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New York via Paris and England Immersive beautiful moving it exposes in devastating detail what happens when unwavering love unyielding law. Women’s friendshipsMarkovits writes of a Romanian Jewish community during World War II They are from the Satmar sect and have very strict beliefs and traditions There are two sets of parents one trying to flee to safety and another attacked in their home are murdered by fascists Left behind are two children one from each family each is rescued The boy is adopted by the family maid She’s a Christian and tries to keep him safe by teaching him to ‘pass’ by adopting Christianity and pretending to be her own child Though she’s misguided she loves him very much The girl is adopted and raised as a devout Jew by her father’s Talmud study partner and bought up with his ever growing family in FranceI found the immersion in this uniue culture fascinating but also heartbreaking both because of the World War II atrocities but also because of how unbending and unforgiving the Satmar tradition seems to be I also found this culture extremely loving and caring This contradiction is at the heart of the story I was reminded of Lisa See’s “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” for two reasons See’s book is centered on the very insular Chinese culture of the 19th century which also had very strict traditions and expectations for men and women and their respective roles The second similarity between the stories was the central theme of women’s friendships that were formed early and sustained through life’s hardships I feel like I’m walking a tightrope when I say this but neither the Satmar nor the 19th century Chinese traditions were female hating even though they were dominated by male privilege but they did have unflinching expectationsThe orphan Mila and her adopted sister Atara were of one mind as children but in adulthood their paths forked Each still held the other dear in her heart This is the best part of Markovits’s book The women’s relationship holds it together and is emotionally affecting The story is told from various viewpoints and from many time periods but it remains clear Markovits is an affecting skilled writer I didn’t like the ending it felt forced I loved learning about a culture so different from any I’m familiar with The contrast between the rigidity of the Satmar culture and the sweetness of the women’s love for one another touched me deeply355

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I Am ForbiddenAnd centuries of tradition collide I Am PDFEPUBThis is a gem of a novel for readers who enjoyed The Tiger's Wife The Red Tent or The th Wife. This book took me by surprise as my hopes for it were entirely to low Perhaps it's because I've read many books about the Hasidic Sect of Judaism but this book steps very far apart from those I've read before This author can write and it's seems that based on her own personal history she writes what she knowsAlthough there was a slightly elusive beginning to this book and I felt like I was lost it took no time to grab me and suck me in to this fanatical world of the Hasidic sect called the Satmar From the fields of Transylvania to the streets of both Paris and Williamsburg NY this story unfolds between two sisters and a boy from their past who watched his family be murdered by the Nazi's This book presents us with ethical uestions within religion the love of family the full circle of life and the choices we make and ultimately how they affect others Beautifully written is many short chapters and short sections some of which read like lines of poetry I highly recommend this book no matter your religion because the central themes are paramount to everyone while you learn about the Satmar sect as well

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I Am Forbidden review » PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ ➡ [Epub] ➛ I Am Forbidden By Anouk Markovits ➫ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk I Am Forbidden is a powerful portrayal of family sisters faith and history which sweeps the reader from pre war Transylvania to present day New York via Paris and England Immersive beautiI Am Forbidden is a powerful portrayal of family sisters faith and history which sweeps the reader from pre war Transylvania to present day. And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass when he went in unto his brother's wife that he spilled it on the ground lest that he should give seed to his brother Well shit I was totally not expecting that twist at the end KAPOWI gobbled this up in one evening and I don't think it's a novel per se yeah I know that is such a useless categorization when you have books like the Odyssey and David Markson it was like a very long tale by a storyteller or a collection of them It had a real fairytale atmosphere even though it was about horribly modern eventsit's a real hybrid These aren't even criticisms Obviously the book knocked me on my ass and parts of it are beautiful and nearly all the characters are amazing It reminded me a little bit of Briar Rose by Jane Yolen except the focus was all on the womenI do think there was one big structural problem with the book up to A's leaving the family it's pretty much a day by day chronologically intact novel with minute psychological observations and after that BOOM major time skips and the chapters are much shorter the wedding then five years then ten years then R's birth then ten years then R getting married then J's birth and so on I can see why; I mean if the entire story was written in the style of that first half it would fill about four volumes WWII and the Holocaust are pretty much giant lacunae which fits the general theme because those would completely drown out the other story I think this narration X begat Y begat Z is also deliberately Biblical and totally in keeping with the idea of survival at any cost the survival of generations of Jews how do you survive as a Jew How does Judaism survive At what point do you stop being Jewish because of the terrible things you have to do to live Is it even possible to make a bargain with God it's easy to imagine the Rebbe or Josef thinking Just this once and I'll confess what I did laterlaterlater and later never comes because confessing what you did would destroy the result the reason why you did itAnyway it's beautifully written and mesmerizing and gripping and even if the structure's wonky and there's some first novel itis there I'd buy anything else this author wrote unseen in a heartbeat HEAR THAT