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Download A Cowboy for Katie Book Ú 85 pages º Debra clopton ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☄ A Cowboy for Katie By Debra Clopton – It's 1885 and five preachers sit around a campfire out West trading stories of unlikely couples they've seen God bring together This is one of those stories In wKnows Katie Pearl has no interest in getting hitched She likes A Cowboy ePUB #8608 living on her own out on her departed Pa's big ranch turning down suitors left and right with a pistol by her sideBut when she needs a strong hand to help with rebuilding her house Katie hires wandering cowboy Treb Rayburn knowing he' I really enjoyed this one I've read a couple of Clopton's books recently and since I liked those so much I decided to pick this one up without reading what it was about It was fun to get sucked into the story and not know how things were going to unfold Katie had survived a recent tornado that took the life of her father and destroyed her home Left alone in the world some of the men from town start showing up wanting to marry her to get to her land Katie is pretty feisty and can see through them and makes it painfully obvious that she is not interested I loved how strong Katie was even with suffering from PTSD fear of storms the dark being inside etc she doesn't give up She fights for her independence for her home and to overcome her fears She was a fun and interesting character I loved Treb He totally won me over when he helps Katie get through a rough storm Melted my heart He's just an all around great guy He has suffered great loss as well and could really see through Katie's fears to her heart I loved how patient he was with her and how he wanted to help her heal The overall story was fun I liked the charcters and plot I did feel the end wrapped up a little uickly and I would LOVE an epilogue or something This was part of the Four Weddings and a Kiss anthology so it is a novella length story but I think it'd make a great full length novel Even another fifty pages would be great I'm uickly becoming a fan of Cloptons books Both her contemporaries and westerns have been entertaining well written and I know I'll be checking out the rest of her books ContentRomance CleanLanguage NoneViolence Very mildReligious Mild not preachySource Received review copy from Netgalley in exchange for honest review

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It's and five preachers sit around a campfire out West trading stories of unlikely couples they've seen God bring together This is one of those stories In which Katie who has chased off half a dozen suitors with her shotgun hires a rambling ranch hand who's finding Katie may change his wandering waysEveryone in town I truly enjoyed this story by Debra Clopton The author focused on the main characters pouring the majority of her time in the short book to their development I loved the heroine's determination even in the midst of terrible circumstances and the hero's slow but eventual realization of the depth of her pain Their interactions felt genuine and their struggle to remain true to each other and themselves real This is a good light read between heavier books or when time is short

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A Cowboy for KatieS just in town to make a uick buck and then he'll be off for parts unknown But Treb's got a heart big as Texas Their blossoming friendship may change her loner status and his wandering ways for goodDebra Clopton is a master at creating characters you just have to love Linda Goodnight New York Times best selling autho I was reading along and looked down at the bottom of my Kindle and was shocked to discover that I was over half done with this Novella Now don't get me wrong I understand that Novellas are short Really I do But some Novella's feel like one and some feel fleshed out andcomplete This felt like a Novella It left me wanting More of what I'm not exactly sure More conflict from a bad guy maybe The romance aspect was fine I was okay with how it moved along although the decision at the end seemed really sudden to me Like all of a sudden things were fixed and okay when they weren't hours beforeIt was cute and I liked the premise of the story but it probably isn't one I will read again I am curious enough that if I come across the other Novellas that make up the rest of the series I would read them