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भनेका थिए म मरेपछि मेरा सबै कृति जलाइदिए पनि मुना मदन चाही नजलाउनु full five stars are also less for this book it is a magnificent book which I cant rate its beyond any praise Its a masterpiece bu Laxmi Prasad DevkotaI still remember the first time I read it and got tears in my eyes I still do The heart warmin love story between Muna and Madan the incident in the story and the writing ; there will be rarely anyone who is not touched by itMust read for all nepali readers But I think there will be no one who haven't read it yet

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मुनामदनमुनामदन झ्याउरे लयमा आधारित कविता हो जुन नेपाली साहित्यको सबैभन्द It was a great blessing to have Munamadan as a part of course book in school I remember reading it with my class of crazy friends roaring out loud every phrase of it in a perfect jhyaure rhythm The stories our teacher used to tell about the poem about the poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota were priceless The sad story that this poem tells has a magic in it I don't know if I feel this because the journey I had with this book along with my friends was than wonderful but there's something about it that never fades away in a lifetime The tragic story of Muna and Madan and the story of Laxmi Prasad Devkota that goes along with it is worth reading Munamadan is than a book of poems for me at least It has embedded in it some joyful memories of childhood classes and stories and so many wonderful things I really hope in future people will read and enjoy it D


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Download मुनामदन Book â 40 pages Å Dogsalonbristol É [PDF / Epub] ☄ मुनामदन Author Laxmi Prasad Devkota – मुनामदन झ्याउरे लयमा आधारित कविता हो जुन नेपाली साह प्रख्यात कृति हो । मुनमदनलाई लिएर सन् १८५९ मा आफ्नो मृत्यु अघि उनल really its heart touching nobel