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Executive Protection The Adair Legacy #2Mmitment yet he can't deny the intense attraction growing between them And when a stalker sets his sights on Lucy possibly the same man who tried to kill his mother Thad realizes just how much he Protection The Adair PDFEPUB #187 has to lose. This is the first book that I have read by Jennifer Morey I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway It had some suspense but I expected It was a nice story but by the end I was tired of hearing about Thad not wanting to get married and have a family I will have to read the first book in the series now to see how it all started

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E is prepared for risks What he isn't prepared for is Lucy Sinclair Hired as his mother's nurse Executive Protection eBook #239 Lucy is capable compassionate and entirely inconvenient for Thad He doesn't enivision a life of shared love or co. I have always wanted to do this Adair Winston FamilyYes make a family tree And since neither of the ‘Adair’ series has one I felt compelled to create one Do let me know how it is and whether it needs improvement after reading all the books of courseThe reading order of the series is as follows“The Adair Legacy” published 2014Her Secret His Duty by Carla CassidyExecutive Protection by Jennifer MoreySpecial Ops Rendezvous by Karen AndersSecret Service Rescue by Elle JamesAnd then comes“The Adair Affairs” published 2015Carrying His Secret by Marie FerrarellaThe Marine’s Temptation by Jennifer MoreySecret Agent Boyfriend by Addison FoxHeir to Murder by Elle JamesRead the books in the above mentioned order and you are good to goNeedless to say as all the books in both the series come under the Mills Boon imprint of ‘Romantic Suspense’ all of the above have tons of suspenseful action Published a year apart you can draw parallels between the books of the two series There are many similarities in their storylines and it surprised me a lot as nowhere it is given that there is any link between the two series and I myself stumbled upon them almost a year apart Thankfully I had read ‘The Adair Legacy’ first; otherwise it would have been a bit of a spoilerI love the way Kate’s character has been written and also how beautifully it has shaped up over the course of the 8 books While all other characters are flitting in and out she is the only constant Even if briefly she appears in all the books and makes her appearance count always the ‘matchmaker’ Also being the former vice president you almost don’t expect the homey atmosphere of ‘Winston Estate’ which welcomes you to the books especially in ‘The Adair Legacy’ seriesBoth the series are the individual stories of three brothers and their sister with the only exception being the sister’s daughter replacing her in ‘The Adair Legacy’ which makes Kate a GrandmaHer Secret His Duty by Carla CassidyThe Adair Legacy #1What I felt about this one is that it could have had a bit romance And the same goes forCarrying His Secret by Marie FerrarellaThe Adair Affairs #5Appearing under the category of ‘Romantic Suspense’ these two appeared to have missed the romance a littleSimilarities Both are classic MB ‘secret’ pregnancy tropes with the eldest sons Trey and Whit heading their respective businesses while the female protagonists Debra and Elizabeth work for one of their parents part office romanceExecutive Protection by Jennifer MoreyThe Adair Legacy #2AndThe Marine’s Temptation again by Jennifer MoreyThe Adair Affairs #6Similarities The first one above has the lady convincing the man about falling in love while the second one is vice versa But of course it is only if you narrow it down to that; otherwise both the books are great to readNow’s where the order is getting a bit muddled as far as similarities are concernedSpecial Ops Rendezvous by Karen AndersThe Adair Legacy #3Secret Service Rescue by Elle JamesThe Adair Legacy #4AndSecret Agent Boyfriend Addison FoxThe Adair Affairs #7Heir to Murder by Elle JamesThe Adair Affairs #8Similarities While #4 and #7 have secret agents Daniel and Derek acting out as boyfriends to their respective female protagonists Shelby and Landry as a ruse for investigative purposes #4 and #8 are all about long lost identities of Shelby and JacksonWhile the first series deals almost entirely with an ‘attempt to murder’ the second series deals with an ‘actual’ murderAnd one thing which is common to all of them is that ‘someone is always trying to kill someone’ so definitely suspensefulSpecial Mention Be sure not to miss Elle James’ books as both of the titles will send you on a roller coaster ride of nail gripping action I am writing this while searching for Elle James books I have fallen in love with her writingBoggled your brains Well read it out and then you will knowOriginally posted on

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Executive Protection The Adair Legacy #2 summary µ 108 Þ [Read] ➫ Executive Protection The Adair Legacy #2 ➳ Jennifer Morey – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk AN FBI AGENT TAKES THE BIGGEST AND MOST DANGEROUS RISK OF HIS CAREER LEAVING BACHELORHOOD BEHIND Crime investigator Thadius Thad Winston must protect his high rAN FBI AGENT TAKES THE BIGGEST AND The Adair MOBI #183 MOST DANGEROUS RISK OF HIS CAREER LEAVING BACHELORHOOD BEHIND Crime investigator Thadius Thad Winston must protect his high ranking political mother after she is shot and nearly killed H. Wow this book was just bad Really really bad I never expect GREAT WRITING from a Harleuin novel but this was not a great book The novel had a lot of potential and that's what drew me in but as time went on the writing grew weaker and weaker and the plot grew and unbelievable And frankly uite silly in my opinionWhat I started to realize midway through the book was there was a real lack of emotion I didn't feel anything from the characters not even when Lucy gets kidnapped You didn't know what Thad was thinking or feeling And if there was emotion I didn't FEEL it Everything fell flat and I think it was a matter of the author telling and not showing Show show show Don't tell me show meAnother issue I had was that the writing involved a lot of short sentences which interrupted the flow of the book Example It wasn't even dinnertime and a person wouldn't be able to tell It was so dark How about It wasn't even dinnertime but it was so dark outside a person wouldn't be able to tell I have a ton instances of these oddly worded sentences and choppy flow All I really want is to get my hands on the manuscript to edit it I also felt like the author was forcing the plot too much It felt very formulaic as if she was following a guideline for writing a Harleuin mystery novel And most romance novels are formulaic but this one had no spunk to it She was really harping on the theme of Thad doesn't want to marry because his dad couldn't keep his pants zipped Lucy wants to get married because ISN'T THAT WHAT ALL GIRLS WANT It rubbed me the wrong way because I never learned WHY Lucy was so hellbent on marriage and children Are we just supposed to assume because she's a woman she should automatically want that lifestyle I rarely give out 1 star reviews because I feel like if I finish a book it's good enough for at least 2 stars but when you spend an entire novel rolling your eyes at the language and the cheesy plot it's the best I can do