolmesRris it's also Raymond Chandler and Arthur Conan Doyle The Dark Kindle himself All of these great writers are echoed in a way that is not merely wonderful and absolutely gripping but completely original The series has huge commercial potential Sarah Dunant New York Times best selling author of In the Company of the Courtesan In a literary tour de force worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself author David Pirie brings his rich familiarity with both the Doyle biography and the Sherlock Holmes canon to a mystifying Vi. I had such high hopes for this book I have read other books with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as the main character before and really enjoyed them I always think it is fun to see him put into situations like his creation Sherlock Holmes It kind of shows how an author pulls ideas from real life experiences That being said I just couldn’t get into this book It became a chore to read and I struggled to move through this My problem with this book was the story It took forever for any type of action to get going The methodical steps that Doyle and Bell would take to get to their deductions were dull and took forever to connect the dots This book could have been cut in half and maybe I would have enjoyed this This book clearly wasn’t my taste but there were some good points about this book I really liked the authors writing style He blended his story into the flow and feel of a Sherlock Holmes story I just wish it would have flowed better and gotten to the point a bit faster I also liked the characters Doyle and Bell were developed well I don’t have much to say about this book the writer has talent I just think he missed a bit with this book I was so bored that by the halfway point I didn’t care how it ended I just wanted it to end I don’t like to write non favorable reviews but I have to be honest in my feeling for a book This was not for me and I am glad it is behind me