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review Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ✤ [Download] ➼ Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige By Selma Lagerlöf ➶ – BONUS Ten new pages about Selma Lagerlof and Sweden added Three landscape photos included SS in these adventures still appropriate today is that of the environment expressed by the wild goose If you have learned anything at all from us Thumbietot you no longer think that the humans should have the whole earth to themselves Remember you have a large country and you can easily afford to leave a few bare rocks a few shallow lakes and swamps a few desolate cliffs and remote forests to us poor dumb creatures where we can be allowed to live in peace This combined edition from translations of the two adventures is sixth in a series of reprints from Penfield Books of the works of Selma Lagerlof Others include Invisible Links Girl from the Marsh Croft Memories of Marbacka Scandinavian Kings and ueens revised version soon to be released and Gosta Berling's Saga Forthcoming is Words of Love and Wisdom by Selma Lagerlof a book of selected excerpts from her major works. Wonderful fantasy book for children or anyone who has not already read it I read it several times over the last 70 years

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BONUS Ten new pages about Selma Lagerlof and underbara resa Kindle #208 Sweden added Three landscape photos included Selma Lagerlof is best known in America and worldwide for her masterpiece children's' stories NILS The Wonderful Adventures of Nils and The Further Adventures of Nils Holgersson Originally commissioned Nils Holgerssons MOBI #8608 by the Swedish National Teachers' Society to teach introductory geography to young Swedish schoolchildren these adventures first published intake flight when Nils a Swedish imp is magically reduced to elfin size gets astride a gander who joins a flock of wild Holgerssons underbara resa PDFEPUB #231 geese that fly a route covering the significant geographical and historical sites of all of Sweden Along the way they encounter the conseuential elements of survival both socially and environmentally predator and victim friend and f. There are three very good reasons to read this book the author is first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize it appears on Le Monde list of best books of 20th century And the fact that the protagonist's picture appears on 20 Swedish krona banknotes The talking animal surpass those of Kipling's Jungle Book in detail and characterization and they are also talking about such subjects like deforestation and industrialisation And there is additional flavour of histories local folktales and legends

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Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom SverigeOe the land and its users Told in a series of narratives these adventures demonstrate this Nobel prize winning author's skill at defining the sublime in simple everyday existence Much of Selma Lagerlof's work is rooted in her childhood experiences at the ancestral home Marbacka In her Memories of Marbacka she recounts the flight of one of Marbacka's ganders who joins a flock of wild geese and returns during the next seasonal migration proudly bringing new family and friends to share the domestic trough only to come to a horrific end at the hands of the wicked housekeeper The emergence of these childhood impressions coupled with adult wisdom suggests the appeal of the adventures of Nils to both children and adults Family and household staff were a source of entertainment and amusement the imaginative enchantment of storytelling was a main diversion Of the many concern. “The Wonderful Adventure of Nils Holgersson” is a Swedish children’s classic Published in 1906 the book actually resulted from a commission from the National Teachers Association to write a geography reader Author Selma Lagerlof apparently spent three years studying Nature and also investigating folklore and legends from around the country before writing this bookThe story itself involves a fourteen year old boy called Nils who is a bit lazy and naughty Amongst the mischief he gets up to is the rather unpleasant way he likes to hurt animals on his family farm One day he is left home to memorise Bible chapters and then falls asleep Waking he sees a gnome which he traps Eventually he is also turned into a gnome and able to talk to animals With wild geese flying over the farm a farm goose attempts to fly off with them and when Nils grabs hold the two of them end up on an adventureThis book involves a lot of the history and natural world of Sweden which is a beautiful country At just over 270 pages and with an illustration at the beginning of each chapter this is certainly a book for the fluent child reader; although it is also delightful to read aloud It has a lovely hardback cover with pictures of flying geese and is an unusual story It reminded me a little of BB and his “The Little Grey Men go Down the Bright Stream” if not in the actual storyline but in the way the countryside and natural beauty was so integral to the book A lovely novel for adults and children