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FREE EPUB æ MOBI Sorority Pledge Collection ☆ ñ DOGSALONBRISTOL î [PDF] ✐ Sorority Pledge Collection By Daizie Draper – When sorority pledge Addison Montgomery gets caught chucking eggs at a mansion at the demand of her sisters on Halloween she's punished byThem to handle The dark turns and bumps in the road take them both by surprise and threaten to derail everything beautiful they're striving to create This word collection is the first five books in the part Sorority Pledge Saga a serialization that follows a rocky romance centered around the edgy bliss of Domination and submission Please be and naughty enough for a spanking of your own Based on industry standards this book is about pages The search of a young lady for her Dom comes to an end after a Halloween prank at a mansion She learns of her desire to be spanked and knows she has found the one to keep her happy She now has to convince him that they are make for each other In the final novella they come together and come to an understanding that should make them both happy in the future An interesting tour through the thoughts and desires of a young women just awakening to her sexual maturity

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When sorority pledge Addison Montgomery gets caught chucking eggs at a mansion at the demand of her sisters on Halloween she's punished by the rich man's son Logan Thorndike a hot junior at Sorority Pledge PDF her college and they get swept up in the delicious power exchange and a tumultuous suall of passion Addison is certain Logan is the perfect full time Dom for her but he's doing all he can to keep the darker corners of his soul in c Oh Ms Draper I DO NOT LIKE YOU RIGHT NOW Except really I DO BUT you are one MEAN EVIL woman You got a little sadist in you huhBook one Awesome Hot and steamy It's the prefect beginning to a spanktastic series with a nice SURE YOU WANT MORE endingBooks 2 3 4 eually Smexy I think I spent eual time reading and hangin out with my buddy BOB It may have shorted out my Nook it was so freakin HOT BOOK 5 Oh now see book five is where I get PISSED While book five in and of itself was FUCKING KILLER HOT The ending makes me want to THROW my KINDLE which I got after my NOOK fried SIGH Am I pissed because it was BAD HELL NO It was A FUCKING MAZING Like seriously one of the hottest things I have read all year I'm pissed because I HATE CLIFFHANGERS I HATE EM I Hate em because I WANT THE REST AND I WANT IT NOW I feel like I am possibility acting like a spoiled 2 year old but really WHY YOU GOTTA DO THAT TO ME LADYIf you are into HOT SM with a decent dose of DS this is surely a YUMMY YUMMY read for you I LOVE the UBER creative terms used to describe things Ms Draper is SOOOO creative Although there were a few of them that caught me and some made me laugh and laugh I would have to say it is likely she would easily make the list of authors that find most creative descriptions that i have readNow I MUST have the rest NOW NOWNOW Thank GOD my Birthday in next week provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review


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Sorority Pledge CollectionHeck With her chasing him down and not letting up he tentatively claims her as his because he can't resist her sexy flirtation and naughty behavior that demands a strong dose of correctionAs they engage in loads of hot funishment and experience the thrill of Ds and kink Logan uickly settles into his position over her But jumping into a BDSM lifestyle while trying to balance college life and their animalistic lusts may be way too hot for 45 Spankin' Hot StarsI read the Sorority Pledge Collection straight through in one sitting unable to pull my eyes away from the words I was magnetized glued to Addison's discovery and submission to her new Dom Logan Usually BDSM doesn't hold much attraction for me but the author pulled me right in with her writing style and the very intimate POV of Addison Montgomery Addison is a college student and a technical virgin with a dirty secret she longs to submit to find a Dom who will take care of her and help her to learn the depths of herself to find her inner strength She meets Logan a dominant who has only ever revealed that side of himself online Both new to this world their journey is tumultuous and wildly hot Sorority Pledge Collection Books 1 5 is not for the faint of heart or the sueamish but for those who enjoy kink inventive spanking and BDSM this should be your next read These books will light your fire and make you long to bend over someone's knee ;