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Read & download ò The Body Lovers 106 á [Download] ➶ The Body Lovers By Mickey Spillane – This client wasn't Mickey Spillane's usual He was a man Spillane had sent to prison and he wanted desperately to find his missing sister The only clue was a mound of filmy exotic garments As Spillane This client wasn't The corners of his mind The single strand he had seemed to tie in to the deaths of two women but red herrings fouled the trail Then he stumbled on it shielded in diplomatic immunity. The Body Lovers is the tenth book in Spillane's long running Mike Hammer series It is solid vintage Spillane and filled with all the action that readers expect from Spillane's writing Anyone who likes Spillane would be happy adding this volume to their collectionThe story starts with strong and continues strong all the way throughout At the beginning Hammer is just driving along minding his own business when he heard the screams through the thin mist of the night and kicked the car to a stop at the curb He finds a hysterical child sitting in a pile of rubble and then sees what the kid was screaming about the mutilated body of what had been a redheaded woman At one time she had been beautiful but death had erased all that She had been in her later twenties but now time had ended for her She lay there on her back naked except for the remnants of a brilliant green negligee that was still belted around her waist Her breasts were poised in some weird rigid defiance her long tapered legs coiled serpentine like in the throes of death Half opened eyes had looked into some nameless terror before sight left them and her mouth was still frozen in a silent scream of pain There are few writers alive or dead who can open a book with such a description Spillane does and he does it well Within pages the reader is deep in the action wanting to know what happened to the lady and how Hammer is going to deal with it Of course finding bodies is nothing new for HammerThis is a good solid detective story with Hammer working to ferret out the clues as to what happened to the redhead in the green negligee as bodies start popping up The usual Hammer associates are found in this book There's Captain Pat Chambers head of homicide who still resembled a trim business executive than he did a cop until you got to his eyes Velda who is Hammer's secretary is here too His big beautiful luscious doll Crazy titian hair that rolled in a pageboy and styles be damned Clothes couldn't hide her because she was too much woman She was deadly tooIt's Hammer's world here and in typical Spillane fashion its not rainbows and mermaids he sees spouting in the distance but a New York gray damp with river fog that held in suspension the powdered grime and acid grit the city seemed to exhale Its interesting hearing him talk about Greenwich Village being no than a fantasy people looked around and tried to find like Hollywood and how silence is a funny sound that you hear when everything is too still and there's someone with a gun ready to pick you offHammer comes through here as tough as ever and as willing to bull his way through to truth and justice as anyone ever There is nothing about a Mike Hammer novel that is not fun in a hardboiled way

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This client wasn't Mickey Spillane's usual He was a man Spillane had The Body PDF or sent to prison and he wanted desperately to find his missing sister The only clue was a mound of. This is my first introduction to Mike Hammer I actually liked him despite some of his narrow minded views and set in stone mindsets about political issues Rather than being annoying I found it amusing and appreciated the author's right wing bendHe was a stereotypical man's man good with the ladies always a step ahead of the police sharp and insightful toughyou know the type I'm sureThere isn't a big mystery on who is behind everything since there are only so many possibilities but the story didn't seem intent on the mystery being the point I still like how everything unfolded for Hammer to find out and at the end revenge was served anyway even if a little too sudden for me An easy out for the villainsIt was definitely disturbing what they were up to Picturing the end brrr that would be a nightmare come true for me Overall the book has fast pacing smooth writing a flawed but still likeable main fun villains fun in that they are diabolically cheesy but do it so well and a justified ending Not a typical watered down mystery I encounter today Would read of Spillane's stuff if I ran into it

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The Body LoversFilmy exotic garments As Spillane followed the little he had to go on something like a pattern began to emerge He knew he was missing something and whatever it was kept gnawing at. The tenth Mike Hammer novel features the private eye in top form as one of the most vile good guys pop culture has ever seen With the usual entertaining stew of politico thug caricature femmes fatales and brutal violence against the backdrop of NYC surrounding environs