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Saving Elliot“I keep trying to think of ways to make myself hate you” “Kind of hard to do when you're in love with me isn't it” He said Meet Elliot Jensen she’s stubborn intelligent sarcastic short tempered and am. I CAN'T CONTAIN THE FEELSSaving Elliot is the most wonderful book I have ever read online Wattpad It's an amazing story about a teenage boy named Elliot Fintry who moves to Great Britain and to a new family named the Jensen's Turns out he's not the only Elliot around Elliot Jensen from the start is enemies with Fintry But could they be than enemies Or is that all the imagination of JensenGo on a wild ride with the Elliot's their friends and a few accidents sorry that was a sad pun Sorry Warning May need several boxes of tissues friends to laugh with and stuffed animals to hug throughout the entire book Read at your own risk

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Bitious Meet Elliot Fintry he’s impulsive rude cold devious and reckless It might be annoying having to share the same name as the person you hate but it’s even annoying having to share the same house as th. To be honest I don't really like this book well don't get me wrong it's not like I hate it I guess I just don't get that boy Fintry I know this dude gets hurt after losing his dad and best friends and crush and not getting along well with her mom but there's no hell making him to push everyone away I just don't get it why he always thinks he isn't good enough for anyone and pisses off at trivia things His past is kinda vague isn't it I don't know if he can't trust people or hate himself or whatever so he wants to be a lonely cocky person Ugh He really makes me so confused because I don't know what he needs or what he wants I've shitload uestions throughout the reading1what the hell happened to Nova How she died I thought Fintry might have caused her die so he couldn't forgive himself Hmm Call me overdramatic I know right I mean it's not like he has killed or caused her death but do I feel like he always put the blame on himself 2 Why was he always so obsessed with his cell I know he loved listening to music but it was impossible to play with cell all the time He should be texting with someone I guess3 Why was he always rushing to go outI thought he was busy hooking up with some girls or perhaps hiding secrets from Jensen But no details were revealed

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review º Saving Elliot ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ [Download] ➾ Saving Elliot ➹ NorthByNorth – “I keep trying to think of ways to make myself hate you” “Kind of hard to do when you're in love with me isn't it” He said Meet Elliot Jensen; she’s stubborn intelligentEm He’s everything she hates so why does he make her heart pound at just the thought of him Winter and summer Fire and water North and south Heaven and hell This isn’t a love story this is a story about lov. Do you love Daemon Black Go read this book Plus Elliot is an even bigger jerk 3My Teaser Tusday including this bookMy review 31115 The feelings I get when thinking back to reading this book remind me of the feelings I get from the Lux series 3