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Insatiable Epub á ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Insatiable Author Asa Akira – Asa Akira 28 has already had an extremely unusual life Educated at the United Nations International School in Manhattan she soon was earning a good living by stripping and working as a dominatrix at a Asa Akira has already had an extremely unusual Led with Akira’s unusual and often highly amusing anecdotes including her visit to a New Hampshire sex shop run by a mother and sonIn a world where porn is increasingly becoming part of the mainstream Akira is one of very few articulate voices writing from the inside She something important controversial and astonishingly interesting to say about sex and its central role in our lives and cultu Mediocre in every single aspect possible

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Asa Akira 28 has already had an extremely unusual life Educated at the United Nations International School in Manhattan she soon was earning a good living by stripping and working as a dominatrix at a sex dungeon Akira has now built up a reputation for being of the most popular hardworking and extreme actors in the business winning dozens of awards for her 330 movies including her #1 bestselling Wow what the hell did I just read?Well I'll TELL YOUI love memoirs They are so incredibly educational You can read textbooks you can go to class you can read the news but there is nothing educational than someone's life story How they lived how they currently liveit's informative to say the least People no matter how uninteresting you assume they may be have lots to teachAsa Akira is not uninteresting She is however a porn star Most people cringe at the word porn This is normal I've seen documentaries about what porn stars do with themselves after they leave the industry It is mega sad And their time within the industry? Also mega sad But Asa Akira paints us a different picture She is very happy with her life I can't tell whether I hate this woman or love her I'm still trying to decide Asa lives her life authentically She doesn't care if people think her job is gross She doesn't care if you don't like her She is happy she isn't hurting anyone and she just wants to live her life as genuinely as possible That's something I truly admire I think it's great that she can live the way she wants to and doesn't feel pigeon holed to a certain standard I think we should all embrace that and try to live outside of others expectations Be yourselfOn the other handsome of her views just don't jive with my ownI'm not a huge fan of her humor When she is confronted with something uncomfortable such as rape she'll make a joke out of it I understand that some people do this in order to deal with it because otherwise they'll just be depressed She jokes about eating disorders domestic abuse and rape in this book If this is something that really bothers you I wouldn't suggest reading this because it comes up a lotAlso I'm not a fan of her outlook on domestic abuse and abortions She goes to the clinic for her second abortion and she thinks this is like just part of growing up? I was confused by her logic here She couldn't wait to be like her friends? Now I'm 100% pro choice A woman should decide what to do with her body However I don't think aborting a fetus is something to take lightly or something that someone should just look at as a part of life So that was weirdThe way her husband treats her kind of scares me I understand a lot of people are into rape fantasies and rough sex but when I was reading about how her husband hits her so hard she ends up having a painful jaw the next day bruises and a swollen lipI was cringing That's frightening I think her editor just sort of gave up on her really She kind of just rambles about certain topics and it reads very much like a diary There's no rhyme or reason to her chapters they're just sort of all over the place I guess I would have enjoyed the book if there was organization going on but overall I was VERY entertained by this memoir I couldn't put it down it was just so incredibly fascinating Also I now TRULY have a firm understanding of how destructive and terrible drugs are she goes into serious detail on like every drug under the sun in this book

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InsatiableSeries Asa Akira Is Insatiable”In Insatiable Akira recounts her extraordinary life in chapters that are hilarious shocking and touching In a wry conversational tone she talks about her experiences shoplifting and doing drugs while in school her relationship with other porn stars she is married to one and with the industry at large and her beliefs about women and sexuality Insatiable is fil Any negative review of this book is bound to add to the controversy and perhaps lots of people will find the book interesting but it's not something I'll be spending much time on The book is simplistic like it was written hastily or carelessly and the substance is mostly raunchy stories from Akira's life designed to titillate It's sort of an argumentative memoir claiming that because Asa Akira naturally likes sex so much the porn industry therefore is less evil than everyone thinks it is I've got nothing against Akira's bravery if that's where she's coming from; but I'm concerned that her desire for attention is the underlying reason she does what she does In theory if Akira overcame some of her ego and felt liberated from the personal need she has of doing all the work of maintaining her image what would she say then about her life and her industry? In another state of mind Akira might get in touch with an appetite for pursuing the activities a life in porn prevents one from doing The worst case scenario would be for her to feel trapped in the industry and to delude herself into bearing it because she identifies herself so strongly with the idea of being a porn star Best case I guess would be for her to simply be a supersexual woman who loves everything about her work I wonder if she has had long enough of a break from the sex industry in her adult life to be able to identify herself with other things it's possible that she just doesn't know what it would be like Either way I can't tell who Asa Akira is from the third of the book I read and I don't care to invest time in finding that out