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Review ↠ My Brilliant Career ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ô [Read] ➫ My Brilliant Career By Miles Franklin – First published in 1901 this Australian classic recounts the live of 16 year old Sybylla Melvyn Trapped on her parents' outback farm she simultaneously loves bush life andS gracious property she falls under the eye of the rich and handsome Harry Beecham And soon she finds herself choosing between everything a conventional life offers and her own plans for a 'brilliant caree. 3and a half stars I don’t remember reading this at school if I did it didn’t leave an impression Sybylla is both a wonderful and an awful character she’s an overwrought self obsessed teenager one minute and almost wise the next I enjoyed reading this book though not for her but for the slice of Australian life in the 1890s that she describes The hard life of all those on the land whether they be wealthy or poor is shown so well I’m uite impressed that Miles Franklin didn’t go for the obvious ending She stays true to her lead character being uniue for a woman of her time

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First published inthis Australian classic recounts the live of year old Sybylla Melvyn Trapped on her parents' outback farm she simultaneously loves bush life and hates the physical burdens it imposes For. About time this ‘Aussie girl’ read this book written by a fellow ‘Aussie girl’ Miles Franklin the iconic Australian author has penned this classic written when she was barely an adult herself She was a woman born of another era Her times were meant to be spent toiling the land or should I say house performing house duties and supporting her family that was lacking money She was better than that – well she knew she was better spent bettering herself and continuing the continuance of lifelong learning she yearned to be able to write perform music and use her cleverness for something better Sybylla is 16 and this is ‘her’ story I am not overly romantic or have any grandiose visions of happily ever afters or needing a man to complete a picture of happiness but even I was disappointed for her Miles comments that there is no plot as her life does not contain one – or anyone else that she knows has one either There is too much work to be toiled than to have the luxury of a plot Harry Beecham calling her Syb made me sad as he was lovely There was also another lovely scene where Sybylla talks of Harry’s lovely large comforting hands I borrowed the physical copy after listening to this on audio but searching for a little paragraph to place the uote here was too hardAn interesting classic that has its little bit of relevance todayAs an after thought and after perusing a lovely hard copy that was donated to the University library where I work I would not recommend listening to the audio version Too much to be missed out on in regards to the poetry

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My Brilliant CareerSybylla longs for a refined aesthetic lifestyle to read to think to sing but most of all to do great thingsSuddenly her My Brilliant eBook #9734 life is transformed Whisked away to live on her grandmother'. Miles Franklin Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin is probably Australia's most revered female writer My Brilliant Career is her very first book published in 1901 when she was barely 21 It was hugely successful but she eventually withdrew it from publication until after her death because it upset her that so many people believed it to be autobiographical It probably was so but like most new writers she perhaps didn't think others would make the connectionsIt's a passionate book both about life and love and about the Australian bush The heroine Sybylla Melvyn is probably as boisterous and passionate as Franklin was herself The writing is of its time it's wordy and descriptive often overblown by today's preferences but the fierceness with which she loves the country and its people carries the novel through Sometimes I wanted to slap Sybylla often in fact but she was a girl on a mission her own life and nothing was going to stop her Not even the perfect man when he appeared on the horizon She was an early Australian feministMiles Franklin went on to write another seven novels under her name and seven as Brent of Bin Bin in an effort to hide her identity She also wrote several non fiction booksIt's a masterfully written book by such a young first time writer especially for its time But you need to be prepared for long wordy reflective passages Just go with itIt almost seems cheeky to give it a rating so I'll just go with 5